Robert Deignan’s Stunning Entrepreneurial Ventures

Robert Deignan is a business proprietor and an entrepreneur. He serves as the chief executive officer and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Service is a digital support company that assists customers with their technological issue all over the world. The company offers its customers with many services ranging from general troubleshooting to connectivity issues. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Robert was a football player and he was enrolled at Purdue University on a football scholarship. He holds a degree in Organizational Leadership from the institution. He worked with the Miami Dolphins as well as the NY Jets up to 1997. He served as the executive vice president of Is3 Incorporation from 2002 to 2009. He decided to develop his own firm in 1998 and co-founded Fanlink Incorporation. This was his first investment venture as an entrepreneur. Despite his success, Robert Deignan has never abandoned sports. He is a participant of the offshore fishing competitions. He is also the captain of the ATS Digital Services sports team. Mr. Deignan is a resident of Miami, Fort Lauderdale where his lives with his family.

His idea of ATS Digital Services developed while he was working for another country. While serving at the Anti-Malware Software Company he experienced several technical problems during installation of software in the machines of clients. He therefore decided to start a company that would solve such problems. One of the trends that excite Robert is the increasing application of remote technologies in fixing their computers. The remote technology has enabled home owners to solve some of their technological issues alone and efficiently.

Putting ideas in the paper has enhanced the success of Robert Deignan as an entrepreneur. Analyzing the plans with focus on personal experiences as well as holistic research promotes proper decision making while making business investments. Out of all the strategies that Robert has used in his businesses, being strategic about where he raises his money from has made him a successful entrepreneur. He is also an avid reader. One of his favorite books is “Rework.” The book introduces and addresses a practical approach of keeping business ventures as simple as possible.

Company Profile of Elysium Health

The New York-based health company  Elysium Health is a company working to solve the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier, longer. The co-founder of the company, Dr. Leonard Guarente, serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Collaborating with world-class scientists and clinicians from prominent academic institutions, Elysium Health translates advances in technology and advances in science to create clinically-validated health products that work.

Elysium Health’s leadership team cares deeply about serving the broader health community. As CEO, Eric Marcotulli directs the vision of the company. Before joining Elysium, Eric worked at Sequoia Capital. Eric earned his BA from Princeton University and his MBA from Harvard Business School. Dan Alminana is the  COO responsible for the operations and financial elements of Elysium Health Alminana previously worked as the vice president in JP Morgan’s Venture Capital coverage group in Silicon Valley.

Basis is a daily supplement designed by Elysium Health to support cellular health. Basis is provens to increase and sustain levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is required for energy production, the health of our circadian rhythm, and more. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline and those processes stop functioning. Basis is vegan, vegetarian, gluten- and nut- free, as well as free of any artificial colors and flavors. Thus, the supplement allows you to stick to your diet while taking it.

Elysium Health put Basis through a clinical trial in 2016. As part of the trial, 120 subjects were divided into three even groups. Group one took two capsules—the recommended daily dose, group two took four capsules, group three took a placebo daily. The trial showed that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis over the course of several weeks increased levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent.

To place an order for Basis today, visit Elysium Health’s website. Each jar of Basis contains a month’s worth of supplement. This means that the company sells Basis as monthly subscriptions. The most popular subscription is the six-month plan, which costs $270 ($45 per month). You can also purchase a one-year plan for $480 ($40 per month), or a monthly for $50 per month. Individual jars are available for $60.

Adam Milstein Uses His Family Foundation to Strengthen Ties between Israeli and America

Most Jewish organizations in America are struggling to remain relevant by striving to survive on a tight budget. As for the Israeli-American Council (IAC), this is not the case. The group hosted its annual event at the Walter E. Washington Centre. The venue is well known to most pro-Israelis and Jews. IAC caters for Israeli and Jewish immigrants and Milstein is working hand in hand with all of his networks in order to strengthen the relationship between Israelis and Americans.


Milstein is a prominent real estate entrepreneur. He is also a managing partner and stakeholder at Hager Pacific Properties. Born in 1952, Adam Milstein hails from Israel. He grew up in KiryatMotzkin. The dedicated philanthropist was an agent at the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He played an instrumental role in the Israeli Defense Force. In 1978, he left the force to venture into a different career path. Milstein joined Technion and majored in science and economics. He earned his degree in the same year, 1978.


In 1974, Milstein married his wife Gila Elgrably, after which, they were blessed with two daughters. He decided to relocate his family to America in 1981. In 1983, Adam Milstein joined the University of Southern Carolina for a master’s degree in business administration. Shortly after, he delved into the real estate business.


Adam Milstein’s career revolves around real estate businesses. He is the head cheerleader of Hager Pacific Properties, a company that owns more than 100 properties in America. The company also facilitates the acquisition, rehabilitation, repositioning and retail of properties. With Adam Milstein as the managing partner, he oversees management, accounting, financing and disposition.


Adam Milstein is not just a business professional. He is a philanthropist and contributes to charitable organizations. Together With Gila, Adam Milstein established a family charity organization called Adam and Gila Family Foundation (MFF). Since 2002, this foundation has assisted youthful Jews to uphold their culture by connecting them with their roots. In addition, the foundation fosters the understanding of their heritage. It also promotes businesses aimed at strengthening the relationship between the U.S. and Israeli.

National Positive Reviews Will Make You Tune Into NewsWatch TV

When it comes to being a news source of breaking consumer, travel, health, entertainment, and technology news, you can trust that NewsWatch TV will bring that to you. Every week you can catch them on the ION Network, and every other month episodes on the AMC Network. The staff of NewsWatch TV includes, Susan Bridges, Eric Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, and host Andrew Tropeano, with the production series starting in 1990. As of late, NewsWatch TV just celebrated their 1,000th episode, not counting reruns, being around for over 25 years. The reviews for NewsWatch are proof for their success, becoming a famous award winning TV show, being that top destination to find out the latest news on your favorite celebrity or entertainer.

The American people are not holding back from giving positive reviews for NewsWatch TV, people from all walks of life have nothing but good things to say, having the choice to watch the show virtually in every market throughout the country. What really stands out about getting so much positive feedback regarding the show, you have to take into account that NewsWatch TV is just a independent produced news magazine on television, and they still have reached more than 700 million people nationally. They get the message right the first time, and from what majority of the reviews are saying, is to recommend this network to anyone looking for the breaking news right on time.

The social media presence of NewsWatch TV across the United States is profound, reaching over 95 million homes in America. So if you love supporting your favorite stars in the likes of Bradley Cooper, Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and more, tune into NewsWatch TV today, for the latest news on finance, new product introductions, public policies, entertainment, and numerous other topics that you don’t want to miss out on.