What Makes IC System The First Among Equals?

In our millennial age, we have thousands of companies in the marketing competing to deliver the same product to their customers. The better a company present its products, services, and ideology to its customers the higher it is soaring. Many agencies are in the market having decades in operation and being committed to their customers but as a matter of fact, none can be compared to the unassailable quality services offered by IC System. In terms of the number of years a company has been in operation, IC System surpasses many of them.

Headquartered at St. Paul in Minnesota, the company was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson with an aim of offering honest and very ethical services to their patients. Despite the management changing from one hand to another, the focus of the company has never changed. This consistency has been recognized by various organizations and it has competed excellently and has been nominated for 3 consecutive years in the “Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award” for Ethics.

IC System is recognized to be the first agency in the history of America to transit from using typewriters to computers. Their innovative spirit and culture have been ongoing for over seven decades while adhering to TCPA, CFPB and other regulatory standards that have been set. In addition to their commitment to innovation and offering quality services to their patients, it has been in the forefront of helping the community through their charities where they donate their time, services, money, and other resources in their yearly campaign. Various employees in the company are involved in volunteer works.

At IC System, here various core values that govern their decision-making process and the company’s office culture. They include integrity, respect, and innovation, delivering expected result and performance, and taking pride in every work of the company. The company promotes the values by rewarding their employees with Core Values Award after every 3 months.

The IC System maintains an updated Compliance Risk Management System that ensures that their patients get the required services according to the account receivable standards. There is continuous auditing and training while still keeping documentation. It ensures that all their services fall in line with their policies. The company is licensed in all the 50 States in the US.

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