Wessex Institute of Technology And Its International Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a special organization in the scientific community that has the goal of developing knowledge transfer mechanisms that are mainly directed at exchanging information between professional users and academics within the technology industry. This is done through a variety of activities that include graduate programs, conference programs, software services, and publishing activities like books and journals.


WIT is well known for their five international journals. These journals include Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements, Safety and Security Engineering, Sustainable Development and Planning, and Energy Production and Management. WIT also has three new journals on the horizon, Heritage Architecture, Environmental Impacts, and Transport Development and Integration.


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These journals discuss things like environmental problems, and social, economic, and scientific issues. The International Journal of Heritage Architecture is a publication that aims to address issues that are related to repairing and maintenance of cultural heritage. Other journals discuss transport systems, the socio-political challenges that are associated with energy production, and crisis management. Their Safety and Security Engineering journal covers topics like terrorism, IT security, risk management, protection and mitigation issues, and security engineering. The goal of their Design & Nature and Ecodynamics journal is to encourage and facilitate an inter-disciplinary relationship between arts and sciences.