Siteline Cabinetry on the Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Siteline Cabinetry is a website and a retailer based in Keysville, VA. The company delivers furnishing for kitchens, as well as for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and so on.

One of the articles on the website of Siteline Cabinetry talks about the trends of 2016 and what is worth checking out if you’re looking to update your kitchen. While personalized kitchen cabinets are always in style for their functionality and sentimental value, there are a few trends that people have been going for.

Clean lines and subtle designs create a minimalistic look, and what is more, they are so fundamental that they can be upgraded very easily. Sleek and clean models also add a modern feel to the kitchen.

Shaker style cabinets have been associated with lack of imagination due to their plan and square design, These designs have received a significant upgrade in the industry and have gained popularity once again.

In terms of colors, white, shades of gray, and neutrals have been all the rage in 2016. These colors allow for a minimalistic yet colorful design, and it also gives the option to add an accent color later on.

In terms of positioning, horizontal cabinetry is in style. Instead, of stacking boxes on top of each other, a long clean line of cabinetry gives more practicality, and it also looks far more refined.

Being practical is extremely important for every kitchen. High-tech cabinet options have been on the rise for a while and took off more in 2016. Siteline Cabinetry is making built-in charging stations like the Store More! charging drawer featuring 4 USB ports for high powered charging ports and much more.

A good design is great to have for your kitchen. It makes the time spent here cooking on your own or with family much more enjoyable. With that being said, the most essential thing is for the kitchen to be functional. If you’re not sure what you are looking for Vineyard Chic, proud dealers of Siteline Cabinetry, offer kitchen inspired consultations.

Blending functionality and design can seem confusing to many people. Creating a kitchen that works well requires storage that makes items easy to organize and access and it also gives you leverage instead is making you add a ladder to your kitchen arsenal. Go with what looks good to you and what makes cooking easy.

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