Kevin Seawright Helps Youth Find Jobs And Internships

Kevin Seawright, as chief financial officer of the non-profit Newark Economic Development Corporation helped implement plans to help city youth find employment. He worked alongside major financial banks and small businesses in the city of Newark to provide seasonal and part time employment offers for young people.

Under Seawright’s program college graduates could intern at financial institutions located in the city of Newark. They could gain skills and see what it is like to work in a professional financial institution. The financial institution could also offer the youth a permanent position.

As part of the program school age children and high school graduates could also apply for work in small businesses throughout the city of Newark. The work could be seasonal or part time, but just like the internships, it could lead to full time work. Newark is a city that is plagued by crime and unemployment. The program developed by Kevin Seawright addresses the issue of unemployment and crime. It does this by helping youth to stay off the streets and find meaningful work and opportunities instead.

Kevin Seawright also teamed up with banks headquartered in Newark to provide financial education to young people. As well as providing job opportunities and internships at local banks, they will teach people how to manage finances and give them the chance to open up checking and savings accounts. Mr. Seawright believes this will put people on the path to financial stability and freedom.

Mr. Kelvin Seawright has extensive experience in both the public and private sector. He worked for over seven years as the chief operating officer at the Baltimore City School District. In this post, Kevin Seawright oversaw daily operations for almost 200 schools and over 800 employees. Later, Mr. Seawright served as a campaign manager for a political campaign management firm called KLS Political Services for about eight months.

Kevin Seawright’s new full time occupation after leaving the city of Baltimore’s public school system as chief operating officer was vice president of finance and human capital at contractor, Tito Contractors. This is a DC based firm, where Kevin used his management, negotiation and financial skills to increase revenue and streamline operations at the company.

One of Kevin Seawright’s most recent jobs was working as the chief financial officer for the non profit organization, the Newark Economic Development Corporation.