How Does White Shark Media Handle Complaints?

White Shark Media is a full-service marketing and web design agency that has hundreds of clients around the world. Their office is open to anyone who needs assistance with their current marketing campaign online, or the White Shark Media office will create a brand new website for each client. Complaints happen from time to time, but White Shark Media helps every customer resolve their complaints at once.

#1: White Shark Knows Where The Reviews Are

White Shark Media uses considerable resources to research online reviews of their company, and each review is read carefully by a member of the staff. Each review gets an immediate response, and the resolution process begins. White Shark sees no need to let a negative comment linger, and their staff has a way of making the situation right.

#2: Every Customer Receives Proper Customer Service

Proper customer service often follows up anything that was done by the White Shark Media team in the past. White Shark keeps records of all its communications, and any misunderstandings may be quickly corrected. Customers who felt as though they did not get proper service will get that service after the fact, and a member of the White Shark team will go the extra mile to help.

#3: How Frequent Are Complaints At White Shark Media?

Complaints are not all that common at White Shark Media, but complaints will happen in any business. The team in the office is prepared to help customers who have complaints, but most complaints are handled before a customer feels compelled to write something online. White Shark Media consistently updates its customers, and the White Shark Media staff updates customers on their accounts. The updates are often enough to help customers understand their situation, and anything that falls through the cracks is settled by the White Shark Media team later.

#4: White Shark Media Has A Presence On Yelp

Many technology companies are not present on traditional review sites, but Yelp has a page for White Shark Media. Potential customers may go to the site at any time to read reviews of the company, and there are kind responses within the review pages to each positive and negative review. White Shark Media takes the time to speak with its customers, and the cordial exchanges are publicly available for anyone to read.

White Shark Media has staked its reputation on customer service, and their customer service procedures do not stop once a job is done. The White Shark Media staff helps people get the services they need, and customer service is offered when there are complaints. Problems may be resolved with the help of a member of the White Shark Media team, and the company will help anyone who has a concern.

US Money Reserve: A Premier Money Reserve Company With High Value Precious Coins

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US Money Reserve, has helped many purchasers gain income from acquisition of the high quality coins from the firm. Combining this high value coins with excellent customer service has led to successful shipment of coins in excess of one million since the company started. This has been facilitated through its incredible team that consists of coin research experts, top numismatic specialists, senior gold professionals, a good customer relations department, and a business support department.

The success of each company or firm ought is geared by the counsel of a great leader. This case applies for the United States Money Reserve company, which is led by Philip N Diehl, who was the former 35th director of US Mint. Through his team, he has successfully driven the company into heights that were previously unimaginable.

The US Money Reserve allows clients to create an account with them that can be accessed by the clients for the high value coins. The company also offers a provision for price protection. It works in a way that the client who generates orders for qualifying gold coins is in a position to change the price of his orders in a week’s period. This is done on condition that the US Money Reserve vending price for the coins has gone down during that week.

The goal of the company is to ensure that it creates a mutual and durable relationship with all its customers. Therefore, the company ensures that it alerts the clients on available government certified platinum, gold and silver coins at any given moment.

White Shark Media Says They Couldn’t Be Impressive Until They Got Customer Complaints

Thanks to social media, Yelp, Scout, and blogs there is no way for any business to remain customer-complaint free. Big businesses, small business and everyone in between, is getting annihilated out there and some are not handling it well. Many consumers, who use apps like Yelp and Scout, are looking for businesses with great reviews and superior customer satisfaction. Yelp has boasted that it gets 83 millions reviews monthly and that number is only increasing. With 83 million people ready to complain or compliment, businesses have no choice but to listen and respond.
One business owner was quoted as saying “It isn’t just Yelp anymore, people can review and rate via Google Place or Judy’s book. We all have this accessible forum to purge every like or dislike and businesses better step up or be ready to close doors.” Online rating apps are keeping businesses on their toes and encouraging a whole other level of accountability. The most successful businesses are the ones that make mistakes but are not afraid to admit they failed and then show how they corrected the problem. A company that is ready to dig in from an authentic perspective, listen to their customers and show up, is one worth doing business with.
Shark Media believes that they are such a company. Shark Media is an innovative digital marketing and advertising company that specializes in online marketing/advertising solutions geared towards medium to small sized businesses. Shark Media was founded by three Danish business men who brought a truckload of experience to the table. “We are one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America and that is because we covet our customer complaints and issues.” Shark Media, with heavy enthusiasm, will unabashedly admit that they did not reach the level of success that they are now experiencing until they started getting customer complaints. The three businessmen made the decision to listen with open hearts and open ears and make the changes that their customers were demanding.
Shark Media credits those customers that complained the loudest and with passion and zeal. “Those people who took the time to write up a page of angry, passionate discourse about how we needed to pull our heads out of our you-know-what’s were the letters that we loved the most.” They are now serving customers world-wide and have one of the largest pools of bilingual employees in North America. Gary Garth, CEO of Shark Media “Providing superior customer reviews is no longer a one man job. It truly requires a team of skilled and knowledgeable players who have an inherent desire to help as many people as possible.”