See the Creative Productivity Chris Burch Brought Into the Business World

There is no greater joy than seeing your investment dreams come true. Everyone is happy whenever they are associated with some of the best investments as the pioneer and owner. Christopher Burch is one man who knows what it feels to be a successful businessman and investor today. He is the CEO, as well as, the founder of Burch Creative Capital. This is a private investment company based in New York that has been in the entrepreneurship and investment world for over 40 years (  He is one of the few people associated with exceptional businesses and brands. This has been possible and easy for him because of the sound financial practices and creative skills he has in supporting, incubating, and scaling his business ideas.

More than 50 companies have become very successful in the investment industry because of Burch’s efforts. His company believes in novel market opportunities and entrepreneurial values. Chris is one person who knows how to perfectly breach the gap between innovation and implementation if any unusual success is to be realized. He associates all this with the experience he has in using superior sourcing infrastructure and his intuitive understanding of how the clients behave. He owns a unique secluded beach called Nihiwatu based on the Nihi Sumba Island (

The Nihiwatu resort is exceptional in all it has. There are great sunset horse-riding trips for those who wish to ride along the beach and a team of guides is always set. The riding stables in this resort are special in many ways. For those who don’t want to ride the horse along the beach, they can enjoy some horse-riding trips up into the rainforest, past rice fields and up the hills. The resort also has less advanced surfing spots for the guests who would like to use boats or Safari jeep to travel to the neighboring bays. Most of the guests who have been at Nihiwatu resort before won’t forget the 90-minute trek excursions along the waterfalls.

Besides investing in the real estate business, Chris is also a serial entrepreneur in the technology and fashion industries. He attended Itchica College where he started his business career. Together with Bob, his brother, Chris started Eagles Eye apparel which he later sold after its value had grown to about $165 million. He offered memorable services at Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation when he served as one of the board members. He is known to have greatly supported many research and philanthropic initiatives such as The Sumba Foundation, The China Child Welfare League, The Henry Street Settlement, NYU Langone and The China Association of Social Work.

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