Subsidiaries Of Equities First Holdings Working Globally

Subsidiaries of Equities First Holdings are working globally to be sure that they can give their customers something that could make them as happy and comfortable as possible. They want all their clients to be excited by the deals that they can make, and they want people to feel more comfortable with their investments because they have made choices that would be most helpful to them. They can get a loan from this company with simple stock collateral, and they can ask the company for help with the asset management that is required. It is very hard for people to get the care they need unless they can visit this company and the many offices that they have all around the world from the UK to Australia.

Equities First Will Lend Using Your Stocks As Collateral

Sometimes business goes sour for a while. Things like the weather, international events, and a sluggish economy can make cash flow tentative in a small or medium-sized business. If you own such a business and some stocks to boot, you might consider asking for a loan on equities during a slow time or an emergency.

You can ask your local banker about a loan on equities, and they will usually tell you that they will make a loan on stocks. Any conventional lender, it seems, will make a loan using equities as collateral.

But then you find out the way it has to be done. First of all, they will lend against only 40% of the value of the equities. After that, they will tell you that there are some equities that can not be used as collateral because government regulations will not allow it. Then they will tell you that the interest rate will be very high due to the nature of the collateral, and to make matters even more insulting, they will want a business proposal to let them know the purpose of the loan. The worst part is, it will take a while to get the loan together. Click Here for more .

You may as well simply sell the stocks.

Not so! See Equities First AU before you make a rash decision. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities. They are a private company, so they do not have to abide by the government regulations that control institutional lenders and banks. Equities at LinkedIn .

They will not ask for you to give them a proposal describing the purpose of the loan. They will charge a much lower interest rate. And the funding is right away. There was no reason to ask the conventional lenders in the first place. It is far wiser to see Equities First first.,34.htm for more .

Equities First Holdings – Every Business Needs Enough Working Capital

As to financial execution, various business people focus on profits accumulation. Even though, there is another thing to concentrate on and that may decide if the business will stay above water or even terminate its operations – that is working capital. The reason Equities First Holdings has been assisting numerous new companies with filling the hole of their working liquidity is to the reality that securing a traditional advance by a private venture is equivalent to climbing a hill. With many archives and execution history to show to the bank, many startups get it difficult to secure bank loan. And when it comes, it features high interests’ rates and tough regulations to be met. In fact, for any organization to start generating cash, they need to spend some money. Click Here to read more .

Equities First Holdings has wide involvement in offering contemporary loaning services with the vast majority of its working offices situated in various corners of the world. By utilizing stock-value as collateral, organizations and people have managed to get enough loans to maintain their business operations. Before Equities First was launched, new businesses found it challenging in financing their day by day exercises, thus the requirement for outer funding. Why is working capital basic? It is the available amount of cash that every business requires to keep its operations running.

Current resources incorporate stock, money and accounts receivable; it is property currently in type of money or that can be modified later within a year. Indeed, long-term assets like furniture, vehicles or houses may be exchanged for money but are not categorized as current or “liquid” assets. But here is the reality: any business person selling their commercial assets would not be having the ability to carry out business operations. Thus, current liabilities incorporate loan bills and payments belonging to an organization within a year. In business world, external funding is thus more or less mandatory to support your commerce operations. Small businesses cannot run away from alternative lending services and that is the sector Equities First has remained a leader.,34.htm for more .

Equities First US Is a Preferred Method of Obtaining a Loan For Many

Equities First Holdings is a provider of lending solutions for both high-net worth individuals and businesses. If you are are entrepreneur, in a partnership, or working on forming a limited liability corporation, then you may be able to benefit from obtaining a loan. However, it is an essential necessity for you to know what amount of loan you will need, and what you will be utilizing it for.

Equities First Holdings is a preferred option of obtaining loans for many as the process of obtaining one through them is fairly easy in comparison to the options that are available with others. In the case that one is unsure about how long it may take them to pay off their loan, the providers will be able to give guidance whenever one needs. Also, the one who obtains a loan will be able to benefit greatly from the low interest rates that are offered by Equities First Holdings.

Capital is a necessity for operating any business. Oftentimes, people may need more capital than they currently have to get their business started. If you happen to be in such a category, please do not hesitate to contact one of the representatives who are available at the loan center so that you can receive the assistance that you need to get your first loan through them. The application process is quick and easy and you will receive assistance very quickly. Please do not neglect an opportunity that is available to you of making more capital with capital that you not only have, but also capital that you can acquire through a loan. Non-purpose loans are also available for high net-worth individuals if they are looking to potentially fund vacations, vehicle payments, or ordinary living expenses. Although they may not necessarily need the loan, they should know that it is available for them just like they are for anybody else.


Keith Mann Understands What It Takes To Go To College

There are many things that young people learn in high school. The most important things that they learn revolve around their high school education. However, there are other things that young people learn in high school that can help them in life.One of those things concerns what is needed to go to college. There is much more to going to college then many young people realize. One of the things that they tend to realize late in the process of considering going to college is that college is expensive. In many families, the cost of college is beyond what the families can afford.

As a result, the things that young people learn about attending college related to paying college expenses is important. An interesting point that many students do not realize about college is that there are many resources available to help pay for college. Scholarships is one of the most utilized resources that people use to pay for college.There are many sources of college scholarships. Businesses and individuals make scholarships available through churches, high schools, colleges, and various other resources. Keith Mann recently established a scholarship for Uncommon Schools, which is an organization that runs a network of public charter schools. The scholarship is for graduating seniors from a Brooklyn Uncommon High School.

Uncommon Schools has a long tradition of providing quality education to students from the K-12 level. Also, the organization has been very successful at helping many of its students attend college and move on to earn college degrees.Keith Mann is the primary executive at Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search firm that he started several years ago. The firm helps various companies find top professionals to accept open positions in the companies. Dynamic Search Partners has been making a name for itself under the leadership of Keith Mann.As a long time veteran in the executive search industry, Keith Mann has helped many companies locate and bring in the right person for key positions within the companies. An excellent communicator and a savvy businessman, Keith Mann is making the executive search industry take notice of Dynamic Search Partners.



What There is to Know about the Capital Restructuring-Madison Street Capital Video

After several years at the top of the corporate financing industry, Madison Street Capital has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in the corporate financing industry. The firm has kept middle market businesses at the front of their mind, ensuring that these companies that are seeking solutions for their corporate financing needs are able to access the information they require. Contact information on is often a closely guarded secret and those seeking corporate funding solutions are albeit left in the dark.

Knowing this has kept many would be successful businesses from ever leaving infancy, Madison Street Capital has worked very hard to bring corporate funding to all types of businesses. As the company’s number one priority, they have done quite well. All types of businesses, ranging from humble startups to already established companies seeking capital for mergers or acquisitions have come knocking on their door. These business owners have been drawn in not only by Madison Street Capital’s reputation, but also by the expertise and professional personalization that each of their clients receives.

Madison Street Capital has much to be proud of. Their team on of expert staff has been able to help connect their clients with the most appropriate funding sources for them. Knowing what a client needs is a very important aspect that the company does not neglect. No two clients are the same, and neither are any two businesses. Even two businesses owned by the same client have their own unique needs for their own unique situation. This has obviously come as a relief to the company’s clients, many of whom may have felt the frustration of dealing with companies that treat them and their unique situation exactly the same as the client before them. As many of their clients have many unanswered questions, or have become confused from their dealings with another company, Madison Street Capital takes the time to educate their clients, which, in today’s global market, is essential to success. The company’s staff is comprised of experts with the highest quality education, all in order to provide their clients with the best experience possible. After all, Madison Street Capital exists to help their clients create success.

This isn’t to say that Madison Street Capital’s expertise is only relevant to corporate funding. The company has helped many clients with various business practices such as mergers, acquisitions, and even debt restructuring. At the very core of each is Madison Street Capital’s aptitude for strategy development. The strategies developed by the company have proven to be not only effect, but also viable in practicality. Developing a strategy that can easily adhered to as well as being sustainable is one of the firm’s strong points. This has all led to Madison Street Capital developing a reputation as an industry leader as well as an authority on corporate financing and business practices.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has become one of the strongest corporations in the world, a success which was built on aptitude. The company has shown that corporate financing and corporate strategy development are not only important to the success of any business, but also something that is not out of the reach of even the smallest startups. They have created a long legacy of satisfied, successful clients, something that only shows that the company has a very bright future ahead of them.

Madison Street Capital Avails 2016 Outlook for the Hedge Fund

The Madison Street Capital is known to be one of the leading investment banks in the financial services industry. The company has just released the fourth edition of its hedge fund industry and the M&A overview which entailed transaction activity and opportunity from M&A.
The company reported that up to 42 hedge deals were either closed or revealed worldwide in 2015. This is said to have exceeded the thirty two transactions conducted in 2014. The 2015 transaction volume which was done by ALUM was roughly 27% higher than what was recorded in 2014. This is believed to have been propelled by the wave of transactions in the fourth quarter of the 2015. However, there are major drivers who are creating deal momentum and position the 2016 to be a record year in terms of M& A transactions and hedge fund.
The following is a summary of the report:
The assets of the hedge fund are at an all-time high despite the low performance across most of the 2015 hedge fund strategies. Though most of the hedge fund performance dropped, most of the institutional companies are continuing to make allocations to alternative asset management department with an aim of getting higher returns that will be able to match the rising liabilities. Currently, the lower level hedge fund managers are getting it hard trying to attract new capital thereby resorted to operating below the lowest portfolio levels.

The managers are recording higher costs of operation while at the same time feeling the downward pressure on the fees. All these factors have forced the managers of hedge fund to reconsider their strategic alternatives.

Karl D’ Cunha, the Senior Managing Director at the Madison Street Capital revealed that the environment deal for the hedge fund used to be strong in 2015 and will grow to be much stronger in 2016. Actually, there are a variety of deal mechanisms being used to accommodate the buyers and seller. Apart from the traditional M&A, transactions are being developed .The hedge fund which has been fragmented will continue to realize consolidation especially the opportunistic partnerships that helps in the bridging of distribution to offer products. This article is also available on
About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is known to provide a full service and integrated approach to both the financial advisory and strategic that provides solution to different clients around the globe. The industry specialists advice on the Hedge Fund and other asset managers on Portfolio Valuation, Financial Sponsor Coverage, Financial Restructuring, Capital Introduction and M&A Advisory.


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Madison Street Capital Releases 2016 M&A Overview

Multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often make headline news in the financial section of newspapers, but even the amount of M&A activity between mid-sized enterprises can be a definitive sign indicating the health of the economy. The strength of the stock market is often a motivating factor during bursts of M&A activity. Madison Street Capital (MSC) has released its fourth edition of the hedge fund industry M&A overview and has noted particularly that while only thirty-two hedge fund deals were closed in 2014, that number rose to forty-two in 2015. In a article, Karl D’Cunha, MSC’s Senior Managing Director, speculated on key drivers that will continue to create momentum in 2016.

• A wave of transactions during 2015’s fourth quarter may be positioning 2016 as a record year for hedge fund m&A transactions. Transaction volume was up twenty-seven percent according to AUM (Assets Under Management)

• Despite mediocre 2015 hedge fund strategy performances, industry assets are at an all time high. 2016 will see more non-traditional M&A transactions such as incubator deals, PE stakes, and revenue share stakes.

• Institutional investors seeking higher returns are looking to alternate assest management sectors to offset higher operational costs and pressure to lower fees.

• Although the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented at the present time, 2016 will offer more opportunity for consolidation in the form of opportunistic partnerships that will bridge the product offering distribution.

Madison Street Capital is a privately held international middle market investment banking firm, located in Chicago, IL. As a corporate finance and merger & acquisitions (M&A) advisory firm, the company has built upon a team of exceptional professionals that combine experience and extensive relationships which have made MSC one of the worlds premiere investment banking firms. With offices in North America, Africa and Asia the firm offers a wide variety of additional financial services including corporate restructuring, buy side and sell side PE services and business valuation and financial reporting services.

With a current in-house deal count of over one hundred exclusive contracts, their strategy of analyzing each clients unique needs to select the best match between buyer and seller along with arranging the appropriate financing and creating a capitalization structure that optimizes the clients potential has set the firm apart as unparalleled leaders in the industry. Their client profile includes companies with revenue ranging from $10 million to $500 million annually, in industry sectors from aviation, IT, real estate, energy, consumer goods and more.

As a commitment to building strong businesses in communities, MSC has partnered with United Way to make a difference in local and global communities by helping families become economically independent and to assist communities to overcome financial instability.

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Madison Street Capital Offers A Look At Hedge Fund Values Around America

Madison Street Capital is a Wall Street valuation firm that often researches the values of every company in several industries. The hedge fund industry is growing quite a lot, and the industry itself has been subject to change quite a bit. Change in the hedge fund industry is the subject of a study by Madison Street Capital concerning trends in the industry. This article explains how the hedge fund industry is changing in 2016.

#1: The Values In The Industry Are High

Madison Street Capital has been looking at the value of every major fund in the industry, and the company shows that hedge funds are growing at incredible rates. Values have never been higher in the industry, and there are several companies that have debuted new funds in the past year. Madison Street has done quite a lot of work to keep up with rising values in the industry, but it appears that customer levels are down.

#2: Where Did The Customers Go?

Madison Street has found that some customers have left the hedge fund industry because of a hard year in 2015. The 2015 year saw many customers look for new ways to invest their money, and Madison Street Capital is reporting a massive difference between the growth of the industry’s value and the loss of customers. Customers have many options for investing, and some have chosen to go elsewhere.

#3: Will The Industry Continue To Grow?

The industry will continue to grow providing that 2016 is a better year for the financial markets. The American financial markets are poised for a rebound, and Madison Street Capital is working with many companies that are merging or selling to other companies. Madison Street offers valuation services for every client, and the sales made in the industry are often handled by the staff at Madison Street Capital. The intellectual capital that Madison Street holds is helpful for their clients and partners.

Madison Street Capital is a valuation company that helps companies around America complete transactions. The company takes it upon itself to check the value of every company they work with, and their study of the hedge fund industry shows that the industry is growing in interesting ways. The hedge fund world is growing in value while it is losing customers, and the US markets will likely recover in 2016. Madison Street has all the information needed to make wise investment choices, and it appears that customers are using this information to their advantage.

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Madison Street Capital Is Committed To Great Customer Service

In the far northeastern state of Illinois resides a prominent and strategic businessman who is a true leader in the competitive corporate industry. He embarked on his professional career after earning a degree from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Notably, Charles Botchway is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital where he has greatly expanded their financial advisory services in the United States, Africa, and Asia.

Botchway’s educational training from York St. John College and The George Washington University in addition to his executive experiences at Advisory & Intermediary Services and Houlihan Smith & Company helped him gain a practical understanding of the business sector. Following his employment at these renowned corporations, he was hired at Madison Street Capital in 2010. Throughout his five year term, he is responsible for managing the firm’s wide array of financial offerings in many business areas.

With growing knowledge in the investment field, Botchway and his team at Madison Street Capital envisioned a common goal in which they could present the best extensive selection of financial solutions to a diverse group of clients. According to their extremely informative website, the company has assisted many major corporations such as Pascal Industries, Ohio Valley Manufacturing, Rigging Services, Dowley Security Systems, Caroll Hotel, Custom Countertops, and United Development Funding. Notably, their vast database of loyal customers is attributed to Madison Street Capital’s expertise in many prominent business areas including corporate advisory, asset management industry focus, financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, and business valuation. Moreover, the advisors are uniquely skilled in guiding public and privately held companies around the world.

Also on Madison Street Capital’s website is the company’s noteworthy philosophy labeled “About Us.” Essentially, the executives are exceptionally committed to excellence, service, leadership, and integrity in all of their proprietary advisory practices. Moreover, by extending beyond traditional business interests, Botchway and his team of extremely knowledgeable and experiences employees strategically position their client’s portfolio in order to succeed in the volatile global marketplace. Along with delivering unprecedented offerings, the professionals strive to tailor each financial solution to the unique needs and expectations of the customer. This exceptional customized approach has earned the trust of many clients across the globe.

Alongside his profound career endeavors, Botchway is a distinguished member of many renowned groups such as Institutional Investor, Old Achimotan Assocation, The Global Leaders, and License Professionals.