All You Need to Know About Glen Wakeman

Glen is a traveler who has vast experience in the art of travel. Additionally, He has worked for General Electric for more than 20 years. During his career at General Electric, he served in six various countries. Moreover, he managed to come up with a new division known as General Electric Money Latin America. The firm demonstrated substantial growth from a one-man operation to 17,000 people across the globe.

Glen’s Travel

Glen states that throughout all his travels in Asia, Europe and America, he has learned that there are numerous ways to approach certain things. He adds that trips can make you find many ways to succeed. Moreover, you can learn different value system from various people that you interact with.

He continues to talk about the benefits and the success of travels. He is known for saying that the world is massive and have the diverse culture and different ways of approaching a problem. If you travel more, you will be able to learn different cultures and ways to deal with certain things. The exposure of the many ways to solve something exposes you by instilling methodologies to attend to certain ordeals. Travel can help you in the following ways

Relaxing and to Relief Stress

Today, we work in a very stressful environment. Thus, you need to cool down to enhance your concentration. Research has indicated that vacation plays a fundamental role in stress relief.

Language Learning

If you travel more, you will realize that there are many languages you need to know. This will smoothen your interaction when in a foreign country. If it’s investment, you will be able to understand the key details.

Enhances Skills

As discussed, you can learn various ways on how to approach multiple challenges. The world is an enormous place with different cultures. Every culture has their way to solve problems. This equips you with experience to handle various situations.

Working internationally helps one to reach their traveling aspirations. Glen realized the benefits of traveling when working in Brazil. He came across what many travelers weren’t aware of. Glens advocates the benefits of visiting on his social media pages.

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Michael Burwell Asked To Step In As New CFO Of Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson, a company that stands as a leader in global insurance advisory recently decided to appoint a new CEO to the company. According to a press release, the company named Michael Burwell as the new CFO to the company. The announcement of the new appointment within the company was made in October 2017, soon after the previous CFO of the company announced his resignation. Michael Burwell was asked to take up this position and almost immediately was allowed to carry out his duties and functions as the new CFO of the company.


Burwell has had an incredible career that has spanned over thirty-one years within the financial field. He has worked for several well-known companies at a variety of different positions. Michael Burwell has aided the growth of several clients coming to him from many sectors and industries. Overall, he has proven himself to be a well reputed and knowledgeable individual who is fit to lead a company towards a more profitable position within the financial industry.


Over the years, Burwell has risen to several prominent positions within the companies that he has worked at. Some of the more well-known roles that he has carried out include him taking over the role of the Head of Global Transformation Services and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the company as well. This was a position from which he had an incredible impact on the company, having worked there for such an extensive period.


Auditing is one of the fields that Burwell particularly has a lot of interest in. He has worked with several companies within this particular section of the financial field. He also has a right amount of experience in business management and administration, having led companies from higher up positions.


Upon joining Willis Towers Watson, Burwell received an incredibly warm welcome from the executive team working at the company. Several people from the company came forward to publicly express their welcome to Burwell. One of these people that showed their wishes was the CEO of Willis Towers Watson. John Haley, who currently stands in this position was more than pleased when he heard that Burwell would be taking over this position within the company.


Even though it has only been a few months since Burwell was asked to take over, his impact on the country is already incredibly noticeable. See This Page for more information.