The success of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpin is a Brazilian man who has got success through driving rally cars. He has a recognized family because it’s a sporting family. The father of Rodrigo Terpins, Jack Terpins used to play baseball when he was a youth. In addition, Rodrigo Terpins has a brother called Michel Terpins and he has followed the career role of Rodrigo Terpins as a rally diver. The great achievement of Rodrigo Terpins is due to rally driving. He s also a member at Bull Sertoes team rally. In the club, Rodrigo has been in T1 prototype competition, and it is the category that has earned him position 7 at Sertoes Rally 22nd edition.


Despite having passion in sports, he has many likes that are of similarity to his father. They have got success through entrepreneurship. Jack Terpins was playing baseball in the early 1960s. he used to play for a club called Hebraica. The two, father and son have invested in the real estate and they have that knowledge to know how to defend the interests of young people who have taken sports as their career where they end up becoming the leaders of institutions and the community they reside.


During the time that Rodrigo won in 24th edition rally at the second stage, Michel Terpins was also in that category of the people that had been highlighted where they ended up as fifth in overall. Michel talked about how the rally was and said it was a very tiresome and tough rally but they had a good pace which made them achieve better result during the rally. Check out



The two brothers were capable of racing last four seasons that have already passed. They participated in T-Rex board and it was under specific development from the MEM Motorsports organization. Rodrigo has rally passion and that has made him participate in other helpful occasions and it ends up to be the biggest reason why he is behind the rally interests.


It was during the SertoesChampionship and they both participated with his brother successfully. The rally was covering 2,600 km which passed through two estates. They were able to finish third in the race and ranked eighth after the overall participation of 38 competitors.


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A Bank That Stays Competitive For 70 Years Is A Reflection Of Stable Policies And Smart Management

The Pentagna Guimaraes family has been a cultural icon in Brazil for offering quality commercial banking services for consumers and corporate institutions. The family established the private bank Banco de Minas Gerais S.A., also known as BMG, in 1930. Between 1930 and 1998, BMG focused its banking services on the consumer lending and wholesale market. Since 1999, BMG has expanded its services to include credit card payroll, vehicle financing, real estate financing and retiree and pension services.

Since its existence, BMG has consistently demonstrated an effort to enhance its investment and business portfolio while meeting the needs of its consumer and commercial base. BMG has invested in its expansion plan by broadening the foundation of its operational structure to include a diverse range of services and business practices. The core pillars of BMG’s banking model, include profitability, asset quality, diversification of funding, operational efficiency and investment in human capital.

Under the leadership of BMG’s vice president and operations director, Marcio Alaor, the goals of BMG has resulted in a positive reception from Brazilian consumers, investors and business entities. Mr. Alaor has led the bank’s profitability and sustainability goals in a very successful manner within the atmosphere of a very competitive market. For example, the bank has increased the value of its credit portfolio by trusting the leadership of its veteran credit team, which uses technological resources and industry experience to advance BMG’s values of conservative credit policies.

Mr. Alaor is also heavily focused on diversifying BMG’s funding and investment practices. The strategy that is employed by BMG, includes funding various ventures with the intent of helping companies and consumers obtain their financial goals while mitigating the financial risk for BMG. The calculated funding methods that are advanced by BMG are based on entities, such as bank notes, capital deposits, third party funding and financial securities.

Mr. Alaor and BMG’s corporate board of directors understand that a good business plan is useless without the existence of a smart staff and management team. Over the many decades, BMG has invested a lot of money and resources into its infrastructure to ensure that the bank’s employees are able to work efficiently within the confines of BMG’s corporate parameters and value system. BMG realizes that in order for its employees to be competitive in the modern era that they must have access to state-of-the-art financial tools and software related programs and computer networks. The investment into a reliable workforce and a robust digital backbone promotes the development of each branch within the BMG operational tree.

The corporate infrastructure of BMG is designed to adhere to strict governance policies and practices. The primary objective of these policies is to maintain a professional management environment. As a result, BMG has witnessed a steady stream of investors and investment opportunities on an annual basis. This positive feedback from the Brazilian community demonstrates trust in BMG’s ability to provide long term services in the midst of a rapidly evolving market.

Marcio Alaor BMG CEO Reports On City Index As Researched By Endeavor Entrepreneurs

In the month of December, Endeavor, an association supporting business people, discharged the record of the most entrepreneurial urban communities in Brazil. Marcio Alaor official of BMG, said the record examined 32 urban areas in all districts of the nation keeping in mind the end goal to highlight the most arranged urban areas for business development in light of 55 particular lists.

Specialists refer to the level and highlight the significance of it to the urban areas that try to enhance nature and developing conditions for business people. Marcio Alaor BMG demonstrates that the quantity of urban communities studied in the list expanded by more than fifty percent since its first version in 2014 and included remarks with proposals and change opportunities with model urban areas for motivation in the arrangement of these issues. The urban areas investigated and extensive organizations can profit by being founded on Try file to open branches, grow, look for associations and build up business relations. Additionally, Marcio Alaor demonstrates that the file displays the qualities and difficulties of every city inside of the accompanying columns: Administrative Environment, Access to Capital Business sector, Development, Base, Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Society.

Initially in the general positioning is the city of São Paulo, this city that has the biggest business sector in the nation and home to the central station of the majority of the huge organizations. Marcio Alaor notice that, as per the aftereffects of the List, “the São Paulo thinks more than 60% of all funding interests in the nation” and that “his most noteworthy test is in Human Capital, where it possesses the twentieth position 32 urban communities. ”

At that point to Sao Paulo, the general positioning introduced by Try highlights, all together, the urban communities:

second place – Florianopolis with the most elevated rate of study, highlighting the quantity of instructors and specialists and driving the Development column;

third place – Triumph, with an incredible harmony between the columns and second position in the column Human Capital;

fourth place – Recife, with focal points in human capital by having the biggest extent of supporters in the Specialized Training and Administrative Environment for giving low expense rates and encouraged bureaucratic procedures for organizations;

fifth spot – Campinas with the fourth best framework for having the Viracopos air terminal is the nation’s biggest burden focus and has a tremendous potential to be the biggest in Latin America .

The official of Banco BMG demonstrates that the Attempt organization has, as distributed in the dispatch of the List, enthusiasm for offering urban communities some assistance with studying to propel the pointers and turn out to be more helpful environment for the foundation and development of organizations and consequently the residential business sector. The exploration report, clarifies Marcio Alaor BMG, is isolated into four sections, specifically: General Positioning of the best urban areas to embrace in Brazil, Positioning by appraised column Positioning by district of Brazil and itemizing of urban communities and best neighborhood practices and Globa

Ricardo Guimaraes Tenure as the Banco BMG Bank President

Ricardo Guimaraes is a Brazilian citizen who serves as the chairperson of the top ranked bank in Brazil, Banco BMG bank. Guimaraes was raised from the Pentagna Guimaraes family that has been operating the firm since 1930. Guimaraes has been a top-notch investor in the banking industry for a period. He has been supporting the sports industry promptly to motivate the Brazilian athletes.
Ricardo Guimaraes became the bank’s president in 2004 in a very real scenario. Guimaraes is known for his experience in the banking sector, for instance, the introduction of the consignment credit to Brazil banking industry. According to Wikipedia news, Ricardo Guimaraes primarily focuses on supporting athletes who are highly dedicated, disciplined, and values Banco BMG in an esteemed manner. recently made a publication regarding the achievement of Ricardo Guimaraes and his biography in the banking sector. The release stated that Guimaraes is a skilled investor and an entrepreneur who was born in the Pentagna family, which is one of the wealthiest banks in Minas Gerais town. Ricardo is famous for his successful investment in the coffee plantation, cannery, and the agriculture sector.

Ricardo Guimaraes has been working hard to ensure the flexibility of Banco BMG bank in the banking sector. Banco BMG bank was founded by Mr. Antonio Guimaraes, who focused on the land credit. Mr. Guimaraes hit his career limelight after the introduction of the most favorable personal credit in the capital market. Mr. Guimaraes invented the Consigned credit that seemed to favor the Brazil residents from the inflation crisis and the increasing population issue.
According to the release, Banco BMG bank is currently the leading bank in the monitoring of Consigned credit in the capital distribution. Banco BMG bank aims at offering Brazil residents with loans that attract low-interest rates. Banco BMG bank operates at an international level. In Brazil, Banco BMG bank has set up many selling points and agents in all over Rio and other municipalities.
The introduction of personal credit in the banking sector has made Banco BMG bank successful in the industry. Guimaraes also attracted many clients after supporting and sponsoring the Brazil athletes by funding them with allowances and uniform kits. Guimaraes leadership in the industry has impressed many organizations which have presented honors to him.

Source: Agencia Estado

Appreciating The Contribution of Real Estate Companies in Brazil

Managing a construction project until it comes to a successful ending is among daunting tasks any people have been forced to handle. It takes some skills and understanding to effectively handle the challenges that come with the construction industry. It is therefore necessary to work with trained professionals, who can offer guidance on the right discourse while building a house. Most importantly, you can choose a reliable real estate company, which will help you get your dreams actualized in time. Real estate companies have become more in the recent past and this can be explained as a result of the ever growing need for housing in Brazil. This has also posed a challenge to buyers as there are several unregistered companies that have been involved in fraudulent deals. It is necessary to first conduct due diligence so as to catch up with the right company for your needs.

Getting your house completed can sound as an expensive affair, but with the help of professionals, you can have the project completed without necessarily having to spend extravagantly. Real estate companies are composed of well trained professionals, who have all the know-how that is needed for the production of top quality work. They have people ranging from engineers, to managers who will make sure every aspect of the project is handled carefully.

Delegating the role of getting your future home to a real estate company assures you that you will be able to receive top quality work that will offer you the satisfaction you have been yearning to achieve. To get some information about companies you can work with, contact some of your friends who have had contact with the real estate industry. This is a good way to get referrals that will lead to the achievement of your dreams. Do not rush to hire anyone that comes your way before checking on their details to ascertain they are capable of offering what you need.

Professionals who have brought a change in the real estate industry can also be credited for their great work. On Twitter it’s pretty obvious that Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is a well trained expert on matters construction and his management skills have also proved invaluable to the industry. He is also a founder and the CEO of Garcia Cabral Holdings Ltd, which has just established a new website. The company has been offering solutions for different issues that have been facing the construction industry for many years, including their developments into the West Zone. He has helped to create a company that is dedicated to offering all the services that can allow customers to achieve their dreams.

There’s more information about the company on their LinkedIn page as well.

Professionals of the Brazilian Bar Association

Brazil has its own Order of Attorneys since 1930 known as the “Order of Attorneys of Brazil.” These professionals are part of the Brazilian Bar association.

The headquarters of this organization, which is non-governmental, is in Brasilia and graduates from law school who want to practice law and appear in court must register with this Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The entity has disciplinary powers which are part of the Organization’s Charter.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a lawyer who has been in practice for 22 years. He is the founder and partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The company specializes in credit recovery, banking, civil and commercial litigation, as well as, international and corporate law.

Mr. Tosto is also a member of the Brazilian and International Bar Association and has graduated with a law degree from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. He is a speaker on various legal matters, holds a post graduate degree in Business Administration, is author of several articles, and has co-authored a book called “O Processo de Tiradentes.” The word Tiradentes in Brazil means “tooth puller!

The bar examination in Brazil takes place in the months of March, August and December and the bar exam is organized by the Order of the Attorneys of Brazil. Law school is five years and after completion Brazilian law students take their bar exam which consists of a written test and a couple of multiple question sheets.

A qualified lawyer must also be approved by the laws that govern the Constitution of Brazil and some additional proficiency tests are required. Included in Article 8 and in order to register as an attorney, the law students must complete the “Examination of the Order.”

It is interesting to note that the Laws of Brazil are derived from Portuguese Law and the first law schools were formed in 1827 in Sao Paulo. Brazil has been influenced by the French, Italian and also German legal system, however it has its own statues and the Federal Constitution is one of the highest laws of the country.
Mostly though, today, Brazil’s Civil Code is pretty much based on the Italian Civil Code, and as every Brazilian knows, the law profession is very popular and there is a lot of competition.

So here are some suggested ways one can become a proficient and respectable lawyer in Brazil:
1) Pass the Vestibular Exam – An entrance exam
2) Study and Graduate with a Law Degree
3) Take the National Bar exam and be accepted

Banco BMG: An Icon Of Institutional Excellence In Brazil

Globally recognized as a pioneer of Brazil’s payroll deduction credit, Banco BMG is indeed an icon of excellence in the country’s financial sector. The company’s headquarters are in Bello Horizonte city, in Minas Gerais state but its operations span the entire country through an efficient network of over a thousand bank correspondents and close to 30,000 payroll agents. By 2010, Banco BMG had over 4 million clients.

The bank has a long history that can be traced back to the early 1930s when it was established by the Guimaraes family. In more than 80 years, Banco BMG has established itself as a leader in the financial industry by providing credit solutions to companies and individuals alike. Some of its main products include the BMG Empreas which provides financial assistance to economic groups as well as medium and large scale companies, the Payroll Credit Card, home loans known as BMG Realiza, and vehicle financing just to mention a few.
There are two things that make Banco BMG stand out from the rest, namely its technology and human capital. The bank relies on a highly developed technology system to provide quick and efficient credit approval on both online and offline platforms. Banco BMG is run by an efficient management team that follows sound corporate governance practices. This is probably why the bank’s human capital is without doubt its most solid asset.
Led by Marcio Alaor, the bank’s Vice President and Director, Banco BMG’s high synergy staff has been known to overcome all forms of challenges through teamwork and creativity. Marcio Alaor is recognized in many parts of Brazil for his contribution in empowering rural populations and attention to the needs of his countrymen. Residents of his homeland city of Antonio do Monte recently honored him by naming one of the food courts in the 33rd edition of the city’s Holy Agricultural Exhibition “Marcio Alaor” as a tribute to his good work in the community.

Igor Cornelsen and the Methods of Trading

There are many methods that people use in order to trade in the market. Most of those methods fail. However, there are a few people that succeed in the market trading activities. Among those people is Igor Coprnelsen. Igor Cornelsen’s years of experience not only gives him the ability to make winning trades, but to also give advice on how to profit from the market. He knows how to read the market and how to use his knowledge to his advantage. He has the right mindset when it comes to making trades in the Brazilian Stock market.

One thing that is very important in the Brazilian stock market is persistence. Anything that is worthwhile and profitable is going to take time in order to see any real profits from their efforts. Igor Cornelsen on facebook was persistent in his efforts. He was not only persistent, he took the time to learn from his losing trades. He dared not to repeat the same mistake or the same approaches. As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. In this case, the insane ultimately fail to make money. Igor Cornelsen has found a few helpful methods.

One very helpful piece of advice that Igor Cornelsen would give to new investors would be to trade with the trend. In order to trade with the trend, one has to know how to read trends. It does take time to figure out, but people can easily pick up on what a trend is. To go along with trend trading is to know when to cut a trade.

Many people say to cut a losing trade quickly and hold on to a winning trade. The trick is to know when a trade is losing. Trend trading can take one far in knowing how to determine whether or not a trade is winning or losing. A lot of it has to do with breaks. If the price goes beyond the trend line, then that is a sign that the trend is going to change. However, just because the price goes beyond the trend line does not mean that a new trend is beginning. There are many times when the trend breaks only to continue on where it was going before the break. Igor Cornelsen would advise to stay with the trend. When one sees a break in the trend, then he could close the deal and keep his profits. He could also begin a new trade for the new trend in order to keep bringing the profits.

The Brazilian Law System and its Lawyers

Brazil has been known for its unique way of collaborating with both the lawyers and law schools. For a student to be eligible for admission to a law school, he/she must pass the vestibular. Law is taught as an undergraduate program and is offered both in public schools and private schools. This body is responsible for regulating the legal profession is the Brazilian Bar Association. This body is headquartered in Brasilis Federal District and consists of 847,921 lawyers. Many Brazilian lawyers are based in Sao Paulo, the ‘clean city.’ Sao Paulo is located in southeastern Brazil. It is the most densely populated city in Brazil, by virtue of this, Sao Paulo has a pleasant number of lawyers and justice figures to cater for its civil needs. The Brazilian Bar Association, the AOB, is the primary body recognized by their government to grant lawyers freedom of practicing the law and offers other law-related assistance to lawyers across Brazil. The Brazilian law is derivative of Portuguese customary law.

For those seeking to buy property or invest in Brazil, ensure that you have a good lawyer who understands the diverse Brazilian law. Mr. Ricardo Tosto is a notable figure in the Brazilian justice system He has been in the field for over 22 years representing his clients fully in the courtrooms. Mr. Tosto has been a mentor to his partners, who were initially interns in his law firm. Individuals, corporations, businesses and non-profit organizations have sought refuge in his firm when faced with sticky legal situations.

Mr. Ricardo is also known for the vital role he played in the development of many legal devices that were received warmly by the Brazilian legal community. Tosto is also known as an established author, he co-authored the book“The Tiradentes Process,” with his associate Paul Guilherme Lopes de Mendonça. This book offers an insight into the judicial system to other attorneys.

Mr. Tosto is a member of the Bar Association, and he has helped several individuals who could otherwise not afford the high fees related to legal matters. He is also celebrated for pioneering economic laws that greatly contributed to the economic development of Brazil as a country. Some of his policies formed footholds for the development of some of the laws being applied in the country today. Ricardo is currently associated with Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados to which he is a co-founder and a partner. It is a Brazilian law firm dealing with banking contracts, election law, credit recovery and banking contracts. Mr. Tosto is a living challenge to the young lawyers who are just getting started in the field of justice. His success in this field has come due to sheer determination and hard work.

Flavio Maluf: A Pioneering Environmentally-Aware Executive

Flavio Maluf is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering that is now at the head of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio since April 29. As one of Brazil’s leading, self-made executives, Maluf has grown with the Eucatex Company for over 30 years.

Background and Eucatex Career
Maluf has been celebrated as one of the most eco-conscious businesspersons in Brazil from his relentless pursuit of innovation in environment-friendly commerce. Eucatex was founded in 1951 and is deemed to be the first Brazilian company to have placed environmental awareness and care as one of its core policies. After studies in mechanical engineering, Maluf was employed by Eucatex, his job as an expert funding further studies he used in his career at the firm. He took specialization courses in Managing of People at Citibank, Accounting for non-accountants (Peat Marwick) and Foreign Exchange Principles at New York University. Since then, he was appointed as the head of the firm, being rewarded for his scholarly dedication to acquiring all skills a position of management would require, as well as for his striking vision for the company.

Goals and Challenges
Maluf seeks to attain perfect efficiency in the production and distribution of services. He deems that to do so, it is imperative to invest as much as possible in the growing of the company. He claims that such increase in funds and production power would facilitate the allocation of resources in the industrial sector at lower cost and enable the distribution of bio-degradable products, such as environmental-friendly, virtually unprocessed wood according to Painel Florestal.

Maluf’s economic genius is most blatant in his constant search for technical advancements in producing goods ensuring a sustainable growth in his country’s industrial sector. Greatly vocal about his concern with the fast depletion of resources the industry in question has championed, Maluf has led his company to the discovery of a product that will substantially decrease the rate of deforestation in Brazil – thus helping to conserve the environment. This thin-block product, though much awaited on the market, is being kept back as the economy is monitored to ensure launch is at its most propitious moment.

Such maneuvers, guided by Maluf’s knack for entrepreneurship and acquired knowledge of economic basics, have helped Eucatex thrive in the past decade and strongly influenced the rapid economic growth of the country. As a result of its local success, the company is now in prospects of spreading throughout the entire nation, fulfilling Maluf’s goals of growth and eventually, diversification.