Brazilian Economy Fails to Make any Progress

Brazil’s economy has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons for some years now. The country has not been making any progress for some years, especially when the current president of the country, Dilma was elected to office.

Brazil is one of the biggest growing economies in the continent, and many people have some interest in it, and perhaps, this is why their eyes are always fixed on the country. The world cup games also tend to raise a lot of attention to the country, because the country has one of biggest and one of the most powerful teams in the world.
According to the new matrix, an experiment conducted on the country’s economy, Brazil has not been making any progress, and the government ventures have been affected by the economic crisis the most. Experts in the financial sector say that the Brazil was making a lot of progress before the international financial crisis that took place in 2008, and they believe that since then, the country has not been able to recover as most of them have.

The private banks, however, have not been affected like the government institutions. These banks have made shocking profits despite the huge losses reported by the public banks. One of the banking investment strategists in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen says on that this was expected, putting in mind that the government was not keen on their strategists and policies.

The re-elected president of Brazil is one of the key factors to the failure of the public institutions. She has been using her populist ideas in the running of the country, and they do not seem to make any changes. She has promised the citizens that there will be improvements, and nothing is happening.

The macro economy of the economy plays an important part in the whole economy of a country. In Brazil, these investors have not been given a fair opportunity, and they do not have trust in the government at the moment. Igor Cornelsen believes that these individuals must get their trust and also get access to the right funding in order for the country to get back the state it had before the financial crisis.

The country has also been lacking a good finance minister who is qualified and well trained to handle financial matters. In order for a ship to sail to its destination without problems, the person in charge must know their job well. Igor Cornelsen said on he believes that the current minister of finance in Brazil has the skills to bring the country where it belongs. The country has enough natural resources that are not yet fully exploited, and the country can benefit a lot from them if they take the opportunity of understanding them.