Whitney Wolfe Fights Against Feminism With Bumble

The Founder and CEO of the women empowerment app, Bumble, Whitney Wolfe Herd has had her life threatened forcing her to walk around with bodyguards. The dating app that she created in partnership with Andrew Andreev, the brainchild behind Badoo, was attacked by neo-Nazis last year. The cyber attack that was directed to her employees took place some two weeks before the White-supremacist rally in Charlottesville. The neo-Nazis posted the staff’s contacts and their photos online. Speaking to the Times, Whitney said that the attack was because they were a feminist organization.

Besides this attack, bumbles subscribers had caused havoc after she prohibited guns in the site. Whitney Wolfe said that she knew most users had licensed, but they were against the company’s values of empowerment, accountability, and kindness. She added that a good number of women who lost their lives in domestic violence was because they were shot and Bumble was not after making it appealing.

Bumble was created in 2014 after Whitney Wolfe left tinder where she was the vice president of marketing. During her tenure, she influenced the brand’s logo and established a strong client base from university students. Bumble has grown since its inception and has launched platforms like Bumble Bizz that allows people especially women to create networks without fear of prejudice and Bumble Bff that connects two people of the same sex looking for friendships. The company that is estimated to have a net worth of $1 billion hit 80 million matches in December 2015 and had about 15 million active unique conversations.

Whitney Wolfe is a graduate of the Southern Methodist University and has a degree in International Business. She was born in Utah in 1989. Prior to working as the Tinder marketing Vice president, she had worked in orphanages in South East Asia. She met her husband Michael Herd, an oil and gas businessman in 2013 and in 2017, they got married in Italy. The American Entrepreneur was listed among the top 30 under 30 most important women in Tech in 2014.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Make Great Waves

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are getting people excited about Fabletics. This is athletic clothing company that is sweeping the nation and Don and Adam are at the forefront. They have partnered along with Kate Hudson, and she is bringing a lot of interest to this brand. Fabletics is a company that people are very enticing with, and it appears to be the type of company that is going to get a lot of buzz in the upcoming years.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been around for a while, and they have done some great things in the world of retail clothing. There are so many e-commerce sites that are blowing up, and more people are taking chances with buying clothes online because this is just a lot more convenience.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are definitely two of the hottest entrepreneurs when it comes to online clothing websites. These two have managed to present female customers with a lot of choices. Some women are loyal enough to their brands to utilize sites like JustFab, ShoeDazzle and Fabletics on a regular basis. There are customers that are so impressed with what is offered that they are actually utilizing this company and signing up for subscription services. This is what has become very popular in recent years, and Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been able to capitalize on this thanks to the wide range of things that have been connected to the data-driven metrics. This is what Don and Adam are utilizing to capitalize on creating the best site for their customers. People that are trying to build a big clothing wardrobe that brings affordable clothes will consider this company. More people are going to embrace this because it actually speaks to a generation of young consumers.

The clothing industry is filled with a lot of competition, but Don and Adam know that they are on to something good. As early as the days of Intelligent Beauty these two have been able to sell a plethora of products that women like. It is no different at this time. These two are still very successful when it comes to selling products to women. In fact, they may have grown to be even better at what they are doing than what they did in the past. This is making people truly acknowledge what they are doing with their abundant clothing companies.

Lime Crime: So Many Lipsticks!

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that is certified Creulty Free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. One of the types of products that sell is lipstick. Some of the types of lipsticks that they sell are Perlees, Unicorn Lipsticks, Diamond Crushers and Matte Velvetines.


What are Perlees? Perlees are metallic mattes that give your lips the soft sheen that pearls have. These lipsticks fill the space between matte and metallic. The shades that they come in include roswell (ufo pewter), beetle (beetle brown), third eye (mulberry red), denim (denim blue), asphalt (grey brown), gemma (taupe brown), penny (bright copper), mirage (mauve pink) and charmed (plumy mauve).


Unicorn lipstick is a highly pigmented, matte cream lipstick with a slight sheen. It comes in the shades: varsity (muted rose), bomber (muted berry), choker (mauve brown), hoodie (tea rose), soft spot (soft pinky nude), pom pom (apricot beige), fish net (warm brown) and lace up (deep warm nude).


Diamond crushers are lightweight, slightly transparent (depending upon which shade you get) lip toppers that are sparkly like crushed diamonds. They are not glosses–they are toppers that use prismatic technology. You can wear them by themselves, or over lipstick. You can also apply them to any other part of your body that you want to glitter. Lime Crime also sells them in bundles of six, as well as singles. The shades include: trip (delirium purple), choke (cloud pink/blue), lit (rose gold on acid), cleopatra (blush/gold shift), acid fairy (lavender/mint shift), black unicorn (black rainbow), cheap thrill (sunset/rose shift), dope (cotton candy champagne), strip (stripper pink) and fluke (chill mauve).


Matte Velvetines are liquid matte lipsticks. They are infused with French vanilla and are heavily pigmented. They come in many shades of the color red, though they also come in shades of other colors. Some of the shades that exist include wicked (blood red), tea cup (black light reactive periwinkle) and squash (light orange). https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/lime-crime



Makeup To Express How You Really Feel Inside

Lime Crime has a wonderful promotion going on right now called “The Heat Is On!” They have come up with a collection of colors that is perfect for the summer heat. Their matte Velvetine’s Collection include “psycho” which is a bright orange-red, “utopia” which is a striking purple color, “New Americana” which is a traditional red matte, “squash” which is an interesting mustard yellow color and so many more. These colors are unique to match the unique buyer who wants to express themselves in a way traditional makeup hasn’t provided.


Lime Crime also has metallic Velvetine’s in multiple shades including gold/yellow called “Zenon,” a metallic red called “Red Hot,” and a purple metallic called “Vibe.” These lipsticks are called velvetiness to express the velvety feel these liquid lipsticks will give your lips. They will never fade or spread onto items like straws and silverware.


There is a collection of pop on nails that come in metallic rainbow-like shades. They are definitely reminiscent of unicorns and the multitude of colors we imagine them in. These nails pop right onto your nail beds and are ready to go in 10 minutes or less. All you have to do is apply some glue (that is included) and then stick the nail right on. They feel natural during wear and look almost unreal in person.


In this “The Heat Is On” celebration also comes a selection of liquid lipsticks called “Diamond Crushers.” These lipsticks stay on and keep a beautiful diamond like shade on your lips ranging from pinks to blues and purples.


Their Venus Palettes are also amazing for a smashing eye shadow presentation. The colors of their eye shadow pallets have been inspired by the 90s grunge movement, Buffalo 66, and nu-grunge. There are rustic reds and browns as well as modern mustard yellows and oranges.


The greatest thing about all of their makeup is that they are cruelty free and certified vegan. You can look great and feel good about your purchase all at the same time. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere who has developed a makeup line that allows men and women of all shapes and sizes to freely express themselves without repentance. https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/brands/lime-crime

Fun Ways To Wrap Gifts

If you have trouble wrapping gifts that are round, you want to tape the wrapping paper to the side of the gift so that a cylinder is created with the paper. You want to have enough paper so that the paper goes all the way around the gift. Fold the edges in on each side of the gift, taping the edges to the gift. You can use a bow or sticker in the center of the paper. Use knitting yarn to decorate plain wrapping paper. You can wrap the yarn around the gift in fun patterns, or you can try to create a design with the yarn.


Personalize your wrapping paper by printing out a collage of your and the recipient, using the paper to wrap the gift. Use tissue paper pom-poms to add a beautiful finishing touch to any kind of present.Wengie said,  If you can’t find a box, consider making one out of Lego pieces. Don’t throw away used tins. They are great for gifts that have an odd shape. All you have to do is wrap the tin after removing any labels. Grab some double-sided tape, placing it on the outside of your gift. Apply glitter for a bit of sparkle to the gift that you give. An easy way to make your own design on wrapping paper is with the end of a pencil and a stamp pad. Make a pattern or simply add a polka dot design to make your wrapping paper stand out from the paper you buy in the store.


Technology And Fashion Make An Interesting Pair

Technology has been a constant in the business world and the personal lives of people for many decades. As technology has evolved and technology innovations have progressed to the point where the world has become literally a digital world. Technology has carved a spot in the lives of millions of people. A different business sector but one with many sides is fashion. The use of fashion as more than just clothes has been around for a long time. The concept of fashion has built a market that contains many areas regarding fashion.

As the world has embraced technology, the combination of technology and fashion has become an interesting pair in the business world. Fashion is about style and what appears to look good. Perception has a great deal to do with fashion but also the same can be said for technology. In recent years, technology has become integrated into fashion styles and statements.

Designers use popular aspects of technology to manually blend technology into fashion designs. This effort is done to make an interesting fashion look that people can embrace. One of the fashion statements using technology that is receiving a lot of public exposure is the use of Google Glass. By itself, the idea of glasses has its drawback regarding fashion because many people do not think that wearing glasses is cool. However, fashion combined with Google Glass brings a different look because Google Glass is considered cool in many technology areas.

The idea that anyone wearing glasses could be considered as making a fashion statement would not be a normal reaction to glasses, but utilizing a popular technology item such as Google Glass can make a fashion idea become very popular .

A successful businessman who knows all about the fashion field is Chris Burch. With several successful business ventures that have earned well into the millions, Chris Burch understands what is popular in the fashion world. A man who started his first business while in undergraduate school, Chris Burch has a special talent regarding business and starting business ventures.

Over 40 years in the business world has allowed Chris Burch to see many opportunities concerning business, he has been able to seek out and find opportunities that became successful. As a businessman who has a wide variety of business interest, Chris Burch has participated in companies that operate in various business sectors including fashion and technology.