Avi Weisfogel Is A Man Of Man Talents

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a true renaissance man. He is not only an exceptionally skilled family dentist, but he is also an entrepreneur, a musician, a videographer, and a philanthropist. He began his career as a dentist in New Jersey. Avi Weisfogel started a practice in 1999 called Old Bridge Family Dental which he managed for fifteen years. He began to become interested in sleep apnea treatments that used dental appliances. He created a product that was very successful in treating patients that were not responding to other conventional sleep apnea treatments. He created Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. It was geared toward instructing doctors and other individuals on how to establish and manage sleep centers.


He developed Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 which was a series of dental seminars to train doctors and other professionals on how they could incorporate the dental treatments in with their practices to successfully help patients that need an alternative form of treatment. Despite his successful career, he wanted to pursue as many of his interests in life as he could manage. He began to become very involved in electronic music and was eventually featured on MTV. He has developed many fans of his music and continues to have a successful following. He is also an established photographer and videographer. His work can be found on the internet on one of his many social media pages. He is a man of many facets and takes great pride in his philanthropies. He even recently created a GoFundMe page for one of his favorite philanthropies Operation Smile.