Graham Edwards Continues to Lead Telereal Trillium in Community Service Actions.

Telereal Trillium, the United Kingdom’s large, privately held property management company is a well known fixture. With a six billion pound portfolio and more than 8,000 properties, Telereal Trillium is a grand example of corporate success (

Telereal Trillium has another example of success, community service. Considered an important function of the company’s mission and integral to the company’s profile, Telereal Trillium illustrates the benefits of corporate support to the community.

Led by CEO Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium continues to actively support necessary projects in affordable housing, such as the Woodcroft Development. Contributing to the construction of more than 80 homes, Graham Edwards and the staff at Telereal Trillium are actively working on affordable housing options to the community of Woodcroft, Edinburgh.

Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium additionally provide funding for Tomorrow’s People, an organization helping those in challenging situations to find work and structure.

Education and mentoring is where Graham Edwards and his team at Telereal Trillium shine. Supporting two programs, A Capital Experience and a mentoring program at St. Mungo’s Telereal Trillium provides stellar services. Through these educational opportunities, workplace skills are enriched and professional development is honed.

Educational funding was also provided to the Woodcroft Development.

Graham Edwards’ priorities to education and community service are evident outside of Telereal Trillium as well. When he is out of the office, Graham Edwards devotes his time to several philanthropic organizations personally, including Portland Trust, One Voice Europe, UK MDA and Pennies. Graham Edwards is also furthering his own academic studies by attending the War Studies department, King’s College. A former economic graduate of Cambridge University. Graham Edwards is currently pursuing an MA in International Relations, with a focus on the Middle East.

Telereal Trillium and its CEO Graham Edwards work with community service and educational opportunity have provided a great example of corporate altruism. By continuing to support the communities around it, Telereal Trillium will provide a lasting impact within their neighborhoods.