What to Do About the Refugee Crisis: George Soros Speaks

The original article for the information contained herein is from Marketwatch.

George Soros points out that the EU has yet to agree on a single comprehensive policy to help asylum seekers. If nothing is done soon, this crisis could balloon into something even larger. The reason that there has not been progress is that each country is currently being selfish and self-focused. The real sufferers are the refugees.

A solid, cohesive plan on topics.wsj.com is needed that covers all the issues surrounding this crisis. Europe does, after all, have the ability to absorb the sheer amount of people. Now Europe needs to cooperate in order to do it.

Syria must be the primary focus on investopedia.com
, at least from now. This is because many of the problems are coming out of Syria. Refugees apart from this crisis must also receive aid. For this aim, the United Nations can play a large role. The work can be distributed among many states to ease the burden on individuals. This way, Syria can see some relief from this disaster.

This can be accomplished in six steps:
1.The EU must agree to accept at least 1 million refugees every year. This may take around 15,000 euros per refugee but it is needed.

2. Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan need funding. This way, the refugees there can have a better chance at surviving.

3. Asylum seeker require a lot of help. To expedite this, a special agency should be formed. The EU must form this agency in coordination with a border force that ensures that the procedure to process migrants is easier and quicker. As a consequence of streamlining this process, the migrants can begin to work faster and start contributing to their host economies.

4. Italy and Greece play vital roles in this crisis as buffer states. It is essential that travel is aided to these countries for travel onward to other European nations. By ensuring safe passage to Italy and Greece all the way to the frontlines of the battles on https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros, refugees will have more hope of survival. Turkey is a key frontline state in achieving this goal.

5. Finances are needed to fund the asylum seekers. The EU must appropriately designate funding so that operations stay current and effective.

6. NGO’s and other non-profit entities (such as church groups) need to come together to provide help for this crisis. However, they will also require funding. They require infrastructure.

The worst part of the crisis in Syria is how preventable it was. Europe had time to foresee it. Previous plans put forward, like that of Viktor Orbán, simply don’t tackle the issues correctly. They place national security and border patrol at higher priority than the experience of the refugees. Human suffering needs to be limited.

George Soros is a business expert and citizen of Hungary and the United States. He founded Soros Fund Management.

George Soros is an avid philanthropist. He helped Eastern Europe throw off communism and become capitalistic. He successfully chairs Open Society Foundations as well.