Vijay Eswaran maintains that Truly Successful Individuals are led by their Purpose

The successful businessman and motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran maintain that truly successful individuals are led by their purpose. Vijay Eswaran is a successful entrepreneur, economist, and founder and Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies. The QI Group of Companies is a global conglomerate with interest in education, direct selling, hospitality, retail, and real estate in over 30 countries. He is also an inspirational writer of multiple publications and the author of the best-selling book titled ‘In the Sphere of Silence’.

Vijay Eswaran maintains truly successful individuals are led by their purpose for life. Purpose can be defined as the reason why one actually exists or the activities for which one actually was born to accomplish. Most people never have the opportunity to find their purpose in life, however, purpose somehow actually finds individuals in their day-to-day life. It takes a strong-willed individual to understand their purpose and make the decision to pursue it with everything that they have. Most successful people are driven by a sense of purpose that propels them forward with an unwavering commitment to accomplish a goal that is bigger than them with discipline and commitment at the highest level. Purpose sometimes finds people in an unexpected time and place at a moment that was not anticipated by the individual.

This gives people the perspective of it being fake or destiny and beyond there comprehension. To discover the reason why you were born is an innate desire for most people and they spend a lifetime in pursuit of the inevitable path of purpose. In fact, Vijay Eswaran asserts that purpose gives us the power to accomplish lofty goals with ease and courage that the truly successful actually cling to. The successful businessman and entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran maintains that successful individuals are led by their purpose for life and achieve great accomplishments as a result.

The Innovation And Vision of Louis Chenevert

United Technologies Corporation is a success story where so much manufacturing in the United States has not survived due to the growth of the global economy. And the success of UTC is largely due to Louis Chenevert who recently stepped down as UTC’s CEO.

Chenevert earned a degree in production management from HEC Montreal, the Canadian business school in 1979. From there he worked for General Motors where he was general production manager and he then moved to Pratt & Whitney Canada in 1993. He became vice president of operations and in 1999 he became president. Then in 2006, he moved onto UTC as the chief operating officer, president, and director.

Pratt & Whitney is a UTC company that produced the geared turbofan engine and Chenevert had the vision that this engine was going to be part of the future of jet engines because it reduced fuel consumption by 16% and emissions by 50%. It is now utilized by 14 airlines.

He also oversaw the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation for UTC principally for its production of aircraft components, namely the aviation landing systems. This expanded their market share.

Rather than move operations overseas, Chenevert moved UTC to Connecticut because he feels that cheap labor produces cheap products. All of the top minds and workers were centralized and focused rather than spread across the country and the world.

During his time at UTC he invested in the people working there through the Employee Scholar Program in order to encourage employees to pursue lifelong learning because he recognizes the company’s success depends on its employees’ success. UTC employees have earned over 39,000 degrees through the scholarship program.

In 2014, Chenevert announced he was stepping down as CEO of UTC. This surprised many because of UTC’s ongoing success. Now enjoying semi-retirement and pursuing his passion, engineering and designing yachts while working part time as an exclusive advisor for Goldman Sachs.

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Points Out the Flaws in KodakOne

Sahm Adrangi is Kerrisdale Capital’s chief investor officer. It is his responsibility to determine the value of a stock before advising his clients to buy. Upon evaluating Kodak and KodayOne’s stock, he concluded Kodak’s shares have risen in value not based on increased worth, but rather advertising. Hype is driving Kodak’s share price upward.

Kerrisdale Capital is a private investment company managed by Sahm Adrangi. Their recent report stated that Kodak’s launch of KodakOne is an empty attempt to jump on the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) bandwagon. KodakOne and KodakCoin cryptocurrency is Kodak’s partnerships in releasing block-chain-enabled image licensing platforms and photo-centric cryptocurrency.

KodakOne is a block-chain service that serves as an image rights platform and a digital ledger. Photographers can join this new economy and exhibit both their new and past photos. From this platform, photographers can license their work for bitcoin. The selling point is that photographers can receive payment immediately.

KodakOne was scheduled to launch on January 31, 2018. Kodak delayed the ICO at the last minute. Before that announcement Kodak’s stock had risen 100%. After the delay, it dropped 15%. Kodak claims the delay is due to them deciding to follow SEC regulations as ICO’s will probably be regulated by the SEC in the very near future. Kodak decided to make sure their potential investors in KodakOne were accredited.

Based on the controversy, Sahm Adrangi is paying close attention to all of the faults in Kodak’s plan. Kerrisdale Capital has taken the short position and will profit when Kodak’s stock price falls. It made its first small profit this January/February when the stock fell 15% after the ICO delay.

Kerrisdale Capital prefers to hold in their portfolio long-term investments with promising growth potential. Kerrisdale also likes to look at event-driven special situations to find investment opportunities. So far, KodakOne falls short of any of the valuable traits that Kerrisdale Capital, led by Sahm Adrangi considers to be markers of a successful investment opportunity.

Adam Milstein IAC the Author

The power of the media cannot be underestimated. The media touches our everyday lives, it’s through the media that we get information that we use to make our decisions, the information helps us to shape our lives and perspectives. The most commonly used media channels include the radio and television. With the advancement in technology, the internet has turned out to be a popular source of information, especially by the young generation.

Adam Milstein IAC was born and raised in Israel, he started his service to the country when he joined the Israel Defense Forces, this is proof his unwavering patriotism. He is hardworking and committed to all his endeavors. He excelled in his education which he pursued from recognized institutions where he acquired his managerial skills. He has business interests in the real estate sector where he has been working since his graduation from his higher education and this serves as an encouragement to the young people to utilize their acquired skills in advancing their dreams.

Adam Milstein IAC is an author at The Times of Israel. He also co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which engages in charitable activities around the world. Some activities include combating anti-Semitism and ensuring good relations with the United States. The good relations between countries helps to foster mutually beneficial ties, the foundation seeks to promote that through its various activities.

Adam Milstein IAC recently wrote an article which has insights on how to make the Jewish culture thrive. He urged the Jews to be proud of where they come from and of who they are, stand up for their beliefs and take up education with high priority. He also encouraged them to empower their children to be creative and to overlook challenges in their endeavors as they were more capable of conquering those challenges. According to Adam Milstein IAC, by using their abilities, the Jews would be able to make a much-needed difference in the society.


The Labor Union Hero James Larkin

Folk Hero and Activist James Larkin was born on January 21, 1876, and later created the biggest union as a labor organizer without any extensive education founding the Irish Citizen Army.

Before becoming a full-time organizer in 1905, James Larkin was a socialist and his mission was committing himself to get workers fair pay and under fair work conditions. It wasn’t always easy trying to stand for what’s right, and having everyone on his side when it came to initiating strikes for workers, rather they were skilled or not skilled, they were not getting the wages they really deserved.

James Larkin had to experience some difficult obstacles getting his point across, because he did not want Irishmen to become involved in the First World War. He never resorted to violence being a labor organizer, instead his intention for strikes was out of peace and sympathy, and just wanting to boycott goods.

The most memorable strike to date James Larkin led was in 1913, being responsible for over 100,000 workers going on strike for about 8 months, but became a success winning the right to fair employment.

Everyone that associated themselves with Larkin was taken back from his presence and the undeniable force that worked thru him to have the rights of the people heard and felt, regardless if you were in agreement with his arguments or not.

The Irish press might of been against James Larkin for what he was trying to accomplish, but at the end of it all passing away in 1947, he had many supporters and people who still even appreciate him to this day for his unselfishness and being of service to them!

Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Doe Deere – Article Recap

The beauty community online is an incredible community to be in. There is so much going on! So many products and stories that adorn companies websites, bloggers and reviewers. Sometimes, it feels like there is nothing we don’t know about our favorite companies anymore. We know everything down to the year the company was created, who was the CEO and their exact story of how each company has been born. Getting an inside look allows us to be apart of the product and apart of the company. With the internet at our disposal, we have become more than just consumers.


With all the inside looks at the companies, it is rare that we get such an exclusive inside look into the companies founder’s lives.


Meet Doe Deere! She is the vibrant, 36 year old, founder of the equally vibrant make up brand, Lime Crime. Born on June 15th, 1981 – this Gemini found her love for make up where she grew up, in Russia, at a sleep over with her friends. Later on, having moved to the United States when she was 17, Doe discovered her love for pigments and vibrancy would get her farther and take her to more places than she ever imagined.


What are the steps to creating a life changing brand? Some credit their entrepreneurial success to luck, while others credit it to a lifetime of preparation. Some could argue that the small things we do every day set the foundation for our ability to succeed. Small things like our every day morning routine.


Our morning routines not only set the foundation for our day, but create habits that benefit us throughout our lifetime. What does the morning routine of CEO, Doe Deere look like? It’s more simple than you might think, and a wonderful reminder that sometimes we need to slow down in order to better ourselves and get more things done.


While she wakes up at 8:30 a.m. every morning, Doe Deere drinks a cup of water. Checking her phone comes after many steps, so consider taking that out of your to-do list. Then, she stretches and eats breakfast. Only after breakfast does checking her phone come into play, where she returns emails and checks Instagram to keep up with trends. After all this comes getting ready for the day, which includes washing up and a simple hair and make up routine!


Doe Deere gently reminds us to slow down and take care of ourselves first to ensure success and better living! Learn more:


The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Supports Humanitarian Groups in Arizona

About lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin being journalists in Arizona wrote an article exposing the grand jury proceedings about Joe Arpaio that led to their detainment on October 18, 2007.

Ten years later, Mr.Lacey and Mr. Larkin won the case, and they were compensated a settlement amount of 3.75 US dollars.

Their Frontera fund support raises concerns about the social life of people, freedom of speech, and civic participation in the Mexican border.

About Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

He is a sheriff of the Maricopa County who was sued by the two journalists for allegedly detaining them unlawfully.

Some of the beneficiaries of Frontera funds are:

Arizona Justice Project

The Arizona justice project deals with the claims of innocence that have not been justified correctly to the satisfaction of the claimer. For example wrong conviction, excess punishment, and life-threatening diseases that receive minor prescriptions.

The project promotes community by upholding fairness in matters pertaining the interest of the people such as educating them of the misconceptions within the wrongly convicted immigrants. To enhance knowledge and inform public of the outcomes in the cases investigated and more so to give lawyers update of the changes made. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

As of now, Arizona Justice Project has 36 investigating cases that they are dealing with, whereby they collaborate with law schools, experts, and free legal services.

American Immigration Council

American Immigration Council promotes human immigration policies and teaches its citizens about immigrants present and past contributions to the productivity of their culture. Their difference is that they collaborate with other arms in the association of immigrants to come up with a conclusion that benefits. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Their main aim is to enhance justice to immigrants under the law and ensure that they honor constitutional mandates.

The Colibri Center For Human Rights

The Colibri center for human rights is an organization entailed in dealing with major concerns of families with missing migrant project, medical examiners that identify remains that were unidentified and take them to immigrant’s families.

They coordinate with nonprofit groups and forensic anthropologists to take statistics on missing and dead immigrants so that they fight the assumption that the migrant’s lives don’t matter.

American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona

American civil liberties union of Arizona (ACLU) has victoriously disagreed with the unconstitutional Arizona laws that targeted minorities in the year 1959. In 1960 they won a case of banning multiracial marriages.

They favorably won the federal case of Arizona’s infamous Papers Please SB 1070 which denied bail to immigrants.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Talos Energy Oil Discovery in Mexico Shows High Geological Chances of Success

The recent opening of Mexico energy sector to private drilling seems to have paid off because for the first time in 80 years, a joint venture of Premium Oil Plc, Mexican sierra Oil &gas, and Talos Energy LLC has made a historic oil discovery in Mexican offshore. The three companies won rights to the prospects in 2015 in the initial round of bidding after the country opened the energy sector to private investors.

According to preliminary analysis, the new Zama-1 Well, located in the Basin off Tabasco State, was initially estimated to hold 100 million to over 500 million barrels, which could even go beyond the neighboring blocks. Since, this is the first offshore exploration well to be drilled by any company other than Petroleos Mexicanos; the three companies are keenly watched by the industry. Preliminary analysis indicates that the project has higher chances because of geological factors. Talos Energy LLC, the operator of the Block owns 35 % and is optimistic about the discovery. Mexican Sierra Oil & gas and Premium plc hold 40 % and 20% consecutively.

About Talos Energy LLC

Talos Energy LLC is an independent private oil and gas company whose primary focus is offshore oil and gas exploration and production. Oil and gas is a fundamental energy source, and Talos Energy LLC is focused on innovative ways to get more of this valuable resource in areas that were thought to be unreachable. Thus, the company expertise is based upon acquiring assets in Mexico and Gulf coasts regions with primary emphasis on asset optimization.

 Talos was founded in 2012 and is located in Texas, and its success is delivered from its devotion to supporting their client’s operation vision and the investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management(NYSE: APO) River Stone LLC as well as Talos management.


Eric Pulier Knows What He is Doing

Eric Pulier is someone who is an entrepreneur, and he is someone who has led others to become entrepreneurs. He is someone who has experience in the business world, and he has used that experience to the benefits of others. He is someone who has helped those who would like to start businesses raise the money that they need to do that. He is there for those who are struggling to get started on their own, and he makes sure that they have the money that they need to get their business going and follow their dreams.

Eric Pulier began the career that he has today because of his love for technology. It is important for a person to have a job that they love, and he feels that his job is the perfect fit for him because he has a passion for technology. When asked about how he makes money, he mentioned that he is always investing in new ideas. He is always on the search for those ideas that he feels are going to be profitable, and he gets involved in those. He knows what he is doing, and that helps him to earn a good living and to stay a part of a world that he loves. When asked what it is about him that has made him a success, Eric Pulier mentioned that the fact that he had to invest his own money in what he is doing to get started has pushed him on to want to succeed and to work hard.

There are different ways that a person can change things up for their employees when they are running a business. Eric Pulier is someone who is a great employer, and he is someone who wants to see all who work for him do the best that they can at the work that they complete. He is willing to purchase things to help his employees be successful. When asked about an investment that he has made recently that he is happy with, Eric Pulier mentioned that he bought an espresso machine for his office and that the machine is something that his employees love and something that gives everyone extra energy.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Highly Progressive Business Executive Heading JHSF Development

Brazil is amongst the fastest-growing economies in the world and along with other industries that have seen a major rise in the last few years; real estate sector is amongst the most notable. The real estate market has been fast developing due to the increase in purchasing capacity of the public as well as an increase in demand for the modern homes and commercial spaces. JHSF Development is amongst the top real estate firms in the country that has been around since the 1950s. The company deals in both commercial and residential projects. The primary aim of the group is to ensure that it continues to provide high-quality products and services to the clients. Moreover, JHSF Development has raised the standards of construction and real estate development in Brazil by following many of the international standard safety and development guidelines as well as roping in an international architect to design its projects. To know more about JHSF click here.

Jose Auriemo Neto currently heads JHSF Development firm and serves as its Chairman and CEO. As one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, the company is trusted by millions of Brazilians when it comes buying real estate in the country. Apart from the real estate development, Jose Auriemo Neto also deals with property management business of the company. Under his leadership, the company’s profits have been soaring high and have managed to open many new revenue channels, including retail management arm.

The retail management section of the company takes care of the shopping malls developed by JHSF Development. As the economy of the country gets better and the consumer market continues to progress at a rapid pace, it is natural for the consumers to demand more from the retail sector. It is why, Jose Auriemo Neto has roped in international brands like Jimmy Choo, Pucci, Valentino, and others in his shopping mall. Jose Auriemo Neto believes that the only way the real estate company or any company for that matter can sustain heavy competition is by expanding its business territory. It is for this reason Jose Auriemo Neto has taken the company’s operation global and has projects in pipeline in Uruguay and the United States.