Ashton Kutcher’s Home Remodel Gift

On Wednesday, May 6, 37-year-old Ashton Kutcher’s new documentary through the home design Houzz network was released online. In it, Kutcher talked about how he had always wanted to give back to his mother Diane and step-father Mark and he decided that the best way to do so was by remodeling their basement that he helped Mark build when he was a 13-year-old teenager. Kutcher also explained how he used technology provided by Houzz to create the new design while he was still in California even though the basement rebuild took place in Homestead, Iowa.

The introduction to the documentary on the Houzz online network, although designed to show why Kutcher felt this rebuild was so important, seemed almost like a promotional piece for Houzz. Apparently, this interpretation of Kutcher’s behavior is not wrong. Houzz is one of the actor’s many financial tech investments that he has made in recent years.

Of course, Kutcher’s promoting Houzz did not take away too much from the legitimate heartfelt reason he gave his mother this remodel gift. Crystal Hunt said that when he surprised her with it, she appeared to be honestly surprised and extremely happy.

What type of changes were made?

Kutcher raised the drop ceiling, added a fireplace and decorated with all new light-colored, family-friendly colors and furniture. He also added additional light to the darkened space by increasing the number of windows and the size of the windows.