The Chainsmokers Honor The Life Of Avicii

The Chainsmokers and an artist they have collaborated with in the past, Halsey, joined up to honor Swedish DJ and producer Avicii. This took place at the May 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers joined up to tell the crowd gathered at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas that Avicii had inspired a lot of people in the EDM community including themselves and they appreciated him for that.

Their talking about Avicci took place when The Chainsmokers and Halsey were presenting the award for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 which was won by Luis Fonsi for his song “Despacito”. Halsey also chimed in saying that Avicii was a joy to work with and that made the tragedy of his death more painful for her and everyone else. She said that his death was a reminder that everyone should love and support the people they know, especially those who have a mental illness they are struggling with.

It was just a month earlier that Avicii had died when he was just 28 years old. His family eventually let everyone know that he had committed suicide. It’s possible some of his music, which had been recorded but not released, may be released at a later time according to the team behind his record label, Geffen Records.

The Chainsmokers came to prominence in 2014 when they had their first big hit, “#Selfie”. They started to release songs on a monthly basis and have now also put out three full albums. These are “Bouquet”, “Collage”, and “Memories…Do Not Open”. They took a break of about 10 months and started releasing music again in January 2018. Some of their biggest hits include “Closer”, ” Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Paris”.

The first song The Chainsmokers released in 2018 was “Sick Boy” which was a change of style for them. This has since been followed up by a few more singles such as “You Owe Me” and “Everyone Hates Me”. They were recently named by Billboard as the #1 musicians on their Billboard Dance 100.

Ryan Seacrest Shows Charitable Side

Ryan Seacrest has easily become one of the most recognizable hosts in the entertainment profession. He is the current host of American Idol. He has his own radio show. Ryan is also very well known for hosting a morning talk show with Kelly Ripa. Men that buy clothes from his clothing selection are also aware that he is into fashion. His resume is quite extensive when it comes to entertainment and business deals, but many people may not know that Ryan Seacrest also has a foundation where he helps children.

Of all the hosting jobs that he is known for, it appears that the Ryan Seacrest Foundation is his greatest personal achievement. This is where he gets the chance to help expose children to acting and art classes in order for them to get a feel of the type of work that they could possibly do in the entertainment business.

In his profile, it says that he gives children that are sick in hospitals a chance to dream. This is something that he has become passionate about overtime because it gives him a chance to give back. Ryan is aware of how blessed he has become for all the opportunities that have been presented before him.

Ryan Seacrest took time to give his life new meaning as a transitioned from someone that was the host of a reality show to a host that would be found on the red carpet with celebrities. This evolution where his income would rise in a dramatic fashion.

What he has done is give back with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation as he has continued to earn and become one of the highest paid celebrity hosts in the world. He has been able to secure a substantial amount of income over the years, and all of this has allowed him to gain a platform where he could help children that had special needs. What the Ryan Seacrest Foundation shows is that Ryan is someone that is heavily connected to helping those that do not have access to things they need. Surprisingly, his charity is something that many people may not know about.

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The Hollywood Success of Lawrence Bender

October 10th, 2003 theaters around the country played the film Kill Bill vol. 1. From all the projects worked on by Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender, this movie is probably my favorite. A comfortable mixture of comedy, action, creative dialogue, and suspension of disbelief come together to create a memorable experience, and help build the brand that we know today as a “Tarantino Film.”

The opening scene hooks us with the early 70s stylized credits, accompanied by music fit for the theme and feel. However, the big seller here is the chemistry filled dialogue between star actress Uma Thurman’s character, whose name is kept secret from the audience until later in the franchise, and the deadly Bill, who is portrayed by David Carradine. It paints a picture of a blood-spattered bride, betrayed by former lover Bill, who in a fierce act of jealousy orders a hit on the only woman he ever loved.

The Kill Bill franchise brought a unique feel, and touch to the art of movie making. It showcases the keen eye Lawrence Bender has for casting, budgeting, marketing, and profit generation for a major Hollywood production. This skill set would generate a considerable amount of success for the renowned producer, and he would continue his work for audiences around the world to enjoy.

Prior to the release of Kill Bill, Lawrence Bender had already developed a reputation for producing these kinds of films. He had produced a slasher in 1989 titled Intruder, starring Bruce Campbell. His previous work with Tarantino in Reservoir Dogs had been nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, and Pulp Fiction would earn him a nomination for an Academy Award. Later nominations for an Academy Award would include his films Good Will Hunting and Inglourious Basterds.

Aside from his life as a Hollywood Household name, Lawrence Bender has developed a reputation as a political activist as well. He is a founding member of Global Zero, a recipient of the Torch of Liberty Award from the ACLU, and throws fundraisers for political and social causes in Los Angeles.

Growth Track with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers

Since achieving their breakthrough in 2014 with their song #Selfie, The Chainsmokers have kept their eyes on the horizon. From figuring out who they are to ever-developing and refining their style, The Chainsmokers keep taking strides to find their truest sound.

In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig for Interview Magazine, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart go into detail about the amount of effort and sacrifice they had to put in, in order to grow and form what they have today.

Going back to the basics, Rosenzweig asks a bit about the band’s background; how they met and how they came to the decision to move forward from that point. Both Pall and Taggart revealed that they had a love for EDM growing up, perhaps even before others in their social spheres really gave it a chance. Pall had a DJ thing going on on the side, playing at events around the New York City scene, while Taggart focused more on producing and even released a few songs on SoundCloud. Either way, both saw a path to pursue their music. Having met through a mutual acquaintance, Pall and Taggart immediately hit it off and focused on meeting each other’s stride for their sound.

Rosenzweig then inquires about their difficulties in standing out in mainstream music, all the while admiring their uniqueness for singing their own vocals. Taggart admits that being unique as DJs, in and of itself can be hard, since so much of mainstream music these days is similar. Their focus was on defining their sound to stand out amongst all the rest, so they merged indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Pall revealed that their decision to sing their own lyrics was honestly very straightforward. Why shouldn’t they? That alone separates them from typical DJs.

Concluding the interview, Rosenzweig’s closing questions call for their future plans. The DJ duo explain that over time their sound has been evolving, while their audience has expanded. For this reason, they hope to go beyond just performing their songs. They ultimately want to keep “pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.”


Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 8 Recap

Aside from episodes such as ‘The Red Wedding’ as well as ‘Blackwater’, This weeks episode, ‘Hardhome’ was one of the most intense, action packed episodes of the 5 season show ‘Game of Thrones’. Covering five of the ‘Game of Thrones’ story lines, audiences around the world are shocked.

In Meereen, the long journey of Tyrion has finally come to an end when he meets with Daenerys for the the first time. Across the Narrow Sea, the large separation between Westeros and Essos, Tyrion has traveled with companion, Ser Jorah Mormont, and faced many evils including the Stone men of Valyria as well as being kidnapped by slave traders. This episode consists of the conversation and understand that Dany and Tyrion come to about the idea of ruling as well as devotion.

Across the Narrow sea and far up north, we see Winterfell. Sansa, still married to Ramses, learns the truth that comes from the lips of “Reek”. Her two brothers, shamefully admitted by Reek, are still alive. This not only gives Sansa hope but also the fire and will to escape her hell.

The final and most important story line in this episode was Jon Snow’s voyage to seek help from the Wildlings. He is initially successful in his goal to unite the Wildlings, however this goes astray when the White Walkers arrive. Involved in one of the best battle battles of the entire show, Snow barely escapes with his life after battling one of the White Walkers. The episode quietly ends with Jon Snow and his fellow companions escaping to the ships while watching the White Walker’s undead army rise up from the ground. Jim Dondero thought that was a huge part of the show.