Highland Capital Management success.

Highland Capital Management is among the largest credit managers and has extensive experience in the globe. It was established by James Dondero and Mark Okada in the year 1993. SEC fully registers the organization as an investment adviser. Initially, the company dealt with managing secured bank loans. Currently, Highlands Capital primarily deals with credit strategies such as credit hedge fund, collateralization loan obligation, distressed and special situation private equity, and also long-only funds. Together with its affiliates, Highland Capital Management’s assets stand at about $15.4 billion. It provides for alternative ventures such as emerging markets, natural resources as well as long and short equities. The clients of the management are diverse as it includes the government, financial institution, high net worth persons, fund of funds, and public pension plans.


The headquarters of Highlands Capital Management are in Dallas, Texas. It also has affiliate offices in Seoul, Sao Paolo, New York and also in Singapore. At Highland Capital Management, the venture is not made on the financial market only but also in the very community where the employees work at as well as live. Its dedication towards changing lives cannot be understated. Through advisory board involvement, financial donations not forgetting to mention volunteerism, people’s lives have changed. James Dondero is active in this giving. The monetary donations are given to organizations, the local community and the national community as well. More than $10 million has been committed to this noble course around the world since the year 2005.


Highland Capital Management has a unit known as Highland Alternative Investors, whose chief investment officer is known as Michael Gregory. He gives oversight to small-cap stock fund. The fund has about $55 million assets. Gregory through his energy stock picks, saw the small cap equity triple the return of the S&P 500 index return in 2016. Through the credit competency of Highland, investments were made in pipeline partnership when the oil prices went down in 2016. The investment made half of the total returns made last year. No association cut dividends after the purchase of shares using the funds. Master limited partnerships provided Highland Capital Management with high-single-digit.