How World-Renowned Pediatrician, Dr. Mark Holterman, Shifted Healthcare

Dr. Mark Holterman received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Yale University in 1980 and his M.D. and Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Virginia. After his surgical residencies at the University of Virginia and Seattle’s Children’s Hospital, Dr Mark Holterman conducted immunology research at the Clinical Institute of Montreal. As chief surgeon of Advocate Children’s Hospital, he continued his research. He teaches pediatric surgery to medical students at the University of Illinois.


Mariam Global Health

Dr. Mark Holterman works to advance medical knowledge, provide quality medical care for children worldwide, and disseminate information about the latest technological advances and surgical techniques. He’s especially interested in stem cell research. Dr. Holterman incorporated Mariam Global Health to improve health care internationally. He incorporated the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), and he funds medical startups to increase the number of pediatric medical facilities in his International network. Mariam Global Health evaluates the feasibility of scientific research proposals based on their potential impact on world health. Dr. Holterman, through Mariam Global Health, funds research proposals, keeps costs down, and remains involved with the recipients to ensure their success.



In 2007, Ho Chi Minh City suffered a severe shortage of adequate surgeons and pediatricians. Their hospitals were overcrowded and unsanitary. Parents traveled long distances to bring their children into the city for emergency medical care. The International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam sends surgeons, medical doctors, technicians, and nurses to Viet Nam to improve necessary medical care to children in Vietnam. IPSAC-VN also pays for Vietnamese doctors to travel to the United States to work with American doctors on two month work visas. They perform surgery, use the latest technology, and conduct medical research. Doctors from the United States share the latest knowledge, medication, surgical techniques, and technology with Vietnamese medical personnel. IPSAC-VN broadens and improves the scope and standard of care in Vietnamese hospitals. IPSAC-VN strives to reduce hospital acquired infections and establish medical clinics in even the remote areas of Vietnam which lacked medical providers entirely in 2007.