Hussain Sajwani Real Estate Dynasty Looks for more Money Making Opportunity

The Trump Organization is a real estate Empire that developer Hussain Sajwani is trying to you continually assist his own personal real estate empire through a mutual relationship.

Recently both Hussain and Donald Trump spent the New Year’s Eve day together at the Trump International Golf Club where they were able to rack over 2 billion dollars in active sales. While some say it will be a conflict of interests and also how Trump spoke about not doing any new business deals with him being in office it’s told by who say that with two whose business deals are able to be done through the daughter trump Ivanka and Trump’s two sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Trump’s real estate empire is more of a brand in this allows for Hussain to expand his business in business relationships with Trump while in office can still be done. The wife of Hussain and Trump’s daughter Ivanka are have said to be good friends, getting in touch through emailing each other in their homes, even having the occasional dinner or lunches together in the city of New York.

All of Donald Trump’s children are wealthy foreigners with connections throughout the world in Central Asia, Turkey, South America, and more and have been able to conduct business meetings in over 13 countries since the year 2010. Hussain, the DAMAC Owner, even remembers interacting with the Ivanka while she was pregnant and still dedicated to a project that she had even though it was only days before her delivery. Actually days after giving birth she had actually called and spoke with Hussain desiring communication about the next business venture.

Trump had stated he would be handing over the business during his election to his younger generation of business minded children. While some were trying to see the relations and interests of the United States in Middle East possibly blending in together Hussain (@hussainsajwani) had to communicate with many that the basis of the relationship with himself and Donald Trump is strictly not of political issues or positions, but merely to expand his fortune and organization for himself family and nation.

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