Joseph Bismarck- QNET’s sensation

The article on QI Group was released on business wire when the head manager known as Joseph Bismarck announced the superstar known as Martin Hingis being the newest brand ambassador for the global company known as QNET. There was a celebration held in his honor where he announced the good news in front of 10, 000 attendees. The celebration was held in Dubai with an official announcement made on 18th September where he expressed great honor being associated with a global brand like QNET. QNET leadership organizes a yearly get together where employees, employers, clients and partners alike commemorate in unison regarding the growth of their organization. Adding a new client is viewed as a huge success as it represents the growth of a new organization or partnership. Marketing executives like Joseph Bismarck understood the vitality of welcoming some new in the family meant celebrating a new milestone.

The new addition by the name Martina Hingis is a renowned tennis champion with huge wins accredited to his name. For example, he has been awarded the Grand Slam winner hence earning the title of Global Ambassador for the international Tennis hall of Fame. Receiving the news that she was the new ambassador for Bismarck meant a new milestone reached in her professional career. A global entity like QNET with presence in over 100 countries was a huge entity coveted with strength and opportunity. QNET’s ambassadors hail from all types of sports; from Formula 1, Tennis to Football clubs. The global company hosts the huge English club known as Manchester City. Martina Hingis schedule appears booked as he hosts several events for QNET. Among his latest escapades includes representing India in various events sponsored by QNET playing for the Champions Tennis League.

Dubbed as one of the most influential personalities in the world of business, Joseph Bismarck holds the rank as a very key instrumental player in the establishment of a solid foundation for the growth of the company. December 2008 saw him assume the role of a managing director following a corporal restructuring. Talented, Dynamic, Versatile and assertive, Joseph Bismark holds key personality traits that every leader needs to have. Having the potential to perform extra ordinary things sees him open in his decisions while having a consultative management style anchored around the tenets of his Vedic philosophies. His Vedic beliefs portrays him as a firm believer in spiritual growth acquired through meaningful service to humankind. He devotes a huge part of his time towards RYTHYM Foundation.

Source: BusinessWire

Investing In Brazil: It’s The Right Decision You Can Make

Investments are normally long term projects that would take more than one year to start enjoying their benefits. If you don’t have long term strategies for your investment, you’ll never succeed. Investing in Brazil is really a positive move any investor can make. Brazilian economy has several features and benefits that are enjoyed by investors. In fact, Brazil has emerged as top economy especially in South America. In this case, investors are favored by the fact that the country is economically stable.

Investing in financial services is another area where investors can specialize. Due to stability in economy of Brazil, financial sector have benefited to great extents. Those who invest in financial services are quite sure people will come to them to seek their services. Also, Brazil has a relatively stable currency and as such, investors would be confident while investing their money.

From the opportunities available to invest in Brazil, the return on investment is exceptional. In the last few years, it has become very easy to invest in Brazil. The process has been made possible due to invention of electronic trading platforms that has resulted in rise of ETF and other funds transfer methods. Investors are able to complete all their transactions online thus making it very easy. Brokerage charges are low; as such investors can be able to get reasonable profit from their investors.

A bank in Brazil has created extremely new and innovative products designed for investors. People can invest their money in this bank and after three years, the bank will pay the principal amount plus any earnings associated with gain in currency. In case, there was no gain or it was negative, the bank would still pay back your full principal amount. Investors can also focus on exchange trade funds where Barclays has designed an ETF responsible for tracking Brazilian stocks.

If you’re interested in investing in Brazil, then you should focus on hiring the right expert from Igor Cornelsen is an investor as well as an expert who can advice you accordingly. He is a retired banker who founded Bainbridge Group Inc. an investment firm dealing in all trading in the stock market. Igor is a recognized investment banker and was once responsible for managing prominent banking institution in the world. He started Bainbridge Group Inc as an agency which will be trusted by investors when providing expert advice concerning investment.

The Basics of Finance

Finance deals with allocating assets and liabilities over time with conditions of certainty and uncertainty. It’s also considered the science of money management. The time value of money is an important factor in finance, meaning that the purchase power of one unit of currency can vary at any given time. Finance can be broken down into three sub-categories which are public finance, personal finance and corporate finance. In general, finance deals with the study of managing money and the process of acquiring funds. With its three different subcategories, finance can help businesses, individuals and government organizations earn and manage their funds. They also all concern obtaining low-cost credit, allocating funds and banking.

However, they each have their own different considerations. Personal finance focuses on retirement savings, inheritances, taxes and insurance. Corporate finance focuses on bonds, stock, budgets and investors. Public finance attains to money and funds for government use whether it’s national, state or city based. In the field of Finance, capital is money that helps businesses purchase goods for use in productions of other goods or providing services. Budgets are the main decider of how capital is spent. Budgets help to decide how much money should be spent on goods, services such as plumbing, power and heating.

Financial economics and mathematics are two fields that are a combination of finance and economics as well as math. Financial economics focuses the economical values’ influence on financial values and the relation between variables such as price, interest rates and shares. While finance and economics are closely related, the two are very different. Financial mathematics focuses on financial markets and derives and extends numerical models that are derived from financial economics. Behavioral finance guru Igor Cornelsen focuses on the psychology of investors and how it effects financial decisions and when making a decision can positively or negatively effect one of the areas. You can always search for more information on this field of study by looking at Facebook feeds.

How Credit Cards Can Affect Your Finances

Personal finance gurus like Dave Ramsey and Igor Cornelsen are quick to warn people via Facebook of the dangers of credit card debt. He recommends never using plastic unless it’s tied directly to a checking account as a debit card. According to Ramsey, credit cards should be shunned completely. There is no doubt that paying with plastic can be lead to serious financial problems over time.

For example, a person with a $1,000 emergency fund could handle a $1,000 emergency with the cash in their savings account. They would not have to go into debt. Their expense would be $1,000 Those who do not have the $1,000 available would have to then take out their plastic and swipe it to pay for the debt. Access to credit can get people out of a jam, but it can also lead to a bigger jam.

That $1,000 bill that’s put on a credit card with a 12 percent interest rate would cost the borrower about $120 in interest costs during the first year for the privilege of borrowing the money. While paying out the $120 might have been a necessity at the time. For example, a car might be needed to go to work. It might be necessary to get it fixed on credit. However, had that $120 not been spent, it could have gone to another debt or toward investing toward retirement. The opportunity cost of this money is lost forever. If the interest rate on the credit account is 18 percent, the cost would go up accordingly. These costs are just for the first year. The longer the debt goes unpaid, the more the cost of borrowing the money will be.

While credit cards can be quite convenient as payment options and they can allow people flexibility with financing, they should be treated with caution. Paying them off every month and paying no interest will free up the money that would otherwise go to the bank for no better reason than paying the bank for the benefit of using its money. Those who can avoid this debt will be better positioned to build up equity, and their financial standing should build up and improve over time.

Girl Scouts Return Donation

The Girl Scouts of America organization thrives on donations from generous backers. Megan Ferland, who is the Chief Executive Officer for the operations, was thrilled to announce to her office that they had just landed an extremely generous donation that totaled $100,000. This was a huge amount for the organization who celebrated like mad when they received $50,000 in the past. The $100,000 was what the organization typically made in a quarter through fundraising events. This money could be used to send 500 girls to camp who would have never gotten the chance otherwise. Unfortunately, the organization realized soon that they would not be able to accept the donation. Adam Sender had to read more to find out why.

According to the story on Seattle Met, the donation came with an exception. The donor asked that the money not be used for any funding related to supporting transgender girls within the organization. It was hard for Ferland to do, but she knew that she had to return the money. Upon returning it, she sent a letter to the donor. In her letter, she told the donor that the Girl Scouts were for every girl who wanted to participate and they would not discriminate. In the past, Ferland was front and center over the debate about a 7-year-old transgender girl joining Girl Scouts. Ferland welcomed her with opened arms.

Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Kids Free Lunch

A lunch server in a Colorado middle school was fired from her job by the vendor working for the school district for giving free lunches to children who did not have enough money to pay for their lunches. The firing has outraged parents and the public alike and has sparked a sharp debate regarding the school lunch program that is designed to ensure that kids do not go to school hungry. Lunch Lady Fired For Giving Kids Free LunchThe program in Colorado is designed so that the children of families who make less than $41,000.00 a year are able to receive free lunch while the children of families of who make less than $31,000 a year receive a discounted lunch. However, some families simply do not have the funds to provide to their children. The only option for these children if they do not bring their own lunch is to go hungry.


The vending company that employed the lunch lady did not comment on the firing citing that it was an internal company personnel matter but many have applauded the kind hearted nature of the lunch lady. She alone would see the children day in and day out that do not have the money to eat and while the policy of the vending company was in fact violated, this lunch lady kept a number of children from going hungry on those days. The Colorado School District did not have any comment, and Steve Murray didn’t expect them to.

Real Estate Mogul Haidar Barbouti Buys, Eats, Shares

Haidar Barbouti entered the business world as a real estate and business developing genius, but he has made headlines for his dive into the restaurant industry and gifts to charity.

Barbouti decided to develop an open air restaurant in his hometown of Houston after an inspirational trip to Europe. He wanted fine dining with delicious, well-made food aimed at bringing in folks with his taste for luxury and upscale. He did not have any experience as a restaurant entrepreneur, nor a culinary degree, but he had a dream of eating real food served at real portion sizes. He opened Up Restaurant where guests can expect everything made fresh, except the ketchup, which Barbouti says his customers preferred Heinz over the homemade. Barbouti creates the menu and tastes and tweaks all the food. His passion for food that simply tastes good has driven the restaurant to great success.

Up Restaurant is located in the Highland Village Shopping Center, a purchase of Barbouti’s and Highland Village Holdings in 1991 and one of Houston’s first shopping centers. Barbouti serves as the center’s property manager, aiming to attract large retailers to the area bringing in a variety of stores and restaurants, including Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie and RA Sushi Bar. Notably, Starbucks selected the center for their first step into the Houston market. The center houses the city’s first Earth-friendly fitness facility, Quality Life Fitness. Three years ago, the center took on an Apple Store with a conference room to allow for special product presentations to business personnel, only the second such customer accommodation in Texas.

In 2008, Barbouti decided to donate retail space in Highland Village, including utilities, for a pet adoption center named Highland Village Adoption Center. Barbouti is known in the Houston community for such generous acts of charity, giving his time and resources to assist the community’s smallest and most vulnerable.

Barbouti has certainly made a name for himself in Houston, attracting new, large stores and restaurants to the Highland Village for the benefit of the community, as well as giving back through charitable work.

Check Local Laws before Using Airbnb

For individuals who love travel, Airbnb is a website that has allowed them to experience travel in a whole another way. Basically, an individual can look for inexpensive places to say in more than 190 countries around the world. However, they are usually not going to stay in typical hotels or hostels. They are going to stay with a family or in a private home. Not only has this allowed people to find inexpensive lodging, but it has allowed them to get to know individuals who live in the area where they are traveling. Marcio Alaor BMG knows that for the individuals renting their home, it provides the opportunity to get to know travelers. It seems like a win-win situation.

Individuals who live in New York City may want to find out about laws that pertain to them before they sign up with this home sharing website. A person will want to make sure that they are free of any legal obligations before they earn money sharing their home.

Justice Jack Stoller made a ruling that is going to set a precedent that future landlords could bring against individuals living in rent-stabilized buildings who use this home sharing service. The home sharing service has provided a disclaimer on their website.

The Antique Wine Company’s Luxury Wines and Services

The Antique Wine Company is a leading international dealer in rare and fine wine. The company began operations in 1982 and was started by Stephen Williams. Williams currently serves as the company’s CEO. Its main office is in Central London’s lively Marylebone. Although the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, it reaches a broad global network of consumers. It has a couple of sales offices located in Asia, too. The Antique Wine Company caters to about 20,000 clients who reside in approximately 70 countries all around the world.

The Antique Wine Company is a source of rare and fine wines and spirits for the global wine trade, individuals, restaurants and eateries everywhere. Although The AWC trades first-rate wines, its offered services go beyond just that. The company’s other available services include wine storage, wine insuring, wine master classes, cellar management, cellar design, cellar planning and investment. They frequently assist and advise wine cellars that are situated in luxury hotels, palaces, châteaux and private homes all across the globe.

Their objective, however, is to trade superior wine that spans the ages.

The Antique Wine Company has a vast selection of wine. Its cellars are home to more than 10,000 of the greatest and most sought after vintage wines in existence. The Antique Wine Company is renowned for having an assortment of fine wines that is unparalleled. Clients of The Antique Wine Company can choose between many wines from all over Europe and even the New World. The company trades fine wines from regions such as Provence, France, Bordeaux, France, the Rhone Valley, France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Not only does The Antique Wine Company trade fine wines and spirits from many destinations around the world, but they also trade many different kinds of wines. Clients of the merchant can search their large collection for sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, sweet wines and fortified wines, for example. They can also search for high-quality Armagnac, assorted spirits and whisky.

The company received significant attention in July of 2011 when restaurant owner and wine steward (sommelier) Christian Vanneque bought a $123,000 bottle of wine from them. The bottle was a Chateau d’Yquem made in 1811. Vanneque intended to use the pricey bottle as decoration at a Balinese dining establishment he ran.