The growth of the National Steel Car through Greg James Aziz

The National Steel Car is a leader in the manufacturing of tank cars and building railroad freight. It is located in Ontario, Canada. The National Steel Car, NSC, has excellent and innovative manufacturing abilities to achieve its goals. For 18 years, the Company has been the only North American firm that holds ISO 9001:2008 certification in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The Company has also been given the highest award for the provision of quality, TTX SECO, from 1996 repeatedly.


Greg James Aziz works at the NSC as the CEO and President. In the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s, Greg Aziz worked for different investment banks. In 1994, he bought NSC from Dofasco and made it his mission to change the Canadian company into a leading manufacturing company for railroad freight cars in North America. NSC invested a great deal as he focused on its engineering capabilities and building reliable teams, which later paid out by increasing manufacturing of cars from 3,500 to 12,000 pieces in 5 years. During the same period, they had hired about 2,400 extra people to help out with the expansion strategy. NSC works using some 4 key principles namely: honoring past traditions, determination, providing quality work with excellence, and always been the leader.


The National Steel Car Company is committed to giving back to the society. This can be depicted through their sponsorship to the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and the Theatre Aquarius among others. They also organize annual Christmas parties which are intended to gather and give food to the food banks within the community. The Royal Agricultural fair is also a beneficiary of James Aziz and his wife’s sponsorships. NSC has been successful until this day due to the commitment to its cause by both its people and loyal customers. It has over 100 years of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and providing quality products. NSC is constantly raising its challenge to make sure that they provide the best quality products to their clients, as they stay on top of their game in the market. Read More.


Gregory J Aziz was born in London in 1949. He attended the Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a major in Economics. He worked at Affiliated Foods, a family business, in 1971. Gregory, is also an experienced and motivated leader, together with his team, they have worked towards getting National Steel Car where it is today.


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Keeping Ideas From Failing With Mike Baur

One thing that entrepreneur Mike Baur and plenty of other successful entrepreneurs realize is that the majority of ideas fail. As a matter of fact, there was an event that talked about this particular topic. The question was asked as to why most ideas fail. The answer was that many people treat ideas like they are 90% of the work. The fact of the matter is that the idea is the beginning. Afterwards, the product requires a lot of work. Also, there are plenty of adjustments that need to be made to the product from the initial idea to the final creation of the product.


Among the points that were made at the meeting are based on the different aspects of the product ranging from the idea to the project that finalizes the product. One thing that the event has pointed out is that there are plenty of errors that should be avoided when dealing with these projects. The whole point is to make sure that the product is not only brought to life, but also brought forward in a way that is going to make it useful to people. After all, people are not going to want to deal with faulty and defective products.


Tons of people from the Swiss StartUp Factory have attended the event including Mike Baur. He is the one person that is very passionate about the process of bringing forth all of the good ideas and making sure that they become good accomplishments. One thing that occurs very often is that a lot of ideas that seem good on paper turn out to be rather faulty in execution. This is one of the reasons that Mike Baur and his team of leaders and mentors take the time to look at the product and help their clients look for potential flaws in their idea. Once the idea is carefully looked at, then they will be able to move forward with something that is going to be very beneficial to people. This is one of the fun things about being an entrepreneur and coming up with some good ideas.


Don Ressler Makes Things Better for Fashionistas

Women who want to look good while they are working out previously had no options for the clothes that they wore. They either had to sacrifice functionality to look good or sacrifice fashion for their workout gear to be functional. This is no longer a problem thanks to the Fabletics taking on Amazon innovation that Don Ressler came up with. Women can find workout clothes that are functional, fashionable and even affordable so that they don’t have to worry about spending too much money on clothes that will just get covered in sweat after they are done with them.

When people are looking for workout clothes, Fabletics is the place to go according to Ressler. They offer clothes that are designed to take heavy hits and this is something that most fashion athleticwear companies are not able to do. Ressler and Goldenberg want to make sure that the clothes are able to stand up to hard workouts and they are not just intended for women who do low impact sports. The clothes are created for every woman who needs to be able to have clothes on while she is doing sports, no matter what type of sport she is doing or what she is participating in.

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The clothes are also very fashion forward. They are great for people who are fashionable and they have different colors and styles so that people can get what they want out of the clothes. Anyone can match the clothes and they are able to make sure that things are better for them. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler also have them available in separates for people who want to mix and match the clothing that they wear while they are working out. This is a great thing for people who are doing more in the way that they have clothes and the way that they do different workouts.

What comes with all of this is convenience. The convenience that is provided by Fabletics is second to none. All people have to do is sign up and provide a payment method. Then, clothes will be delivered to them on a monthly basis. This clothes can be anything from fun outfits to separates and even include accessories. When women sign up with Fabletics, they take a quiz. The company then uses this to find outfits that will perfectly match the style and the needs of everyone who uses the service so that they can get more out of it.

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Highland Capital Management, L.P. Donates To The Legacy Campaign

It was announced in October that Highland Capital Management L.P. will match 50% of any donations made to the Legacy Campaign up to $1 million dollars until April 4, 2017. The Legacy Campaign is a fundraising initiative for The Family Place, one of Dallas, Texas, leading centers for family members who were victims of domestic violence.

The goal of the Legacy Campaign is to help raise money for the construction of a new counseling center in Dallas. This center, named Ann Moody Place, will house an emergency 13 bedroom facility, a call center, medical and dental clinics, counseling rooms for all family members, and job training rooms. Overall, Ann Moody Place will help 2,000 domestic violence survivors yearly.

In addition to providing services to domestic violence victims, Ann Moody Place will house the Be Project, This service project works with over 6,000 school children a year to provide services in the prevention of teen bullying and violence amongst students. In addition to all the services listed above, Ann Moody Place will have an attached kennel service to provide a safe place for those survivors of domestic abuse who do not want to leave their beloved pets behind.

Co founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero firmly believes in giving back to the community and answering the call for help issued by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings in regards to these sometimes life threatening situations. What inspired James Dondero to partially fund the Legacy Campaign was the sense of community coming together to help those in need during stressful situations.

Mr. Dondero’s company Highland Capital Management was founded by himself and Mark Okada in 1993 and oversees a variety of investments valued at $16 billion dollars. Highland Capital manages: pension plans, endowments, corporate funds, and financial institutions across the globe. James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with the highest honors and has over thirty years experience with capital management.

To read more about James Dondero, Highland Capital Management and the great things that the Family Place is building, please click here.

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Adam Milstein and His Influence on the Jewish Community

By learning more about Adam Milstein and the type of company that he runs, you will easily see why he has recently been named the top 50 influential Jewish people in the world. The reason this man has received this title is because of his work and activism within the Jewish community. It is his passion in life to bring back to the Jewish Community what they have been seeking for so many years. This means more options as far as education and learning within the Jewish religion itself.

Being named number 39 of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world by the Jerusalem Post has seriously humbled Adam Milstein and allowed him to take his career even more professionally than it has ever been. This is a man who truly wants to bring back to the community what it once had and it is why so many people have wanted to learn more about him and his family as well as the different activism options that he has done for people within the community. What you will be surprised to know is that Adam Milstein has actually created a Family Foundation within the Jewish Community with his wife in order to bring back to people what they have been seeking.

Many people are also visiting Adam Milstein and the family foundation on social media so that they can learn more about it and see why this man has been named number 39 on a list of the top 50 influential Jewish people in the world by the Jerusalem Post. In order to learn more about the Family Foundation itself, you can actually visit the website in order to see what it is all about and what it can do for you and your own community. There are so many different people out there who can easily be named one of the top 50 influential Jewish people, but this is a title that truly takes dedication and time on the person who is going to be receiving it and this is why Adam Milstein is one of the best recipients for this title because of what he has done for the community.

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The Leadership Team at DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is one of the largest African-American owned IT staffing and Solutions Company. Gene. C. Waddy is an entrepreneur and owner of the firm. DIVERSANT reflects the professional expertise, commitment to helping others, and personal drive of Gene. DIVERSANT has developed a reputation for excellence among several Fortune 500 firms and dramatic growth despite the economic downturn.

Gene was raised in New Jersey in a family of two sons. Gene earned his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Gene loves Jersey, and that explains why he opted to stay in his home after graduating from the University. Gene resides in Jersey together with his wife and children.

Before establishing DIVERSANT, Gene was working at Spherion Technology as the national practice director for infrastructure services. Here, Gene managed the provision of IT staffing and solutions for customers all over the nation. Gene has an extensive background in staffing and technology services industry, and he combines that with his business acumen together with his desire to assist others by coming up with transformative programs that promote the sector in the workforce and supply chain.

Gene trains minority youth in his local community about how they can be involved with technology and apply it in the advancement of their careers and lives. Gene is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first African-American fraternity in the country. He is active in most of the fraternity’s community service programs. Gene is a believer in destiny, and he says that people have the power to set their futures. Gene believes that no one can stop you from reaching the stars; it all depends on how badly you want to get there.

About John Goullet

John is an entrepreneur, who has played a vital role in the development of several highly successful ventures in the It industry. John started his career initially working as an IT consultant before he moved to IT staffing in 1994. John Goullet had a clear understanding of the emerging market trends before he established Info Technologies. Info Technologies was an IT staffing firm with a focus on providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies all over the country. Info Technologies grew within five years to $30 million. John Goullet and Gene merged Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. to create DIVERSANT LLC. John is the principal of DIVERSANT.

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How Does JustFab Work?

The founder of the JustFab company, Don Ressler, wanted to create a site that would be able to suit the needs of women no matter what type of time they had on their hands. The site was designed for convenience and it was something that has been able to provide a high level of convenience to all of the people who have visited and made the decision to use the site. It allows people to get a new outfit each month without ever having to worry about stepping foot inside of a traditional store which can be time-consuming and frustrating according to Ressler.

When women first visit the website, they are introduced to the brand. There are pictures of different outfit options that are available and they are able to see the differences in each of these things. This is something that is great for women who want to be able to get what they want out of the store. They are then instructed to provide some information about themselves. This information on is just a way for the site to get to know the women better. It is also used to create shipping information for the woman to send the outfits to.

They ask the women different questions that will help match them up with one of their online personal stylists according to Don Ressler. The stylist then makes the decision to find clothes that will be just right for the woman. Each month, she is sent a new outfit that has been picked out just for her and works well with her size as well as her style. It is a service that offers a high level of convenience.

Women are not restricted only to the clothing that is offered on the traditional JustFab site. They are able to choose from fashionable athletic wear and clothing that is intended just for working out (or lounging around). There are also other divisions of the JustFab site including a portion that is only for shoes. With Fabletics and ShoeDazzle, women know that they will be able to get exactly what they want out of their shopping experience on The site offers a comfortable experience without any pesky sales people or rude customers to contend with.

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Jim Hunt Is The Wealth Management Guru

Jim Hunt is a wealth management guru who has written many items for VTA Publications, and now he is offering a new plan for investment that he calls the Wealth Wave. The Wealth Wave is a special program that will turn just a few trades into a nice pot of money for the investor, and he has published it through VTA Publications to make sure that the can reach as many people as he can. He prefers to share tips that anyone can use, and but he does not want to talk over their heads.

The Wealth Wave from Jim Hunt is the crown jewel at VTA Publications, and it is a simple system that can take ten trades and turn them into wealth. This is a good place for people to start investing, and it is also a good place for people to come when they want to parlay their money into something special for their investment profile. Turning one small investment into something powerful works for every investor, and that is why Jim Hunt wants to have everyone read the book at least once. VTA Publications is very accessible, and the company has a lot of other items that are much easier for people to read. It can turn someone into a better worker, or it can teach them about efficiency.

Every reader who takes Jim Hunt seriously will found out quickly that there is a new way for them to manage their money. They need to be sure that they have spent the time to figure out how to use their money correctly, and they need to read up as much as they can. Jim Hunt created the best tome for investment, and he has made it simple for even the most novice investor to use when they begin their journey.

Don Ressler: Filling In All Gaps in The Fashion Industry

Some people believe that it is the clothes that make the person. In some ways, it is true. A person who is very mindful in the way she dresses is likely to feel a lot better about herself when she is wearing clothes that are enjoyable and fun. However, for women that love to exercise, they may find it frustrating to try to find something in the active wear section that is not the same type of product. A lot of these clothes don’t fit as well. They also restrict movement in some form. Don Ressler and his wife have decided to look into ways that they can breathe some life into the active wear market.

Don Ressler’s efforts have resulted in the emergence of athleisure. These are athletic clothing that have unique designs to them. They have such a flattering fit for women that it could be word on occasions besides going for a workout. Many women wear these types of clothes for a night out with their friends. They also get a lot of compliments towards their sense of fashion. In order to sell athleisure clothing, Don Ressler along with Kate Hudson, and others have started up Forbes in order to sell these unique types of clothing.

Fabletics has become such a success that it has expanded its operations to include physical locations. Don Ressler has helped bring forth items that can help people feel unique. Both Don and Adam have an understanding about the effect that fashion can have on the psychology of a person. Therefore, they provide clothing that is sure to make people feel their best. They pay attention to the fabric, the colors, the cuts and other aspects of stylish clothing so that women that try it on won’t be able to help but feel like new people.

Don Ressler has helped set up a highly successful franchise that makes it easy for women to find items that take their self esteem up to much higher levels. The right clothes can make women feel more confident. Don Ressler has used his creativity to bring forth greater success not only for his own business, but for people who are looking for something extra to help them increase their levels of confidence. Reference:

Mike Baur creating the Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur, after graduating from the University of Rochester with an MBA, worked up through the ladder of the private Swiss banking industry. Eventually, after 20 years, he reaches a position as an executive chair position at one of the country’s biggest private banks. This had been the fruition of a lifelong passion for finances and banking for Mike Baur.

Afterwards however, he decided to enter into a new sphere. He decided he wanted to become deeply influential in the Swiss start-up world. As a result, Mike become of the founders for the Swiss Start Up Factory. This company works to provide funding and advice to applicable young companies to spur their growth into something larger than they could have imagined before. By opening up channels to entrepreneurial networks, becoming a part of the Swiss Start Up Factory can be life changing for young companies.

The Swiss Start Up Factory was launched in 2014 as a Zurich-based accelerator. In general, the companies chosen by the team, including Mike Baur, is deeply involved in the digital sector. Through a three month long process, young companies will enter knowing little, and exit as experts.

Mike Baur has his own personal reasons for deciding to leave the banking industry and enter into the entrepreneurial mentor position he is currently in. First of all, he believes that he is uniquely located in the most innovative countries in the world, providing him with many different young companies to choose from. He felt as though, despite the abilities of the country as a whole, not many people were encouraging young companies to grow into something more in the country. By starting the Swiss Start Up Factory, he offers the vital aspect of a business that gives them executive ability in addition to bright new ideas.

Mike Baur cites his uniqueness and entrepreneurial spirit as important for his shift into entrepreneurship. People in his field who follow the traditional line of work generally participate in the banking industry their whole lives. He, however, did not find that an appealing prospect and stepped out of that world.