Eric Pulier’s Life as an Entrepreneur

Succeeding with a business idea can be a huge deal. For many people it is their life’s work, the concept by which they build up the rest of their hopes and dreams. For an entrepreneur it is just another day at the office. Entrepreneurs leap from business to business building up huge projects in order to help propel themselves to another level. It’s a hard task and one that many people simply are not cut out for. Eric Pulier is cut from the cloth that great entrepreneurs are woven and his work is starting to really stand the test of time. Let’s take a closer look and see just what it means for Pulier to succeed and what it has cost him in terms of effort.

If you look through the annals of the most successful technological gurus in history you will find that they are all intense and passionate people about their field. Bill Gates loves computers. Steve Jobs loves technology and innovation. You don’t just dip your toes into the business. In much that same way Eric Pulier knew from childhood that he was destined to be creating at the highest level with technology. That was the driving force behind his learning to program computers as a school child and it led him to his first computer database company while he was still a student.

Beyond growing up and into the industry Pulier was always focused on the bigger picture. Pulier has kept a keen eye on the potential that disruptive technology can offer and it has led him to some of his greatest works including vAtomic Systems. Pulier knows that finding the next great company means combining everything that came before. This is a concept that each and every entrepreneur reading this back home should take to heart, write down, and reflect on.

Eric Pulier lives in Los Angeles where he balances a slew of different projects while raising his children. His keys to success are simple, on a daily basis focus on healthy living, list making, and a work ethic that surpasses everyone in the room.

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