OrganoGold is Continuing to Rise to the Challenge

If you are a person who embraces better health care through alternative treatments and medicine, then you will want to research what Organo Gold is all about and the man who put this better alternative treatment in today’s marketplace. This man is Bernardo T. Chua, and he is from the Philippines. This man is responsible for bringing to the American people extended health and wellness found only in the ancient Ganoderma mushroom. Chua’s ancestors knew all about this healthy food source, and now this sound source is offered worldwide.

Organo Gold is a natural product formulated for health and wellness. Organo Gold and its products contain ancient herbs and plants derived from years of study and effect outcomes. Ingredients such as Ganoderma is a magical ingredient born from a great mushroom used for centuries in Chinese medicine.

Ganoderma mushrooms grow and thrive in large trees in Asia’s high mountainous areas. The Ganoderma lucidum known as the ‘Wonder Mushroom’ has great healing properties. This fungus, long known as one of the top most ranking herbs in ancient Chinese medicine continues in today’s society and for thousands of years in China, the Ganoderma mushroom assured a long life with a strong and healthy body.

The downside to this is that people can purchase Ganoderma spores improperly harvested and who would know, except for the ones in the know, collecting this unique food source correctly.

The ORGANO Corporation uses only the correctly processes this mushroom through the latest technologies and adds it to all of their products, including an extensive line of cocoa products, nutritional supplements, coffees and teas.

Bernardo T. Chua has devoted his life to the worthy cause of enhancing health and wellness and gone on to market his product with Gano Excel. His company extends to Hong Kong, The United States, and Canada, where consumers can rest assured they are purchasing only the highest quality of harvested Ganoderma in capsule form, coffees, and other organic food products.

The ancient Chinese saw remarkable results of people using Ganoderma over the centuries. China has seen a great decrease and elimination of all the diseases it is said to reduce such as but no limited to diabetes, gout, and psoriasis. However, the FDA in the United States did not see it this way and brought some pressure on Chua’s company offering organic food items. If it were not through the tireless efforts of Chua; his company recovered from this pressure by rewarding and bringing to light that milk protein is one ingredient in some of his products. Chua uses a unique multi-level form of marketing and a distribution network on a wholesale basis stamped with affordable retail prices.

Because of this small set back, Chua forged ahead and changed its branding to ORGANO and continued selling the products he and his Chinese ancestors have used over centuries and continue to use without hesitation, because of the stunning effects his organic products have on the health of people everywhere.  Bernardo Chua is known for speeches as much as anything else, and remains an important leader when it comes to healthy coffee.