Susan McGalla Empowers Working Women

A recent article was posted with an article in regards to Susan McGalla’s view on working women. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. This company has done it’s part to shape the business world and and its functionality. The article gives a brief overview of McGalla’s views on how women can become more succesful in the workplace, creating a feeling of empowerment for those struggling.

She begins by explaining the importance of education. She explains that women account for almost 50% of workers in the United States and encourages for this type of growth to continue. Her focus on education is so intense that she challenges women to take that step into higher education. McGalla focuses not on the barriers of attending, such as finances and time, rather she shoots those down saying that women can find other resources in order to attend.


McGalla then continues by stating that women must continue building confidence as they enter the workforce. She attributes low confidence levels to management procedures. This setback is pointed out as reversible. By networking and finding support will allow women to continue to build confidence in their skills and work habits. This will also allow for women to become more succesful, by finding those who have worked longer and learning from their mistakes and feeding off of their success to fuel their own. A desire to climb the corporate ladder is an aspiration of many but getting there may be a confusing and difficult climb. With the right influences and continued work and learning experiences, this is an attainable goal.


This carries on to her third and final point, ignore limitations. These limitation may have been set by management, coworkers or even the employee themselves. These should be ignored. She warns against being subdued into gender roles that would hinder professional growth. This article can be read on She continues to grow her own success and the article will empower women to continue to strive for achievements that most never dreamed possible.