Importance of Using Wen by Chaz Product

Having a strong, healthy, heat resistant and dandruff free hair it requires you to use quality hair products. Wen by Chaz hair products are the best products to treat your hair. This products are designed and made to strengthen, nourish, refresh and protect your hair from harmful sun rays. They are made from a mixture of unique herbs and natural ingredients needed by your hair. Frequent use of Wen by Chaz hair care products helps ladies with different hair types while the ladies with damaged hair experience health improvement of their hair.

Wen hair products are rich with various ingredients which are meant to improve and maintain the appearance and health of your hair and also provides it with essential oils and nutrients. Wen hare products also have a conditioner which helps to keep your hair strong, moisturized, reduces splits, makes it flexible and keeps it moisturized. It is advisable to use Wen cleansing conditioner with dyed hair since it helps to improve the color retention, improved health and makes it easy to manage.

Wen hair products by Chaz Dean ( makes the hair easy to manage and makes your hair easy to brush, style, comb and prevent it from breakage hence it contains ingredients which keeps it moisturized and makes it strong. It is always good to apply styling anti- frizz cream for protection against frizz. This cream lasts seven to eight hours in tropical weather.


Hair is very important to ladies and that’s why Wen by Chaz hair products have the best hair products contains all natural nutrients to make sure your hair stays health, strong, smooth and attractive. Wen by Chaz conditioner is one of the best conditioners since it works as a deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, detangler and as a shampoo which saves their customers from spending much cash buying of number of hair products to complete different tasks. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be bought online thru


Self Expression, Fashion and Fitness

With fashion and style, people often think that they have to have a certain look in order to be stylish. Another misconception is that they have to put together a bunch of trends in order to be stylish. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work out for them. Style is all about self expression. However, in order for one to have her own unique style, there has to be a wide variety of pieces available for her to choose from. It doesn’t matter what category clothes that she shops in. Even athletic clothes like Fabletics’ should allow room for one to be able to explore her own style. However, sports clothes have often been known to be lacking in variety.

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Fortunately, Kate Hudson has put together a line of clothing that has brought forth a lot of unique pieces that women can not only wear to the gym, but also to a night out on the town. This line is called Fabletics, a subsidiary of JustFab. Fabletics allows women to choose from clothing that fit better and enhance performance during a workout. Women will also feel better about themselves in the fits that they wear. They will come to accept themselves as well.

Fabletics has gained Kate Hudson a lot of recognition. As a result, she has gone on interviews that have been published on publications like Elle Magazine. Kate Hudson herself is known as being a stylish celebrity. She puts together a lot of simple and elegant outfits that fit her perfectly. She also encourages others to find something that expresses who they really are. This not only helps them look better, but learn how to accept who they are. Fabletics helps people learn how to be themselves. When people put together a style that they like, they will also get compliments from others about their style. Source:

The Lime Crime Cosmetics Impact

Though the natural contours of a woman’s face always stay the same, it’s interesting that trends in makeup still come and go. Some years trends are all about looking very dramatic and shadowy, with dark liner to play up the natural drama of the eyes, while the rest of the face stays dramatically neutral, so as not to pull focus away from the those dramatically darkened eyes. Other years it’s all about keeping the face looking completely matte, with a smooth complexion that’s powdered to perfection with lined red lips that are large and dramatic.

All these looks are beautiful, but there’s one trend that hasn’t been addressed fully in these upscale style trends. That’s the edgy look of today’s colorful young women who are looking to do more than just look good, these are women who want to make a statement in the colors and makeups they wear. It’s to these women that a new and edgy makeup line called Lime Crime is addressed.


If you haven’t heard about Lime Crime on dollskill yet, you will soon, as this colorful, grunge and punk-influenced makeup line is shaking up the complacency of a cosmetics industry that feels at times a little too staid in its ideas. Lime Crime is the original idea of a rock and roll influenced makeup brand that came from Russian emigre Doe Deere. The name “Lime Crime” apparently just rolled off her tongue one day in an idea meeting, and somehow the name stuck.

Lime Crime offers breakthrough colors and glitters for women who aren’t afraid to really embrace their inner unicorn. Deere’s fanciful branding is infectious in its sense of fun, with a line of lip color called “Unicorn Lipstick” that’s available in every color of the rainbow, and possibly more. These lip colors, which range from blue to pink to purple to green and back again, go on big and matte and highly kissable, which is just what a rock and roll girl is looking for.

The Zodiac Glitter pots from Lime Crime add an extra dusting of glam to those beautiful colors, with an iridescence that’s utterly fetching. For gals who like some gloss with their lip color, the glosses from Lime Crime go on liquid but dry to a moist yet matte finish. Again, the effect is utterly fetching and impossible to resist.

Yes, the makeup trends from the big brands are all quite fabulous, but there’s something about the upstart beauty revolt in the makeups offered by Lime Crime that says this brand is in it for the long term.