Beneful at Pet Smart

Beneful is a brand of dog food that was created by Nestle Purina Petcare. Beneful has a variety of meals for dogs, including beef stew, salmon, and chopped lamb with vegetables. They also have a selection of tender and crunchy dog treats that no dog can resist, called Break ‘N Bites. This brand of dog food can be found in many stores, but most commonly at Pet Smart. Pet Smart is franchise of pet stores across the U.S. that sell tons of items for pets including toys, grooming items, and food. Beneful is available in both in Pet Smart stores and online.


Beneful dry dog food is made with real meats including chicken, salmon, and beef. The meats are made into different meals that cater to your dog’s specific needs, like heathy weight and playfulness. They are available Pet Smart stores as well as online on the Pet food website, in prices ranging from 5.99 to 16.99, and even up to 30 dollars, depending on the size.


Beneful features a variety of prepared meals that are irresistible to any dog. These prepared meals feature meats like chicken, beef, salmon, turkey and lamb, vegetables like carrots, peas, and tomatoes, and rice. Beneful Prepared Meals are sold in Pet Smart stores and the Pet Smart website for around 1.89 per can.


Break ‘N Bites are a series of dog treats created by Beneful. They feature both tender and crunchy treats that come in flavors like beef and chicken. They also have a series of mini treats, called BenefulIncredibites. They have crunchy, meaty, and dental Incredibite treats. Beneful’s treats range in price from 5.99 to 15.99, depending on the size.

Getting Your Dog a Healthier Food Brand

So many people want to provide great food to their dog but do not know where or how to start. If this is a problem for you, it might be time to look at your current bag of dog food and look at the ingredients. If you notice that a lot of the ingredients on the side of the bag are fillers and by-product meal, it might be time to change to something that is more wholesome and healthier for your dog. Purina Store Beneful is a brand of dog food that you know you can trust. More and more dog owners and pet owners are making the switch to Beneful. In fact, many shelters even use Beneful because of the range of products available and the fact that the products can be trusted because of the high quality ingredients that are constantly used. Be sure to look into Purina Beneful for yourself if you are looking to make a switch and provide something better for your dog. There are a whole lot of different brands out there, but the issue with many of these is either the price or the ingredients. Sure, you can save money by going with a lesser known brand, but this can negatively affect your dog’s health. You can also go with an overly expensive brand with great ingredients, but this can be too costly. By choosing Beneful, you are getting the best of both worlds in terms of quality and price. You do not need to spend a lot of money on dog food when there are a lot of options out there. Going with a brand like Beneful is a wonderful choice for any pet owner and can truly make you feel good whenever you fill their food bowl. The ingredients in Beneful are wholesome and healthy, allowing your dog to get the most out of their nutrition. There are other brands out there, but Beneful is a wonderful place to start for those who are looking to make this type of switch and would like to have better ingredients to provide to their dog each day.

Purina Dog Food Offers Dog Behavior Tips

Purina dog food is known among all dog parents as the best pet food because it is nutritious and keeps the requirements of dogs in mind. One great thing about Purina Beneful dog food is the fact that is cares for dogs a lot. It ensures that people who have dogs are aware about the specific needs of animals and how they are different from humans. Purina’s top product is Beneful and it is prepared after keeping a dog’s nutritional habits in mind.

A common problem owners face is dog aggression. Dog aggression can be intended or unintended and varies among different dogs. However, the way to deal with it is not through force but patience. In the following points, dog experts Purina Beneful offer some information and tips to deal with this behavior –

What Are The Different Causes Of Aggression? –

Fear – Fear is a huge motivator for aggression, reveal Purina experts. Dogs can be afraid because of other dogs or any situation where they feel that they are in danger. This can be thoroughly unprovoked. For instance, dogs that are rescued after being abused get afraid when a ball is thrown because they see the raised arm and think that they are going to be hit. In retaliation, they bite or growl.

Possessive or Territorial – Aggression can be due to territorial behavior. For instance, if the dog is taken for walks beyond the yard then the entire block might be considered to be a territory, particularly if it has been urine marked. This means that whenever a dog or another person approaches that area, the dog would act aggressively. Some dogs display aggression towards their toys and food.

Redirected – If dogs are cooped up in a yard that is fenced around and they see another dog, they start acting aggressive towards each other, mention Purina experts. This is redirected aggression. If something or someone threatens the dog, they can redirect that aggression to the nearest person or object. The intention may not be to harm or even intimidate but it is redirected and is often misconstrued.

Individual Situations – There are certain situations in which different dogs will act aggressively. For instance, when a dog is feeling left out and the door to the bedroom is closed with all the other dogs inside, the particular dog would act out and bite or growl towards the nearest person.

How Can You Deal With Aggression? –

Seek A Vet – There might be some medical problem behind a dog’s aggression and a vet should be consulted to rule out common ailments.

Neutering or Spaying – Neutered and spayed dogs rarely exhibit aggression, particularly male dogs, and this could be a solution.

Limit Location and Contact – If there are particular situations where the dog gets aggressive, those situations should be avoided at all costs.

Purina experts say that the problem of aggression does not go away on its own. Sometimes, it might be necessary to seek help from an animal behavior specialist who would help to rectify the problem.