A Beginner’s Introduction to the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre International is a intercontinental educational and spiritual organization dedicated to the teachings of the esoteric and mystical Jewish tradition of The Kabbalah. The organization was founded in 1984 by the prominent religious scholar and ordained rabbi, Philip Berg. In addition to a online site, the Kabbalah Centre also has several brick and mortar headquarters spread throughout Europe and the United States, their main headquarters are located in New York City Los Angeles and California.

The organization primarily functions as an educational institution that seeks to present the ideas and philosophies contained within the Zohar, the ancient core text of the Kabbalic Tradition. The Zohar is a compilation of various different documents, the majority of which are commentaries upon the Hebrew Torah. These documents are primarily exogesic texts which try to tease out the mystical, transcendental and often perennial aspects of the Bible.

The Zohar was written and taught, in times past, typically only to those who had achieved spiritual enlightenment, however, the Kabbalah Centre takes a different line and instead attempts to bring the Zohar and the myriad similar philosophies to a wider audience of those who might not have ever heard of the Hebrew Mystical Traditions, or of Perenialism or the Kabbalah and the Zohar. In this way the organization might best be viewed as a entry point to metaphysics, as a gateway to spiritual philosophy.

It should also be noted that despite the Zohar and the Kabbalic Traditions in general, religious tenor and connection, the Kabbalah Centre is not a explicitly religious organization and welcomes people of every creed and faith and even those who are not religious at all. Instead of focusing upon religious faith, the Kabbalah Centre focuses on knowledge and self understanding.

Brett Favre Makes One More Try at Football

It was a very emotional weekend for Brett Favre, having had his number retired into the Packer hall of Fame Saturday, but that isn’t where this story ends. Brett Favre played one more game on Sunday, although it was a charity game with his former teammates.

Christian Broda was there to watch and it was like old times for the gun slinging Packer quarterback. He wasted little time showing off that gun he has, even though he is now 45 years old. He faked a pump and then unleashed a 30 yard bomb that the receiver simply couldn’t catch up too. He later drilled a perfect spiral at high speed on a 4th and long play, but former teammate Antonio Freeman simply could not handle. Freeman went on to say that he needs some time to adjust to that high velocity that Favre still has.

Several years from competition, there are no more talks of comebacks or leaving retirement. Favre got to reconcile with his old team and players, and had a day to raise money for local charities. He still looks as good as the day he left the game, but time is starting to heal those wounds that eventually separated the golden boy of Wisconsin from his team. Now it appears that everyone has finally moved on and given Favre exactly what he always wanted, to be recognized as one of the greats to play in Green Bay.

Favre headed back to Mississippi exhausted, more mentally than physically, but will be back during the Bears game in Green Bay when he officially gets recognized as a Hall of Famer in Green Bay.

Selling A Home: Great Guide For First Time Sellers

Any major real estate broker can tell you that selling a home for the first time is a difficult process. Thankfully, I had Marnie Bennett’s vast well of knowledge to fall back on. But not everybody has a broker that they can trust.

There are so many things you need to know, from how to select your brokerage, the inspections that need to take place, and even just how you need to prepare the home to be sold. Without the proper prep, you can run into a great deal of difficulty trying to put your house on the market.

But HowStuffWorks has a great guide on the entire selling process. Including prepping your home, finding help, and even the taxes and fees that you’ll have to deal with.