Jed McCaleb’s Achievements and Plans

Jed McCaleb is one of the beginners of Stellar Development Foundation. Currently, he is the leader of technical development at Stellar, a typical network funded by Which is a nonprofit enabling open-source software. He is also the advisor of Machine Intelligence Research Institute which is a profitless existing to enable the creation of an intelligence that is better than human beings.

Being the founder of Mt. Gox and Stellar CTO, Jed McCaleb has said that he dreams of a Blockchain powered which is a one payment system for the whole globe. In his report, he goes ahead and says that he understands that in the coming days, there will be a conventional payments network that will be operable. To him, there is a probability that a hybrid system that enables fiat currencies payment facilitated by Blockchain.

It is clear that within the next ten years, Blockchain technology for Stellar is going to fuel a common payment network that will process both payments and traditional assets such as shares as well as stocks. McCaleb develops crypto, and he has done for quite some time. He is foreseeing technology for Stellar changing international systems for finance. This will constitute stock markets, payments as well as fundraising within those ten years. Jed McCaleb’s work as the founder of Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange and the managing director at Stellar cannot be underrated.

Considering the fact that today’s Initial Coin Offerings (ICOS) phenomena, McCaleb adds that system for finance is not appropriate for the market. ICOs have had advantages of making approximately $9 billion within four years which is a short duration. However, ICO’s spread have had drawbacks of encouraging the rise of fraudsters who have continued to take opportunity on the modern technology to create money. This has resulted in the investors being left without their money hence incurring losses. This fraud has called for intervention from different regulators. However, token sales’ supporters claim that they stand for the modern fundraising model.

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Jim Toner’s Wisest Investment Strategies in Real Estate

The real estate industry is experiencing tremendous economic growth. For most people, this is the easiest industry to invest in because of how simple it is to understand. Alongside being straightforward with fair exchange rates between the property owner and user, this industry is vastly developing into the most competitive business in property development. As easy as it sounds, the real estate industry comes with many challenges that must be faced head-on. Because there are different types of real estate investment as illustrated by Jim Toner, an individual must understand the specifications of the business they intend to put their money into.

A Look into Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a real estate investor, author, consultant, and radio show host. In the past years, he has spoken in several training programs in the country. Most of his discussions are normally linked to making wise investment advice in real estate. Among his associates in these training programs include The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Bill Bartmann, and Sharon Lechter.

Expertise and Experience

Jim Toner is well-versed with the market shifts in real estate. He has the right expertise in making the real estate investment user-friendly and affordable to most investors. In his pursuit to assist many families to own homes and commercial premises, Toner published “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate’’. The book has attracted novice real estate investors as it is filled with actual content on the best investment strategies in real estate. From the book, investors have drawn healthy economic ideas to guide them in their real estate ventures.

The Book

Toner’s book seeks to disseminate critical investment knowledge in different property markets. Most fundamentally, the book discusses essential investment skills that every investor should incorporate in a business model prior to establishing a detailed plan. Moreover, the book exposes some truths about what the gurus in the industry do not want you to get your hands on. A deeper look into the chapters warns investors of a looming crisis that will affect many business professionals if proper measures are evaded. Described as snake oil peddlers and charlatans, these are some of the nasty secrets that the novice real estate investors thrive on. Jim Toner is sharing this information to enhance safety in the industry. Other than that, he included chapters on how to land viable investment opportunities in the industry. Well, as he quotes the trend; the market is taking a new direction where rules are changing. Nevertheless, fundamentals are not changing in any way. To be safe from the pitfalls, Jim Toner implores people to strategize their investments.

The Overview

According to, when Toner is not in the office, he is a dedicated philanthropist who is often recognized by his partnership with veterans as well as the homeless. At Frank and Nilsa Caring Home, he serves as a board director.

Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Points Out the Flaws in KodakOne

Sahm Adrangi is Kerrisdale Capital’s chief investor officer. It is his responsibility to determine the value of a stock before advising his clients to buy. Upon evaluating Kodak and KodayOne’s stock, he concluded Kodak’s shares have risen in value not based on increased worth, but rather advertising. Hype is driving Kodak’s share price upward.

Kerrisdale Capital is a private investment company managed by Sahm Adrangi. Their recent report stated that Kodak’s launch of KodakOne is an empty attempt to jump on the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) bandwagon. KodakOne and KodakCoin cryptocurrency is Kodak’s partnerships in releasing block-chain-enabled image licensing platforms and photo-centric cryptocurrency.

KodakOne is a block-chain service that serves as an image rights platform and a digital ledger. Photographers can join this new economy and exhibit both their new and past photos. From this platform, photographers can license their work for bitcoin. The selling point is that photographers can receive payment immediately.

KodakOne was scheduled to launch on January 31, 2018. Kodak delayed the ICO at the last minute. Before that announcement Kodak’s stock had risen 100%. After the delay, it dropped 15%. Kodak claims the delay is due to them deciding to follow SEC regulations as ICO’s will probably be regulated by the SEC in the very near future. Kodak decided to make sure their potential investors in KodakOne were accredited.

Based on the controversy, Sahm Adrangi is paying close attention to all of the faults in Kodak’s plan. Kerrisdale Capital has taken the short position and will profit when Kodak’s stock price falls. It made its first small profit this January/February when the stock fell 15% after the ICO delay.

Kerrisdale Capital prefers to hold in their portfolio long-term investments with promising growth potential. Kerrisdale also likes to look at event-driven special situations to find investment opportunities. So far, KodakOne falls short of any of the valuable traits that Kerrisdale Capital, led by Sahm Adrangi considers to be markers of a successful investment opportunity.

Managing a Growing Hotel With Chris Burch

The hotel industry is going through numerous changes. With all of the new lodging options for customers to choose from, hotels must adapt to thrive financially. Chris Burch is an owner of one of the best hotels in the world. He has years of experience in this field. Although he made mistakes initially, he used the mistakes as lessons for his career.

Chris Burch is a dynamic business owner who is excited about the future. He uses the newest technology to make the hotel experience fun. Far too many hotels are boring to customers. Boredom is not an issue at the hotel that is owned by Chris Burch.

Starting the Hotel

Few people have interest in starting a hotel due to the initial costs. A hotel is a significant financial investment. Almost no one has the cash to pay for a hotel. Finding a financing opportunity is also tricky. Banks do not want to take on the risk of owning a hotel. If a hotel fails, there are few buyers interested in the property.

Chris Burch had to get capital from private investors to start his hotel. Private equity is a significant risk. However, Chris Burch believed in his concept ( and knew that it would be successful. The first few years were tough. Not only was the hotel losing money, but sales were also stagnant. Chris Burch had to get creative to bring additional customers to his hotel.

Future Plans

Chris Burch has multiple plans for the future. Sales at the hotel increase each year, and he plans to make improvements to the building in the coming years. Chris Burch also wants to invest in other real estate properties ( He believes that owning real estate is a proven concept to generate monthly income. He has already purchased a few residential properties in his local area, check