Desiree Perez : A Role Model

Entertainment and music industry is one of the fast growing industries. It is also one of the competitive industries where leadership posts are given to men, but women too can do well. The best example is a producer and manager Desiree Perez. According to her, the industry is growing at a slow rate.

Desiree Perez is associated with many successful people like movers and shakers. She is known for pushing Jay-Z Carter to expand his interest in the music business. Jay-Z Carter is an empire that is fast growing with different entities with different talent mentoring activities. Des Perez has been part of the development and investing in this empire. She has helped Jay-Z grow from a simple wrapper to mogul in business.

Apart from helping Jay-Z, she has also been part of success associated with Rihanna. Here $25 million negation with Samsung to help Rihanna had a greater benefit. Des Perez promised to always support Rihanna to grow in her commercial modeling career. Des Perez will be giving her financial aid and advice.  Click Here for more information.

Des Perez is the best when it comes to negation. She helped Roc Nation win a deal of $150-million with Live Nation. It is also believed that the renewal of the contract between Jay-Z and Live Nation is greatly influenced by Des Perez.

So, who is this Des Perez? She is a wife to Juan Perez. She is a powerful influencer in anything she does. Also, she is a producer well recognized her one run tour. Her association with many people like Jay-Z has much effect in their life. Apart from that, she is well-known for a successful history of running an enterprise – SC Enterprises. Des Perez is a good role model that women should emulate at all time. Her influence and negation skills are incredible. She is more than talented. Perez at Facebook. for more.