Joseph Bismark Accepted As Member Of UN Global Compact

To recap a recent Yahoo Finance article: the parent company of QNET, QI Group of Companies, has been recognized as part of the United Nations Global Compact Network, commonly abbreviated as the UNGC. QI has recently pledged to adopt responsible and sustainable business practices at the International CSR Summit held in Singapore earlier this year. The UNGC is a policy initiative for businesses putting forth effort to making their operations and strategies aligned with ten principles that consist of anti-corporation, environment, human rights and labor.

Mr. Joseph Bismark, the group Managing Director of the QI Group of Companies, says “being a registered member of the UNGC is an honor and a privilege. It very much is alignment with the QI Group’s commitments to improve its function in areas including human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption.”

The UNGC’s platform is used to share efficient and emerging practices that aim to create an economy that benefits humanity at large. The UNGC also has a wide variety of contributors and associates, including UN agencies, governments, civil society, labor and non business oriented groups.

Another benefit of being recognized is the opportunity to adopt a globally recognized policy framework for the development, implementation and disclosure of positive practices and policies. “These practices will in turn, increase transparency and accountability, which are valuable and good for corporate governance.” Joseph Bismark added.

Joseph Bismark, according to the QI group’s website, was “instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the exponential grown of the company.” Mr. Bismark left to be a monk in the mountains of the Philippines at age 9. Upon returning to normal society, he went into business using the principles he had learned during his time in the mountains. With a unique sense of spirituality not often found in the business world, he stood out and became the Managing Director for the QI group in 2008.

Mr. Bismark is known to be a true dynamic and multifaceted leader in business. He actively pursues an innate need for more knowledge and has excelled in his own multiple interests, including philosophy, yoga, bonsai, and martial arts.

Investing In Brazil: It’s The Right Decision You Can Make

Investments are normally long term projects that would take more than one year to start enjoying their benefits. If you don’t have long term strategies for your investment, you’ll never succeed. Investing in Brazil is really a positive move any investor can make. Brazilian economy has several features and benefits that are enjoyed by investors. In fact, Brazil has emerged as top economy especially in South America. In this case, investors are favored by the fact that the country is economically stable.

Investing in financial services is another area where investors can specialize. Due to stability in economy of Brazil, financial sector have benefited to great extents. Those who invest in financial services are quite sure people will come to them to seek their services. Also, Brazil has a relatively stable currency and as such, investors would be confident while investing their money.

From the opportunities available to invest in Brazil, the return on investment is exceptional. In the last few years, it has become very easy to invest in Brazil. The process has been made possible due to invention of electronic trading platforms that has resulted in rise of ETF and other funds transfer methods. Investors are able to complete all their transactions online thus making it very easy. Brokerage charges are low; as such investors can be able to get reasonable profit from their investors.

A bank in Brazil has created extremely new and innovative products designed for investors. People can invest their money in this bank and after three years, the bank will pay the principal amount plus any earnings associated with gain in currency. In case, there was no gain or it was negative, the bank would still pay back your full principal amount. Investors can also focus on exchange trade funds where Barclays has designed an ETF responsible for tracking Brazilian stocks.

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