Upwork Powerful Tips.

Upwork is a freelancing platform that is used globally by entrepreneurs to connect and work together remotely. It was known as Elance-oDesk until it was rebranded to Upwork in the year 2015. Ever since the company has been offering many services among them being helpful information for your day to day use. One of my favorites is a post about ways to help you sail through your list. Here are some of the things the post entailed.

You need to capture everything.

Sometimes back, David Allen discouraged people from remembering every task. People should instead have everything written down. It is to avoid being a victim of Zeigernik effect. It helps one to prevent having incomplete functions from going through someone’s head; it makes it difficult for someone to focus on the present.

David Allen came up with a solution to the task. He advises people to capture their entire work on their list, even if someone has a good memory. Writing something down enables the brain to have the liberty to forget about it, instead use its partial attention to pay attention to the task.

You should prepare your list on time.

Most people start their day by planning. Meaning they have to go through their email and then come up with a list. You should not see this as a waste of time because your energy is at the highest in the morning.

It is best for you to prepare your list the previous night so that you can have a chance of choosing the task you will begin within the morning.

Have your tasks at one place.

Most people have their tasks scattered at different places. Most have a mix of emails, post-its, paper notes, or even more than one app in the app store. Meaning you have to look at many places so that you can get the complete picture of your upcoming tasks.

It is a bad idea because it is difficult for you to have in mind what is going on across many sources. In such a situation, someone has to help you follow up with you. It is a way of losing time.

It is best if you have all your tasks in one tool. It makes it easy to locate the jobs quickly. You will not waste a lot of time since the device will be ready all time.