Hedge-Fund Manager Puts Passion into Autism Charity Concerts

An impromptu visit by a famous rapper may have been the catalyst that started the Autism Rocks concerts, according to a recent news article. Sanjay Shah, CEO of Solo Capital, was minding his business one day when his radio DJ friend brought a friend over to see him at his Dubai home. The friend was none other than Snoop Dog. Shah said during the visit Snoop Dog was very friendly and became a good friend quickly. Soon after the visit Shah was inspired to start a charity with music at the center, Autism Rocks. The concert proceeds go to Autism Research Trust. Because of his son, Nikhil’s diagnosis with autism in 2011, Shah takes the charity event very seriously. He has gotten celebrities, such as Prince and Lenny Kravitz to perform at fundraising concerts prior to the naming of Autism Rocks. After the successful beginning phases of a charity concert, Shah had Autism Rocks registered as a charity
Shah is the CEO of Solo Capital, a financial institution out of London, where Shah lived before falling in love with Dubai. Being-semi retired has given Shah a lot of free time, which aids in his devotion to Autism Rocks. Shah also has a history in public relations work especially with concerts. He used to help promote gigs while attending King’s College University.
With the successful gigs funding Autism Rocks, Shah hopes to put on more concerts; however, to raise the kind of money he’s looking to raise for Autism research, the concerts are going to be pretty high brow. Shah hopes to expand them to other cities. His financial success and experience in business will help Autism Rocks as it increases awareness and funds for Autism research. Shah has a wife, Usha and two other kids, Esha and Aman, as well as Nikhil, who is the youngest.