Eric Lefkofsky: Creating an Innovation in Medicine

Humanity have reached a point where in fatal diseases and pandemics are being eradicated one by one. The joint efforts between physicians and scientists have resulted to the creation of cure for several diseases, and it managed to prolong the life expectancy of humanity. Eric Lefkofsky, a business man, entrepreneur, and a scientist, wanted to invest in the partnership between scientists and physicians so that he can create a computerized weapon that will target pathogens. He would like to create a vast network that will hold thousands and even millions of information from scientists and physicians around the world. He would like to catalog every single pathogen, along with the disease that they carry, and the effects of these diseases to humans. Through the system that he is developing, Eric Lefkofsky is positive that global scientists and physicians would accept the invention that he conceptualized and at least put up some effort to give the project a go signal.

According to Eric Lefkofsky, once he finished the network, scientists and physicians could be more open to each other. He believes that through communication, the world becomes a smaller place, and people tend to meet up with old friends whom they have never seen for long. Eric Lefkofsky added that the reason why he wanted to work with physicians and scientists is that he loves researching and finding out something. Aside from his ventures within the scientific community, Eric Lefkofsky is still busy with his project entitled Tempus. Tempus is an advanced form of technology that is being used to store sensitive and commercial information about a disease. Once the physicians have taken a sample from their patients, these samples are being taken to the system. The system then categorizes all of the information stored with in them. This is very helpful especially for scientists and physicians who are living outside the confines of their comfort zone.

Eric Lefkofsky stated that he is very thankful with the creation of Tempus. He thanked those who have put up their trust on him, and once again, Eric Lefkofsky stated that he will be upgrading the system soon, so that more people can use it without thinking that the machine is difficult.