Selfie Sticks Banned at Disney

Rumors were swirling that Disney Parks were going to ban selfie sticks from being used on their property. The rumors are true, it turns out. Disney has officially banned selfie sticks from making an appearance at their parks.

According to the story on the BBC News site, selfie sticks have been banned from the parks over concerns for safety. The handheld poles had already been banned on their rides but now guests are asked not to bring them into Disney Parks at all. All Disney Parks in the United States will begin to enforce the ban for selfie sticks starting today. It is expected that the Disney Parks in Hong Kong and Paris will start their ban on July 1st, 2015 from what Sam Tabar suggested.

A spokesperson for Disney said that the selfie sticks were first banned on rides over concerns that the stick could hit a mechanism for the ride and affect it. They have also said that they are concerned for the safety of other guests at the park. Using a selfie stick could hit another guest and injure them. If a guest is seen using a selfie stick, they will be asked to place them in a locker on the property.