Cruise Ship Stranded Off Coast of Bermuda

Passengers on a Norwegian Cruise Liner were stranded for several hours when the boat they were in hit a reef off the coast of Bermuda, according to an official statement. The ship, the Norwegian Dawn, was without power for several hours. Conflicting reports have suggested the power went out before the liner hit the reef, while other sources suggest power was cut moments after the ship ran aground.

No one was hurt in the incident, but Norwegian personnel were working to ensure the boat was still seaworthy after the incident. It will likely take until at least Wednesday morning to ensure the boat can continue on its journey.

According to sources, reported that the propulsion system of the ship may have been damaged by the reef. If that is the case, or if the boat has sustained additional damage, it will be towed. Two tugboats made their way to the area in case their assistance is needed. Power had been restored to the ship by Tuesday evening, and all passengers were accounted for.

According to the official passenger log there are 2,675 passengers aboard the Norwegian Dawn. An additional 1000 staff members were on board the ship, as well. The cruise liner set sail from Boston for a seven day cruise through the Caribbean. They were to return to Boston by Friday morning, but they ship’s return will likely be delayed.