World’s Best Resort: Nihiwatu By Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a billionaire investors who boasts of having founded some of the most-popular brands in the world including CWorld. In his more than 4decades of being a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully seen 10s of companies rise to be leaders in their respective industries. He has been a success in the technology industry, consumer goods, home furnishing and apparel. Burch has always had his hands in business since he was just 13. His father would give him odd jobs in his mining supplies shop. By the time he was being admitted to Ithaca College, he was authentic in the business world and he decided that he and his brother could do something to keep them busy. With just $20,00, they started the Eagle’s Eye Apparel company  More on

Initially, they would supply sweat shirts to their college mates. And, with time, they were doing major things. When they finally decided to sell the company to the Swire Group, the company had a net worth of $165 million,  check this on

Most recently, he decided to venture into the hospitality industry. He founded Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu was voted by Jet Travellers as the best resort in the World. Perhaps, the reason why it Burch’s personal favorite among his investments. On being interviewed about Nihiwatu, Burch proudly says that it has exceeded his expectations. He said that business sometimes could be frustrating and that most investments fall short, but not Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu is nicknamed as The Edge of Wilderness. This is because it is located in a very remote Island, Sumba, which is in Indonesia. Initially, Nihiwatu used to be an Island Hostel. But, Chris Burch and his business partner bought it and transformed it into the hotel that it is today.

Nihiwatu opened its doors in the year 201, after three years of renovations, costing $30 million and it was worth the wait and the money. It features an under waterfall spa, where you can get yourselves and your loved ones pampered. However, you can get the same services in your private villa.  For related reading, head over to this.

Overall, the hotel has 27 villas. The villas have ikat prints and antiques all over. The resort also has two tree-houses, both of them two-storied. There is also a wellness center for those that would like to take yoga lessons. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a personal trainer for the same. has some figures to share.

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