White Shark Media’s Experts Explain How You Can Improve Keyword Usage

White Shark Media is a PPC and search engine marketing (SEM) expert and they also offer customers tips about how they can improve their visibility. One of their latest blog posts on their website explains how keywords can be properly used to improve your SEO and SEM. It’s true that keywords are only a part of the equation but using the right keywords takes knowing the way that search engines operate.


One thing that White Shark Media says is to watch out for keyword stuffing. It used to be that search engines had a lot of emphasis on the quantity of keywords, but they’ve changed now so that the keywords have to point to actual content to get high rankings. They also explained that there are tools out there that show additional common keywords that come up with the general search keywords. It can be helpful to focus only on keywords that are related to your website’s services and that attract specific customers. You also should work on keyword placement in readable website and page titles as well as not overly using them in meta descriptions or paragraphs. SEO can take a lot of work, but good keyword usage combined with organized mobile-friendly websites can help boost rankings and traffic.


White Shark Media has been helping customers maximize on their PPC investments through guided services. White Shark Media follows strict requirements set forth by Google in order to be listed in their small business partners directory, a listing that only about 29 digital media companies have been able to achieve. Their focus has been on taking existing Google and Bing ads and improving campaigns to reach the top of search engine ad listings. White Shark Media has valued their customer feedback and has taken steps to improve their company over the years.


When customers started expressing complaints over losing track of AdWords campaigns, White Shark Media started using GoToMeeting for monthly reviews so they could see how different campaigns were doing. White Shark Media also uses Google Analytics to see how traffic is responding and to monitor the volume in various ads. When they started hearing concerns that customer leads were coming through the phone, they started using call tracking software to keep records of call volumes. White Shark Media no longer requires customers to start a brand new AdWords or Bing account if their current account has done well and needs to be added to.