The growth of the National Steel Car through Greg James Aziz

The National Steel Car is a leader in the manufacturing of tank cars and building railroad freight. It is located in Ontario, Canada. The National Steel Car, NSC, has excellent and innovative manufacturing abilities to achieve its goals. For 18 years, the Company has been the only North American firm that holds ISO 9001:2008 certification in the engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. The Company has also been given the highest award for the provision of quality, TTX SECO, from 1996 repeatedly.


Greg James Aziz works at the NSC as the CEO and President. In the 1980’s and beginning of the 1990’s, Greg Aziz worked for different investment banks. In 1994, he bought NSC from Dofasco and made it his mission to change the Canadian company into a leading manufacturing company for railroad freight cars in North America. NSC invested a great deal as he focused on its engineering capabilities and building reliable teams, which later paid out by increasing manufacturing of cars from 3,500 to 12,000 pieces in 5 years. During the same period, they had hired about 2,400 extra people to help out with the expansion strategy. NSC works using some 4 key principles namely: honoring past traditions, determination, providing quality work with excellence, and always been the leader.


The National Steel Car Company is committed to giving back to the society. This can be depicted through their sponsorship to the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, and the Theatre Aquarius among others. They also organize annual Christmas parties which are intended to gather and give food to the food banks within the community. The Royal Agricultural fair is also a beneficiary of James Aziz and his wife’s sponsorships. NSC has been successful until this day due to the commitment to its cause by both its people and loyal customers. It has over 100 years of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and providing quality products. NSC is constantly raising its challenge to make sure that they provide the best quality products to their clients, as they stay on top of their game in the market. Read More.


Gregory J Aziz was born in London in 1949. He attended the Ridley College and later joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a major in Economics. He worked at Affiliated Foods, a family business, in 1971. Gregory, is also an experienced and motivated leader, together with his team, they have worked towards getting National Steel Car where it is today.


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Infrastructure and Investment Specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is the chief executive officer at Energizer Captacao S.A. He is a leading finance professional and specializes in infrastructure. Felipe has a extensive career history in both finance and investments. Prior to his employement with Energizer Captacao, Felipe Montoro Jens was the director at Santo Antonio Energia. From 2010 to 2013 he was employed with Braskem S.A and was appointed as the director of the company. Additionally, he was an active board member for Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal and was elected later as Chairman of the board.


Felipe has always had a concern for the amount of waste produced in the states of Brazil. With his extensive expertise in infrastructure he openly gave his views on the parnership of BNDES and the Brazilian government. BNDES is the national bank for economic and social developement. This is a very exciting partnership because it should result in the reduction of waste and put a cap on the depletion of natural resources. The excessive levels of waste through out the states of Brazil directly effect the economic wealth of each state. People and businesses will thrive if they are living in sanitary conditions, tourists will want to visit more frequently and this will create an overall better economic situation.


Being a finance professional means that Felipe Montoro Jens specializes in areas such as banking, acquisitions, finance and lending. Professionals working in investments make their clients money and stocks their number one priority. The investments made by individuals or larger corporations will in turn make them more money if their investments are thriving. Removing the excess waste and improving the Brazilian states will then increase the quality of the businesses seeking investers.

Open Your Own Home Business, And Have A Glass Of Wine Doing It

Did you ever wish that you could find a decent business to run from your home, so that you didn’t have to punch a time clock or leave your house to do it?

There is a way to do that, and have a party and drink some wine all at the same time.

You can make money with Traveling Vineyard. They will help you every step of the way. They will provide the party invitations, the wines to be tasted, and the snacks that will go with the wines. And most important, they will provide the order forms for you to sell wines to your friends and acquaintances at your wine tasting party.

All of Traveling Vineyard’s wines are of the highest quality, from specially selected chateaux around the world. They are taste-tested by professionals before they are allowed to have the Traveling Vineyard label attached to the bottle.

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The next thing to do is ask one of your friends to host a wine tasting party, and invite more friends. While you are making new contacts and friends, and new customers, your older customers are about ready to re-order their wines, or try new ones. The wine sells itself. Studies indicate that 80% of wine sales are spur of the moment, impulse sales. Think of the possibilities when people are aware that they might want to purchase delicious wines from elite chateaux!

Whether you want to have some fun and make some money, or want a fast-moving, growing home business, contact Traveling Vineyard!


Adam Milstein and His Influence on the Jewish Community

By learning more about Adam Milstein and the type of company that he runs, you will easily see why he has recently been named the top 50 influential Jewish people in the world. The reason this man has received this title is because of his work and activism within the Jewish community. It is his passion in life to bring back to the Jewish Community what they have been seeking for so many years. This means more options as far as education and learning within the Jewish religion itself.

Being named number 39 of the top 50 most influential Jewish people in the world by the Jerusalem Post has seriously humbled Adam Milstein and allowed him to take his career even more professionally than it has ever been. This is a man who truly wants to bring back to the community what it once had and it is why so many people have wanted to learn more about him and his family as well as the different activism options that he has done for people within the community. What you will be surprised to know is that Adam Milstein has actually created a Family Foundation within the Jewish Community with his wife in order to bring back to people what they have been seeking.

Many people are also visiting Adam Milstein and the family foundation on social media so that they can learn more about it and see why this man has been named number 39 on a list of the top 50 influential Jewish people in the world by the Jerusalem Post. In order to learn more about the Family Foundation itself, you can actually visit the website in order to see what it is all about and what it can do for you and your own community. There are so many different people out there who can easily be named one of the top 50 influential Jewish people, but this is a title that truly takes dedication and time on the person who is going to be receiving it and this is why Adam Milstein is one of the best recipients for this title because of what he has done for the community.

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Mike Baur creating the Swiss Start Up Factory

Mike Baur, after graduating from the University of Rochester with an MBA, worked up through the ladder of the private Swiss banking industry. Eventually, after 20 years, he reaches a position as an executive chair position at one of the country’s biggest private banks. This had been the fruition of a lifelong passion for finances and banking for Mike Baur.

Afterwards however, he decided to enter into a new sphere. He decided he wanted to become deeply influential in the Swiss start-up world. As a result, Mike become of the founders for the Swiss Start Up Factory. This company works to provide funding and advice to applicable young companies to spur their growth into something larger than they could have imagined before. By opening up channels to entrepreneurial networks, becoming a part of the Swiss Start Up Factory can be life changing for young companies.

The Swiss Start Up Factory was launched in 2014 as a Zurich-based accelerator. In general, the companies chosen by the team, including Mike Baur, is deeply involved in the digital sector. Through a three month long process, young companies will enter knowing little, and exit as experts.

Mike Baur has his own personal reasons for deciding to leave the banking industry and enter into the entrepreneurial mentor position he is currently in. First of all, he believes that he is uniquely located in the most innovative countries in the world, providing him with many different young companies to choose from. He felt as though, despite the abilities of the country as a whole, not many people were encouraging young companies to grow into something more in the country. By starting the Swiss Start Up Factory, he offers the vital aspect of a business that gives them executive ability in addition to bright new ideas.

Mike Baur cites his uniqueness and entrepreneurial spirit as important for his shift into entrepreneurship. People in his field who follow the traditional line of work generally participate in the banking industry their whole lives. He, however, did not find that an appealing prospect and stepped out of that world.

Danilo Diaz Granados and His Many Hats

Danilo Diaz Granados has had an amazing career journey which started at a private equity investing firm in Miami Florida. His position at the company was as an account advisor. Danilo’s roles were to assess hedge funds, international investment-to-return matters relating to energy efficiency, fine arts, real estate, startups and merchandising. He also evaluated demographic, social and creative factors that involved potential investment openings. He later moved to Fireman Capital Partners in 2015, a popular financial planning firm with its offices outside of Boston, Massachusetts in Middlesex County.

Relying on his career experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Danilo co-founded Toys for Boys and Edge of Glory Films, both located in the city of Miami. He serves as director for both companies. Toys for Boys is a high-end boutique that puts together timepieces, exotic autos and elements of modern art in a luxurious and meaningful manner. It is a unique shop in its category as it protects the privacy of its customers by providing private viewing. In his position as a producer at Edge of Glory Films, Mr. Danilo is in charge of production, editing, promotion and communications distribution. The business’s aim is to promote Hispanic media to the people of the United States.

In addition to running the two companies above, Mr. Danilo also holds a management position at Movilway where he began working in 2012. Movilway specializes in prepaid mobile payments and its headquarters are in Madrid Spain. It belongs to a group made up of three companies. They include Movilway, Sure Destiny and Celestics which form the Celestics Group. At the company, Danilo works alongside the CEO Fernando Fiksman, CFO Jose Luis Riera and Dan Cohen the general manager.

Mr. Danilo has a rich educational background. He attended Babson College between 2007 and 2010, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics and entrepreneurship.

As it can be seen, Mr. Danilo is a man who contributes enormously to the society. Not only does he dedicate his efforts to working for others but has also created companies that other than offering essential services to the community, also create employment.  Be sure to follow Danilo on social media through his Twitter @DaniloDiaz_G1, as well as his personal Facebook.

Former Swiss Banker Mike Baur’s Company Is Making A Difference

Swiss banking is under attack on several fronts. The secret world of Swiss banking is being exposed, and a variety of illegal activities are surfacing. Laundering money, tax evasion, and other questionable activities are some of the issues Swiss banks are trying to justify. But there is one former Swiss banker that has left the nefarious world of Swiss banking, and he has become a leader for young Swiss entrepreneurs that have ideas and want to turn them into businesses. Mike Baur, the former Clariden Leu, and Sallfort Bank executive has formed a company that turns great ideas into thriving businesses. Baur named his new venture Bainso, and as soon as the doors of this new enterprise opened Baur was flooded with requests from people that wanted to turn concepts into businesses.

Baur spent more than 20 years of his life in the Swiss banking system, so he is well aware of the intricacies of that system. Baur’s business model is based on an open door policy where all facts and figures are presented in a clear and concise way. Baur developed an interest in entrepreneurs while he was a bank executive. Mike Baur realized that many good ideas never became businesses because of capital issues as well as operational and structural incompetence. Baur decided to become a member of the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike learned how to manage young entrepreneurs that had creative concepts, but they couldn’t put those concepts in play for several reasons.

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Successful launch of the Swiss Start Up Factory

Erstes Goldbach Digital Media Accelerator Program Schliesst Erfolgreich AB

Thanks to the knowledge Baur gained from working with entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory, Baur was able to put a business plan together for Bainso that worked for a variety of business ideas. Baur focused on capital investments, operational structure, networking and other essential business tools that startup companies need to succeed.

Baur is a financial specialist. Most businesses fail because they don’t understand financial issues that can destroy good ideas. Baur wanted to help solve those issues, and he has been successful. Many of the young entrepreneurs that have signed up for Bainso services are now thriving Swiss business ventures. Some of those businesses are international competitors because of the knowledge they received from the Bainso program.

Not all great ideas make it, however. Baur is picky when it comes to identifying the entrepreneurs that have what it takes to become successful business people. Bainso doesn’t go after every entrepreneur that has an idea for a product or service. Baur is careful and only picks the concepts that have a universal appeal. 

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The Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is and has accomplished many things over the last few decades. Eric Pulier is not only a entrepreneur and a businessman, but he is also a dedicated philanthropist who has given millions of dollars to charities of his choice. In addition to his many donations, Eric Pulier has been able to use technology in order to improve the world and educate individuals. Eric Pulier is many things and has accomplished much including the fact that he is the proud owner of over 15 companies. In addition to this, Mr. Pulier has raised hundreds of millions of dollars through his investments as well as through the companies that he has founded and co-founded. All of the companies that he has been involved in have specifically had the goal of making the world a better place through the use of technology.

As a businessman who specialized in technology, Mr. Pulier was chosen to create and execute an exhibition that took place during the Bill Clinton administration. The overall goal of this exhibition was to show what technology was predicted to be seen in the 21st century and how it could improve the lives of billions around the world. The exhibition took place in Washington DC and was attended by thousands of people. Some of those who attended included renowned politicians including Bill Clinton and Al Gore. As the creator of this event, Pulier led the exhibition in introduction and was on TV to show the world what technology could do to improve lives.

Categories of this exhibition were expansive and including topics such as healthcare, education, entertainment, community, family, government, space exploration, as well as the environment. Mr. Pulier clearly demonstrated to the public that all these problems that the world currently faces could be solved with the use of growing technology to support the world. As a result of this event, Eric Pulier stayed in Washington DC to help Al Gore and his team improve the world with the use of technology. Eric Pulier is very excited to continue his work to improve the world little by little.

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Highland Capital Set to Be the Biggest Winners of Argentina Defaulted Bonds

Highland Capital Management is set to be the biggest bond beneficiary when the United States District Judge Thomas Griesa, lifts a ban that has in the past prevented the country from paying off its restructured bonds.

The hedge fund company bought the 2033 bonds in 2014, when they were trading in the mid-70s helping the country offset losses from investments in the energy sector. Despite all this, the country continued to be shut out of the global markets following record $95 billion debt defaulting of 2001. The country have been unable to pay holders of its restructured foreign-law bonds after failing to make payments in 2014 when the President of the country ignored a US court orders to settle with creditors.

With their new president, Mauricio Macri, the country have decided to make its anticipated return to the global bond market next month by raising approximately $12 billion. And according to James Dondero, the country can count on Highland Capital to settle its restructured debts. Dondero is absolutely optimistic about where Argentina will price the debt and where it’s likely to trade, in relation to other Latin American governments. The company is set to the biggest winners of the bonds, considering that it has previously earned annualized returns on Argentina bonds of close to 20% since the last two years.

About James Dondero

James Dondero earned his Bachelors of Science in Commerce from the University of Virginia. He is a certified Public and Managerial Accountant as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Currently, he serves as the chairman of Highland Capital Management, a member of board of directors in a number of companies including NexBank, CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and American Banknote Corporation.

Dondero has over 30 years of experience in credit markets. Before his appointment at Highland capital, he served as the chief investment officer at a GIC subsidiary, helping the company to grow to a net worth of over $2 billion by the end of 1993. He was also an affiliate advisor of NextPoint Advisors, LP.

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Highland Capital Powerhouse President, James Dondero


O’Neal and Boraie’s Jaw-dropping Point-setter Apartments


It seems that New Brunswick, New Jersey is center court these days for urban renewal. More than one real estate development company is putting bids on property for landscape revitalization. What is new however is the money ball that is bouncing is from Shaquille O’Neal. The retired basketball player is partnering with property management mogul Wasseem Boraie for a slam-dunk loan to cover a $61 million apartment venture. Originally they were approved for $30 million by the Casino Redevelopment Authority. So can the basketball star be a good landlord, as he was a jock? Who knows? The Casino Redevelopment Authority is anticipating enlarging the loan expiration date to allow its members to consider the idea. The unlikely duo wants to build The Beach at South Inlet, in the neighborhood Revel. In the area, The Revel and Showboat didn’t float and “The Donald” Taj Mahal hiccupped a few times making real estate redevelopment a risk for bankers. This area is a tattered, sort of empty north segment of the city, but is one of O’Neal’s old stomping-ground. It is imaginable this area has sentimental value to Shaquille O’Neal. Since his family did everything they could to guide him toward advantages rather than succumb to lack, as a result he prospered. Correspondingly, Shaquille wants the old neighborhood to flourish like he did, so he is using his celebrity status to move the urban renewal process along. O’Neal admits his main concentration will be on downtown New Jersey.

Not to be overshadow, Shaq’s partner Wasseem Boraie is the developer who has power of his own to make a multi-million dollar venture take shape. Wasseem Boraie has expertise in all facets of urban real estate markets and management. His company Boraie Development LLC is one of New Brunswick’s top firms. Foundered about thirty years ago, Wasseem Boraie’s company has been steadfast and profitable. The company’s motto reflects a pride in being the best and providing superior service. This company’s yearly revenues are in the ballpark around $15 million, and of course it deals with Industrial Building Construction. So Boraie tells everybody to warm-up and get going, he is ready to build. Grapping financial backing from the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, Wasseem Boraie is ready to play ball with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and make an Atlantic City win-win situation. All bets are on for team O’Neal and Boraie to transform some old shacks in New Jersey into jaw-dropping point-setter apartments.