What Makes ForeFront Capital Different From Others?

Not all investment firms are the same believe it or not. There are numerous firms available out there, but very few do the things that Forefront Capital does for its clientele. What makes them so different is the fact that they really do put the investors first. They look to help those that other firms overlook, and they have made a great business in doing so.

Why Brad Reifler Cares About Unaccredited Investors

Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital, and he is also a leader when it comes to helping out unaccredited investors. This is a class of investors that does not have a net worth of one million dollars or greater. These investors are also defined as not having an income of greater than $200,000 per year. That is the vast majority of people.

He cares about helping these investors because it is personal to him. His own father in law was denied some of the same investment opportunities that he was able to get as an accredited investor. That matters greatly, and he wanted to change it.

Forefront Capital Helps Investors Prepare For The Big Expenses In Life

There are at least a few major expenses in life that everyone has to prepare themselves for. This includes things like a college education for their children, a wedding perhaps, or just retirement in general. That is critical because these expenses must be prepared for ahead of time.

Forefront Capital attempts to help people prepare for those expenses by getting them to put money into the market and watch it grow. After all, the only way to beat inflation and actually pay for the big expenses is to get your money working for you. As much as many people know this, they do not always make the right choices to get invested. Forefront Capital tries to help them do this.

Forefront Gets New Funding, Continues To Grow

A new round of funding has landed Forefront Capital an extra $10 million in new money to continue to expand its outreach. This is important because the company wants to provide more lending to people who are looking to get invested in unique investment vehicles. They see this as the area where the market is bound to grow, and they want to be a part of that growth and help people make new types of investments.

North American Spine’s Dallas Headquarters Space Expansion

Recently, on PR Newswire’s website an article was published talking about North American Spine announcing their expansion plans to add to their Dallas Headquarters. The North American Spine company has recently been experiencing much rapid growth because of their amazing works, such as, their AccuraScope procedures. Since much of their staff has grown and developed, they have decided to add a 4,000 square feet workable space to their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, as many would think this is a hassle unto the company, it actually isn’t. North American Spine is extremely excited about the fact that their company is growing and making much progress. In fact, the extra space added will provide room for the new staff members, like their patient coordinators, finance advisors, account managers, and computer programmers. North American Spine’s goal is to help and serve as many people as possible, so the more they grow, the more customers they can serve and help.

The article goes on to say that North American Spine has been working to find out how they would expand their company for the extra needed space for their newly expanded staff. Finally, after two months of consultation with one another, they decided to add 4,000 square feet of space to their headquarters. In fact, this is not the company’s first headquarter expansion; this is their third. The article states that the director of Public Relations at North American Spine, Jon Sasser, is amazed to see the company grow so rapidly. Both him and the rest of the staff are very happy about all the hard work the company has produced in the last 6 years, which has earned them a very strong and high reputation.

Overall, the article ends by saying that North American Spine is continuing to work hard on all their procedures, especially the AccraScope, which is a very efficient spine surgery that has become very famously known around the world. The company hopes to go farther and farther and accomplish more, as they have great hope in what they accomplish and achieve for themselves and for those out there who need their help.