End Citizen United Stand against Election Rigging

End citizen united group laid the foundation on 1st March 2015. The organization channels dedication to changing the campaign finance system, by exposing billionaires who try to buy the election campaigns .through these actions the group represents the voice of the common man at the grassroots level. The activities themselves by the group include; fixing the interfered political system by passing campaign reform winners, passing the state ballot process and engaging the public regarding the issues raised. The team hopes to put an end to undisclosed money in campaigns. The process will have its obstacles, and the group seeks to put their heads high through; raising the issue of money in campaigns as an issue, using the public to demonstrate against money in politics, passing reforms and electing candidates who embrace changes.

The organization stands with the Democrats because it consists of sober-minded individuals who are ready to pass reforms that raise awareness of additional money in politics. The group holds for people who face attack from corporate interest and dark money groups. Furthermore, the Democrats are more focused to clean the broken campaign finance system and the transparency of expenditure. The organization receives donations from its supporters and investors keen to democracy.

With the previous elections, it came to light that Russian companies were involved in interfering with the elections process unfortunately back then there weren’t laws that governed such actions. An unlimited amount of money was splashed by donors to ensure their candidate took won. Foreign governments took on social media to interfere with the elections; large corporations were also involved. Looking at the trend, this indicates that the polls had irregularities and the problem is the majority of the public were not aware of the schemes.

Troll farms spend $100000 on Facebook ads, and there could have been much more; unfortunately, the current laws don’t stipulate on the procedure s to be carried out in case of such activities. These activities are not only with the Russian, but a Chinese and Mexicans organization had also donated large sums of money; the perpetrators didn’t disclose the source of the funds and thus ascertained themselves on the erroneous end of justice.

Recently the Democrats have been involved in passing legislation packages that have constitutional amendments that can overturn the Supreme Court decisions. Other laws have been moved to close the loophole maneuvered by foreign governments to spend on elections. Some of these rules have had hostilities from the Republicans, but the decision is on them to determine if they would prefer a few wealthy individuals and foreign government to interfere with the country’s democracy.

Foreign governments spending on elections cannot be a positive thing, and it’s a responsibility that falls on the Congress regardless of the sides to ensure such practices are done away with. Immediate actions must be taken against such incompetency as this will once again restore the faith the people have in the government and the election process.

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