Dr. Mark McKenna- An innovator with Bright Vision

The medical world has come up OVME an aesthetic experience thanks to innovations of Dr. Mark McKenna and the first to experience the benefit are Buckhead residents. It will give a new outlook to their bodies, and the debut is set for March 2018 and OVME promises of providing minimal invasions procedures designed in enhancing the feel and look of Atlanta people. It will also improve individual’s life outlook and increase their self-confidence. Dr. Mark McKenna, the creator of Shape Med concept that he later sold to Lifetime fitness, says he is proud of introducing OVME that features luxury treatments rooms in four private areas along with individual consultations in a secluded office.

OVME focuses on using the cutting-edge technology with medical aesthetics to bring out unique products that evolve beyond medical and beauty industry landscape. Dr. Mark McKenna primary agenda is helping the Atlanta residents through his products and services to find themselves by delivering precise results and leveraging on elective healthcare. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, his patients will receive high-class attention, and he has gained celebrity status for innovating implementation using invasion procedures.

Dr. Mark McKenna went to MedicinSchool of Tulane and headed to New Orleans to practice medicine next to his father.

In 2007, after Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Atlanta and started the series of cosmetic treatments with his ShapeMed Company. He dealt with laser hair removal, Botox injections, weight counseling, and nutrition. Dr. Mark McKenna is 43 years old boasts of creating unique medical practices aimed at making his clients improve their look thus feeling good. The OVME will have an app that helps its customers to freely connect with the freelancer practitioners with the aim of making on-demand house calls.

He was also involved in real estate while working as doctor mostly in prisons. He loves medicine since it’s a rote that makes his brain get engaged by providing the best services to people. The OVME apps targets on getting the large medical practitioners in one place targeting the nurses and doctors who want to earn extra bucks and depending on the country


Dr. David Samadi – Innovating the Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is from Iran and grew up in its Jewish Persian Community. David with his brother Dan were allowed to leave the country when the Iranian Revolution was over. But their father, mother and younger sister were not. The brothers immigrated to Belgium, and then to London where they both attended private schools.

Then in 1984, David along with his brother Dan arrived in America. While they were taken cared of as best as possible in the first two countries they have been to, their lives turned much better, and they were happier with their new surroundings in America.

David Samadi’s first six years in the U.S. were quite good and had positive results academically. He finished his pre-med courses at Stony Brook’s School of Medicine with honors in 1990. And then he got his Master’s Degree in 1994 from the State University of New York; after which he completes his Urology training in Montefiore’s Medical Center.

After his Urology training with Montefiore’s Medical Center, he took and finished his proctology training at the prominent Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine, which he also continued at Montefiore’s Medical Center in 2000. During 2001 David Samadi earned his Fellowship in Oncology within the field of Proctology at the Cancer Center of Memorial Sloan-Kettering. And in 2002 he finished his fellowship on radical robotic prostatectomy under Professor Claude Abbou’s direction at France’s Henri Mondo Hospital Creteil.

To make it easier for patients to cope with prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi created the SMART Technique of the Samadi Advanced Robotic Technique which is a state-of-the-art procedure to take out a cancerous prostate. The SMART dramatically reduces the operation time by two hours and permits patients to recover in the hospital within 24 hours. The technique lessens tissue and nerve damage during surgery. Dr. Samadi already performed 7,000 surgical procedures through the SMART, all of which are successful.

According to Dr. Samadi, Mitt Romney’s prognosis after his successful prostate surgery is good. And he would recommend surgery rather than radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

The channel on Fox News will start broadcasting the “Sunday Housecall with Dr. David Samadi” live every Sunday 12:30 p.m. Eastern time. The show will feature latest health issues and medical stories along with informative treatment advice from guests who specializes in the field of wellness and health.

Dr. David Samadi’s wholesome and informative media network presence proves that he is credible and trustworthy in the field of his specialization.

Learn More: www.huffingtonpost.com/author/dr-david-samadi

The Art of Cosmetic Surgery; Dr. Jennifer Walden.

 Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas by parents who were both medical professions. Jennifer’s father was a dentist while the mother was a surgical nurse. Jennifer studied at Anderson High School before later on joining the University of Texas where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology. Jennifer worked further on to earn an MD from the University of Texas then.

Jennifer has been in the field of medicine having specialized in plastic surgery for over eight years. Jennifer mainly has her focus on cosmetic surgery where she offers a wide range of services ranging from breast augmentations to eyelid lifts. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified dr. Jennifer. Walden also has a private practice where she works at Westlake Medical Center located in Austin, Texas.

Men dominate the field of cosmetic plastic surgery as of the 8100 board certified professions only 851 doctors are women, Dr. Jennifer has led the group of women doctors in showing that women can also prosper in that field. Currently, there are only 12 cosmetic plastic surgeons who are living in Texas. One of the major reason why women are less in surgery is that of the dedication that is required to qualify.

A person would need at least seven years to become a certified surgeon. Seven years for a woman is a lot as she has to delay bearing children. In addition to that, the culture concerning surgery is rough for women just as a woman on Wall Street this makes women like Dr. Jennifer Walden who are in practice to have to prove themselves yearly.

Dr. Walden after her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she obtained the fellowship in the art of aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Medical Centre where she later went on to work at the Upper East Side of New York for over seven years following the end of her fellowship. Jennifer returned to Austin after the birth of her twins where she opened up her private practice which has seen her be names among the best plastic surgeons in America by American way.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich to Lecture, Present, and Moderate Three Symposia in 2018

Internationally-renown plastic surgeon expert, Dr. Rod Rohrich, MD, FACS, is scheduled to attend and speak at Symposia in 2018. Dr. Rohrich is based out of Dallas, Tx. He is both a working plastic surgeon and a Professor of Plastic Surgery at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Rod Rohrich shows his skill in artistically rejuvenating youthful appearance to the face and body of his patients. He is recognized as one of the top plastic surgeons in the United States.


Dr. Rohrich is attending three separate conferences this year. They are the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery, and Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

Baker Gordon Educational Symposium

The first symposium is taking place between February 8 and 10, 2018 in Miami, Florida. The primary topics will reflect how interest and technology have grown in the field of plastic surgery. Informational lectures will be conducted throughout the symposium as well as actual surgeries which will show new techniques in plastic surgery.

Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting

Between February 28 and March 3, Dr. Rohrich will be attending two separate conferences: the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting and the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting.

At the cosmetics meeting, Dr. Rohrich will join exceptional faculty members who will provide information regarding lasers, IPL, vaginal rejuvenation and other cosmetic surgery procedures. Contouring procedures and demonstrations will be a part of the meeting.

The Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting will include rhinoplasty leaders from around the globe. This conference will primarily address familiar problems with rhinoplasty and new techniques and technology used in rhinoplasty surgery. In addition, common and unusual problem diagnosis will be discussed. There will be a recent cadaver lab available for demonstrations.

Dr. Rohrich’s Involvement

Dr. Rohrich will be a speaker, provide demonstrations, and act as chair and organizer for the second and third conferences. He is expected to moderate four panel discussion sessions on various cosmetic surgery procedures.

At the Rhinoplasty Meeting, he is to moderate three separate panel meeting discussions and will lecture on various rhinoplasty topics including refinement techniques, how to become a rhinoplasty expert, and many other videos and lectures.

About the Doctor

Dr. Rodney Rohrich, MD, is recognized across the world as a leader in plastic surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has clinics in university hospitals and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Rohrich received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota. He graduated with honors from both universities and then returned to college at the University of Michigan Medical Center to learn plastic surgery procedures and experience. He has the distinction of being counted as one of the Founding Members of the Board of Governors of the National Endowment for Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rohrich’s Philanthropy

Aside from Dr. Rohrich’s professional positions and awards, he in on the board of the March of Dimes, Save the Children, and the Dallas Chapter of the American Cancer Society among others. The doctor has implemented assistance in Third-World countries that would otherwise not benefit from potentially life-saving plastic surgery.

Learn More: dpsi.org/meet-the- doctors/rod-rohrich- md/

Dr. Jennifer Walden, the Trusted Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly successful plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. She then moved on to complete a fellowship at the Manhattan, Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Due to her experience and skill, she opened a successful practice in New York City. Walden has practiced plastic surgery for over eight years. She specializes in breast augmentation, eyelid lifts, face-lifts and rhinoplasty. She also performs liposuction’s and filler injections such as Botox.

The cosmetic surgery industry has always been a male dominated field. A study has shown that out of 8,000 board certified plastic surgeons only 10% are women. Dr. Walden finds that she has to prove herself day in and day out, but she doesn’t let that get to her. She feels that many women who are looking to get plastic surgery feel more comfortable exposing themselves and talking to a female doctor. Patient’s love Dr. Jennifer Reviews because she is non-judgemental and expresses empathy for their situation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a mother two twin boys. Jennifer chose the field of plastic surgery with one goal in mind, to help women. She loves the fact that at the end of the day she helps improve their self confidence and the way they feel about themselves. She doesn’t necessarily consider plastic surgery an exercise in vanity. In 2014, she was named one of the 24 best cosmetic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar. Dr. Walden is also the co-author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden info: www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Jennifer_Walden/reviews

Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Owner of Dental Sleep Masters

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the Seminar Instructors at the Dental Sleep masers Company. He is also the founder of the company with the main aim of recognising the various forms of the medical condition and the different ways of treating it with dentistry. For this reason, he has also worked to develop high-end facility management platform. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background in the determination and treatment o the sleep apnea medical disease which affects more than 30 percent of the American population. According to a recent study by the Medical Association of America, more than 89 percent of people suffering from sleep apnea are not diagnosed until it another medical condition sets aboard.

For more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has worked to diversify his knowledge and study. While he was entering college, he promised himself that he would become one of the most prominent people in the United States in the world of dentistry. When he finished his studies, he was attracted to a field which no other person had determined his course. Sleep apnea has become one of the most troublesome medical conditions whose medicine is not yet discovered. While it is immune to medicine, certain treatment therapies have been found to work on the disease in various measures. For this reason, we might have noticed that this condition has many forms which can be treated in different treatments which Dr. Avi Weisfogel keeps discovering through the Dental Sleep Masters Company.

When he graduated from college, he decided p lay more focus on methods which can be used to treat the sleep apnea. Because this disease has few professionals handling the matter, he wanted to be paramount of all. He decided to found the Dental Sleep masters Company which has been recognized by the American Medical Society because of its contributions to the development of therapies which can be used to treat sleep apnea through dentistry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel also works with the company to have many professionals in the medical field trained on the various methods of treating the medical disease.



Dr. Jennifer Walden Does Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

It’s easy to take beauty for granted, but anything can happen one day to change the looks that a person has. Some suffer from a medical condition that may alter their looks while others may get into an accident that can alter their looks. Those who have a life changing event that requires them to have plastic surgery to fix something on their body are the only ones who may truly understand the need for plastic surgery. A person may have breast cancer and need breast reconstruction surgery to make the breasts look more realistic, especially if the natural breasts had to be completely removed. It’s also possible that a person had their nose broken during a car accident, which then would require a rhinoplasty to fix the nose.

Those who want plastic surgery will need a surgeon that they can trust and one that has vast knowledge about the surgery to help the person to get through the surgery as well as the recovery afterwards. It’s best to have a very good surgeon like Dr. Jennifer Walden, who knows many different fields of plastic surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden has done reconstructive surgery on the breasts, and she has done rhinoplasty surgery as well. Whether the person is in need of the surgery for health reasons or simply to give themselves a different look doesn’t matter, Dr. Jennifer Walden is willing to work with all kinds of patients.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas surgeon and has worked on many patients over the years to help them change something about themselves, whether it’s facial features, the abdominal area, the legs, the arms, or the breasts. It’s understandable that many people these days want to make a change, and plastic surgery is the way to do it, so Dr. Jennifer Walden is a great person to consult for all types of plastic surgery. Anyone who is curious about the surgeries that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs or the procedures can easily go to her website to see testimonies, pictures, information and a lot more about the procedures. Dr. Jennifer Walden is an excellent top Texas surgeon.

The Background of Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the most influential doctors in his field. However, one must know where he came from. Moreover, people want to know how he got to where he is now. No one is born a master of their craft. Also, no one just all of a sudden becomes a great influential person in any professional. There is a journey that people must take in order to become a much improved version of themselves. Even the greatest masters were once students after all.

Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up on a ranch located in North Dakota. He went to school, and got his education from University of North Dakota and North Dakota state. Afterwards, Dr. Rohrich went to the Baylor College of Medicine located in Houston, Texas. He has graduated that program with honors. Afterwards, he has completed his training in plastic surgery. By the 1990s Dr Rohrich became the Chairman at UT Southwestern. He ran the Division of Plastic Surgery. He has helped make this department the first Department of Plastic Surgery in the nation. He has also done some charity work in Dallas Texas. He has done some work leading physicians.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is also influential to the next generation of physicians. They look up to him and want to follow his example. Dr. Rohrich is building himself up to have quite a legacy to leave. He also knows how to look for some of the most promising talent when it comes to plastic surgery. He gives them examples and pointers as to how to excel in their occupation that they want to work in. He has done presentations as a professor throughout the wold. Dr. Rohrich is also a good health writer who has published almost 1000 articles and 5 different textbooks that dealt with plastic surgery.