Hussain Sajwani, the Knowledgeable DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is the sought after businessman who runs the show at DAMAC Properties. He functions as its Chairman and Director. The DAMAC owner knows the ins and outs of the property development division. That’s what qualifies him to take on such massive roles. Hussain Sajwani was in the United States for his college experience. He learned all about industrial engineering and economics at the University of Washington. He was born in lively Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in the fifties.

Hussain Sajwani initiated a career in catering in the 1980s. The DAMAC owner did extremely well, too. His catering company is going strong to this day. It accommodates 200 plus separate projects. It provides customers with thousands and thousands of meals each day of the week. It accommodates people in many diverse regions of the planet. These include African and the Middle East.

According to, this industrious DAMAC owner is never lazy even for a second. His days often consist of discussions with the people who are part of his management crew. He does anything and everything he can to remain in the loop with regard to the functioning of his company. He has many discussions with business collaborators as well. He strives to touch base with all kinds of professionals who are part of his industry. Hussain Sajwani is a man who aims to enhance his career all of the time. He’s also someone who prioritizes being around the individuals who make up his family. He has a keen awareness of the value of an existence that has plenty of equilibrium.

Al Khaleej mentioned that Dubai is an enormous metropolis that in many ways serves as motivation for Hussain Sajwani and for his career. This painstaking DAMAC owner constantly aims to envision the way the city will appear and feel a couple of decades down the line. He finds Dubai to be a revitalizing place. He also finds social media and digital marketing to be just as compelling. Social media is a topic that has enthralled Sajwani since the start. This acclaimed entrepreneur is fond of traveling and learning about all types of subjects.

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Jed McCaleb is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Stellar Development; he leads in the technical development, which focuses on the development of cryptocurrency network. Jed McCaleb was talking at the Fintech Week. He was talking about Stellar Lumen, about its past, present, and future.

He went on ahead to talk about the transactions in and about what they offer regarding services. He talks about how they try to get the banks on board, but none of them is in production. He stated that the banks have a lot to lose and they can’t possibly do anything until they can see a lot the money flowing into the ecosystem first.

However, the smaller financial institutions like money transfer operators, who focus on payments, are more like to adapt to this method of sending money.

Jed McCaleb, who has been a crypto developer, has predicted that the technology will change a lot of things. It will improve the global payments, stock markets, and fundraising shortly.

He states that the current financial system is not tapping the market. He talks of the future and how the universal payment network will operate. McCaleb speaks of the use of public ledgers and of how (people can see it but can’t change it.)

He went on ahead to talk about initial coin offerings which have raised an equivalent of approximately 9 billion euros in about four years. McCaleb says the influx of funds has led to the increase of fraudsters fundraising.

He says the company cannot stop anyone from issuing a token, but they could not be involved. He again said to the that their responsibility is to ensure that they deal with notable projects.

The issues of ICO has attracted attention from all over the world. The supporters argue that it represents a new way of fundraising. He says that people need to be careful when investing in initial coin offerings as there are many scams out there.

Jed McCaleb said that Stellar is working to solve the issues stated above. The network claims transaction settlement. It allows the quick exchange of exchange of currencies. IBM uses Stellar’s system in developing cross-border payments.

Finally, the Stellar’s XLM coins have soared into the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. View Jed McCaleb’s work history here.

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An Interview with Canadian Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

Louis is a Canadian businessman who is the previous Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. He has had an intense influence on many commercial organizations where he has worked. Louis became a very successful entrepreneur because he always knew what he wanted and worked even harder to achieve more. He came from a humble background and worked his way up the success ladder.

How did you start your career?

Louis began his career after getting a degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal and started working at General Motors at St. Therese, Quebec. His employer was very impressed with his work and never regretted ever hiring him. He later put Louis in charge of the General Motors assembly line in Montreal. Due to the fact that Louis and his employer, Hachey were almost of the same age, and the hard work of Louis, every time Hachey got promoted, he promoted Louis to replace the gap he has left.

He later got an opportunity to move to another field, thanks to Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer who saw the great work he had done in General Motors. Louis guided the company to a greater success by improving the processes. Louis was then elected as the company’s president.

What is the origin of United Technologies Corporation (UTC)?

After working with General Motors for a long time, Louis changed and moved on to a completely diverse industry. According to Louis, he got many ideas from important senior managers and tactical small groups in a small crew. These groups had an intense background of familiarizing with the needs of customers and a desire to deliver 30-year cycle products that were game changers.

When working at UTC, Louis paid attention to operating skill and engineering which were of key benefit to conveying ideas that would, in turn, produce results that surpassed customers’ anticipations.

P&W was a subordinate of UTC which was an international company that worked with both the military and civilian economics and produces a wide range of products like aircraft engines, elevators, and HVAC among others. In 2006, Louis Chenevert was elected as the chairman of the corporation and later climbed to being a CEO. He has had a great impact on the company processes and production.

The Secret of Success with Sheldon Lavin

The world is full of hopeful investors, people who are ready to change the face of the world. Their brilliant ideas go to waste due to lack of knowledge and guidance on how to go about the industry. As a young or growing business person, it is important you learn to pay attention to the individuals Sheldon Lavin joined the industry before you. Among the people you can source indispensable information from, is Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group. In other words, he is living his dream. Sheldon Lavin always dreamt of having a chain of companies distributing food products. One of the requirements for accomplishing his goal was to become a financial consultant. He knew that many firms were in need of financial support to expand, something he was prepared to offer.

Lavin says that at first, he was scared. He was not sure that the task he had signed up for was within his capabilities. He couldn’t let go without trying despite the fear. Finally, the Otto & Sons approached for expansion financing. He believed in their dream and agreed to the deal. Later, the father retired, and they asked him to become a partner. After some time, the firm was growing well, and Lavin decided to work on a full-time basis.

Lavin says that the early success that he got gave him hope to keep fighting. He says that within the first year of his business, he was getting returns. Lavin says that what many investors do not realize is that the secret to great profits is investing in wholesale. This is because you get the benefits of the economies of scale.

Everyone has the secret weapons that unleash the beast in them. The kind of beast that makes them uncover the secrets of earning millions. For Sheldon Lavin, he says that he is a great planner. He says that whenever he is planning something he sees that he knows how his decisions will affect his future. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Besides the secret weapon that everyone has, the other factor that is crucial to business success is innovation. You have to be creative to differentiate your products from the pool in the market. Sheldon Lavin says that hidden secret of innovation is humility. You have to keep your door open for everyone. Welcome ideas and feedback from everyone around you. You might be just surprised at what you have been missing by not listening.

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Gregory Aziz, His Work, And His Contributions To Society

Gregory James Aziz is a man who will leave a legacy of power, success, and also generosity. Greg is extremely successful and rich and has few worries. He has managed the company, National Steel Car, since the year 1994. Experienced in making investments, he decided that the company, though seemingly down on its luck, would be a worthy one. He turned out to be correct.

He bought National Steel Car and made the necessary changes to get it running and back to operational standards. He worked on the number of railcars they were able to produce as a whole. It was very few. He managed to get it from about 3,000 a year to 12,000 a year being produced and distributed. With this came the need for more workers. James Aziz was able to hire several new employees and by the year 1999, the number of workers had spiked from 6000 to 3,000. Today these numbers are still growing and changing.

Greg continues overseeing the entire company and the overall management of National Steel Car. He is also known to donate to charity often. He can be found hosting an annual Christmas party in support of local food banks. Employees from past and present day are always welcome as well as their families. The community of Ontario highly respects James Aziz for all he’s done to give back to them in his spare time. He proves himself generous with his actions and that sets him apart from many people in this era.

Greg got his start as a regular kid with big dreams. He was born to a good family who loved him and wanted him to be successful someday. He grew up and went to Ridley College and then to the University of Western Ontario where he developed a passion for Economics. He majored in the subject, then graduated and moved on to fulfill his dreams. He partnered with his family’s food business, Affiliated Foods, for about seventeen years then worked with a few investment firms before finally founding National Steel Car in 1994. Today he has a wife named Irene and two daughters, Natalie and Karina.


They enjoy going to outdoor events together, particularly equestrian events. They are all three credited for being Gregory’s motivation in the busy life he leads. Gregory James Aziz has inspired many with the work he has done in his company and within the community. Click Here to learn more.

Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Dynasty Looks for more Money Making Opportunity

The Trump Organization is a real estate Empire that developer Hussain Sajwani is trying to you continually assist his own personal real estate empire through a mutual relationship.

Recently both Hussain and Donald Trump spent the New Year’s Eve day together at the Trump International Golf Club where they were able to rack over 2 billion dollars in active sales. While some say it will be a conflict of interests and also how Trump spoke about not doing any new business deals with him being in office it’s told by who say that with two whose business deals are able to be done through the daughter trump Ivanka and Trump’s two sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Trump’s real estate empire is more of a brand in this allows for Hussain to expand his business in business relationships with Trump while in office can still be done. The wife of Hussain and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are have said to be good friends, getting in touch through emailing each other in their homes, even having the occasional dinner or lunches together in the city of New York.

All of Donald Trump’s children are wealthy foreigners with connections throughout the world in Central Asia, Turkey, South America, and more and have been able to conduct business meetings in over 13 countries since the year 2010. Hussain, the DAMAC Owner, even remembers interacting with the Ivanka while she was pregnant and still dedicated to a project that she had even though it was only days before her delivery. Actually days after giving birth she had actually called and spoke with Hussain desiring communication about the next business venture.

Trump had stated he would be handing over the business during his election to his younger generation of business minded children. While some were trying to see the relations and interests of the United States in Middle East possibly blending in together Hussain (@hussainsajwani) had to communicate with many that the basis of the relationship with himself and Donald Trump is strictly not of political issues or positions, but merely to expand his fortune and organization for himself family and nation.

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Paul Herdsman Advice To Business Owners

Are you a business owner or have you ever been one? One thing for sure is that running a business is not a simple task. It needs the business owner to invest time and resources to make the business successful. There is just a small percentage of people who succeed in business meaning that the majority fail. Why do they fail? Although failure is mostly attributed to internal and external factors, there is one main cause that is normally not discussed. This is the failure caused by the business owner himself or herself. The business owner makes the decisions in a business. The decisions made are the ones which react to other factors in the business environment and results in losses or profits. If you make the right decisions most likely you will succeed.


According to business solutions provider, Paul Herdsman of NICE Global, numerous problems that face the business environment can be solved if business owners have the right attitude towards their duties. Also, to run a business successfully you’ll need to have a particular business character that will make you win. Paul Herdsman offers some vital business tips which can make a difference between a successful business and a failed one.


Do you have a vision? Where do you want to see your business in future? What do you want to accomplish with the business? These are some questions which can determine if you he a vision. A successful business person must have a vision. One must know what he is working towards. If you have nothing as your goal them your goal definitely becomes failure. So, according to Paul Herdsman, setting a goal is very important. It allows you to focus on the growth of the business.


Another important aspect of a business is to have the right team working with you. If you have to employ some employees, make sure that you have people who share in your dream for the business. They must have a positive attitude towards the business as this will go a long way in boosting development in the business. The employees should also be equipped with the skills to enable them to accomplish their tasks. (See; 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman).


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Gregory Aziz And His Leadership That Allowed For National Steel Car’s Sustained Growth

The official executive profile of Gregory J Aziz can be found at Bloomberg. Some of the most important trivia about him include the fact that he serves as the most ecstatic and passionate CEO behind National Steel Car. He also serves the CEO of National Industries, Inc. His role as Chairman of National Industries, Inc. also suggests that there’s more to the skills in Greg James Aziz than what you can expect from CEOs.



For starters, National Steel Car is a different and higher level from the other companies today because it has been in business for 100 years already. Being the CEO of a company that’s been through a lot is rare. CEOs of those companies are highly valuable and are sought-after by many companies because of their abilities to sustain a business’ success. The secret for Gregory J Aziz in leading National Steel Car is hard to map out, but some principles are too vivid to ignore.


One strength that Aziz has in his leadership is his open-mindedness to new technologies. In fact, he is now investing more than $35 million to update the database that their plantation has in Hamilton, Ontario. Part of the money would also go to making sure that the manufacturing tech is advanced and state-of-the art. Another company strength that Aziz always prioritizes is robust engineering.


There are a lot of companies right now that offer the same set of products, but what makes National Steel Car stand out is that it only hires the best talents and engineers that can create the most quality tank cars today. This dedication for hiring the best engineers has even resulted to the honor of receiving the TTX SECO award, which it consistently earns since 1996.



Aziz’ leadership skills may also have been honed because of his training with his father’s company, Affiliated Foods. In 1971, Aziz helped his father grow his company in the industry of fresh foods and importing of worldwide wholesale food. It may be safe to say that the experience and failures that he was able to learn in a young age had strengthened his resolve to get a blueprint of how business works in general. See Related Link for more information.


Another facet of Aziz’ success could also be because of his commitment to the communities that he operates. Some of the sponsorships that he has led include programs for Theatre Aquarius, the United Way and the Salvation Army.





Peter Briger was not only elected the President since November 2006 but also co-chairman of the credit corporation known as Fortress Investment Group since August 2009. He is the chief of the credit and real estate business. Since December 2017, Peter Briger has been the assistant head of the office of the executive. He is a member of Spearhead board of advisors and the schools of caliber. He is currently at position 962 on the Forbes list.

Briger serves as the Director of the University’s Investment Company of Princeton, as well as Tipping Point which is a non-profit-oriented organization, geared towards helping impoverished families based in San Francisco to have better lives. Last but not least, Peter Briger is a board member of Special Surgery Hospital advisors. During his 15 years of duty, Peter gained a partnership at the Goldman Sachs and Company in the year 1996. As the adviser of a corporation of Foreign Investments, he dealt with debt issues. While serving as an advisor at Linktone, he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration at the Business School of Wharton, within Pennsylvania University and Bachelor of Arts at Princeton.

Peter joined the Fortress Investment Group after his term at Goldman. Fortress Investment Group is a global manager of assets, which launched in 1998, situated in New York City. It ensures that the investors get subjected to minimum risks over a prolonged period. Its basis is on the acquisition of real estate, capital, and financial assets. There is knowledge of the industries which it invests. Management of operations, structure, and strategies; mergers of corporations and procurement which enable the Fortress Investment Group to labor with directors, managers, and stakeholders of boards to execute an investment successfully; as well as money markets, which curbs the potential of high risks, securing a platform that demands low cost and to know more

The Fortress Investment Group deals with assets of less value offered for sale after foreclosure and challenging to sell. It deals with controlled investments that obtain assets and businesses based on assets in the Northern part of America, Caribbean land and Western part of Europe. Apart from real estate, it also deals with transport, essential facilities, and services as well as assets related to media. It associates with coping with tangible and intangible assets such as intellectual property. It provides loan services to individuals.Peter Briger was impressed by the cheaper services offered by bitcoins as well as its potential.

Fortress Investment Group, Bridging The Future of Alternative Assets

Since its founding in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has fostered a spirit of ingenuity for alternative asset ventures. Ventures that include hedge funds, private equity, real estate and other commodities. In 2002, Pete Briger became involved with Fortress. Like the other principals, Peter could see the unharnessed potential of valuating illiquid assets. Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group after 15 years with Goldman Sachs. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University and a MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.One of the unique assets that Peter Briger urged his Fortress Investment Group to get behind is Bitcoin. When asked about Wall Street joining the cryptocurrency business, Peter said that all payment systems should be on equal footing within the virtual currency world; but the problem was a lack of regulated exchanges for Americans.

When he responded to the involvement of Wall Street with Bitcoin, Peter was speaking at a meeting held in a glitzy conference room at its Manhattan offices. Fortress Investment Group had invited the top executives from Wells Fargo to discuss the possibilities of a high dollar capital commitment to the futures of Bitcoin. Given the unrelenting rise of Bitcoin futures the market data posed some boundaries on immediate involvement. But, Peter Briger interest in the technology of the cryptocurrency giant remained intact and he continues to pursue other avenues for Wall Street investing in Bitcoin.Bitcoin isn’t the only thing that lingers on the mind of Peter Briger, he also still maintains meaningful ties with his Alma Mater, Princeton University. Peter graduated from Princeton University in 1986.

In March 2015, he donated a large sum to the University along with two fellow alumni, one anonymous and the other was Gordon Ritter. Together, they established a Princeton Entrepreneurship pilot program. The program will richly enhanced the lives of those students on the path to potentially owning their own business. The gift in the amount of $100,000 is seed money; which will be matched dollar for dollar for imaginative ideas. It will enabled recent Princeton graduates to build upon their creativity and bring an original business concept to fruition. Peter Briger’s gift contribution to Princeton underscores his interest and concern for others. He also supports several charitable organizations in the New York area. Peter’s orchestrated a huge lift for one of his philanthropic endeavors, the preservation of New York’s Central Park by donating $600 million.