Wengie Gives Incredibly Easy Hair Hacks


Wengie is an Austrailian beauty vlogger that has millions of followers on her Youtube and Instagram accounts. She is known for her beauty videos, but in more recent times she has taken on the art of giving incredibly helpful life hacks. She covers a wide variety of topics ranging from lazy hacks, to how to create your own edible school supply hacks. In a recent video, she covers ten easy to do hair hacks for the girl on the go.


She gives some very useful information and step by step instruction on not only how to care for your hair to keep it in top-notch condition, but she also shows you the quickest way to have a complicated do that is ready for any occasion from casual to formal.She starts off the video by stressing the importance of proper nutrition in your diet. She suggests taking hair vitamins to fill any gaps in the dietary intake of essential vitamins that create healthy and shiny hair.


She suggests creating a fake braid that can be pulled to create a sophisticated and intricate look in only five minutes. It simply involves using small elastics to tie sections of the side together she then wraps other sections around the first working down to the bottom. Her demonstration shows about four sections. She the pulls them from the center to add volume. Another hair hack involved using a cut sock and then rolling hair into a bun using the elasticity in the sock. She also added a braid on the side to add sophistication and appeal.


Wengie is always uploading new videos to her channel. She releases new videos twice weekly on Youtube and weekly on Instagram. She also frequently does giveaways to subscribers and also encourages viewers to interact with her in the comment sections.