So Many Premium Foods To Choose From With Beneful

No one can love or care for a dog as much as my family. We really go above and beyond the call of duty with our dog to provide him with good foods and to take him on long trips when we go on walks. He gets plenty of exercise, just like a dog needs to stay healthy. He wouldn’t have that energy to run and play if it weren’t for the types of food that we keep buying for him, and he loves the food that we buy. It makes us feel better about being pet owners, so I thought we should pass some of that information along to other people in this post.

The Daily Herald has an article that they recently put on their site that pertains to this exact issue. They went into premium dog food manufacturing facilities like Purinastore to see what they were up to when they make their products, and what they found was shocking. It looks like the premium companies actually care about their products after all. We can rest easy at night knowing that these companies even hire people to taste their foods before they sell them for animal consumption.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of high quality dog food is Beneful. They are a premium company, and like the best premium companies out there, they use real, high quality ingredients in their foods. They don’t mess around with the flavors of chicken. Instead, they use real chicken in their products! They have other real meats to choose from as well. They have products made with real beef or salmon.

The Chopped Blends that Beneful offers are by far my favorite dog food on the market. I can’t believe how well made this dog food is, and I have honestly thought of trying it for myself to see what it tastes like because it smells so good to me. My dog likes all of the Beneful Chopped Blends, but they have more to choose from! If you would like to see the Daily Herald’s article, click this link.