Chris Burch Has Some Key Advice Regarding Advertising:

This first thing that often comes to mind when people think about the world of business is logistics, regulations and page upon page of numbers. The truth of the matter is that the business world is a far more dynamic entity than this. Perhaps the factor of biggest importance in business is the building of relationships. Success in business is largely based on the ability to be engaging.

Investment expert Chris Burch has an ingrained philosophy that business should be fun and so should advertising. A great example is major sporting attractions. These events draw a much broader audience in than just the hardcore sports fan. Often this is due to creative advertising. Many viewers will tune in just to watch the commercials. Unlike advertisements from the early days of television, today’s advertisers have a strong understanding that messages can be conveyed to the public through entertainment, rather than just stating why a particular product is superior.

Chris Burch also has a philosophy on how important it is to make an impression. At the center of the traditional business is the concept of affordability and reliability. Factors such as this are high priorities for all sizes of businesses but consumers are often swayed toward a specific product for reasons other than these. It is critical for a company to carefully consider its branding in order to make sure and make a big impression. This is because exciting and recognizable branding stands out to the consumer market. People are much more likely to remember products from a company that makes an effort to entertain with factors such as its logo. Entertaining slogans are also critical as they stick in the head of the consumer.

Chris Burch is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He has a career in business that stretches back 40 years in the investment sector. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, Chris has maintained a set of business values that include applying imagination, creativity and taking advantage of market opportunities, check for an additional article.

Chris Burch’s firm Burch Creative Capital specializes in the support and development of lifestyle and consumer goods. These brands range from apparel and home furnishings to retail and hospitality.  More on

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Chris Burch Talks about Attracting Investors

Getting investors is the most important part of any startup that can’t fund itself. Investors aren’t in the business of just handing out money, so knowing how to persuade them into investing is an essential skill. One of the hardest places to find investors is in New York.

As hard as it may be, it can also be just as easy. New York is a booming business city, the second strongest city for startups. The first thing entrepreneurs need to understand is that there are two types of investors: good angel investors and venture capitalists.

Venture capitalists usually offer more money per investor, whereas angel investors have more seed-focused goals. They want in on the company as a long-term investor, not just to make their money back and get out like capitalists. There are plenty of both floating around in the Big Apple, and entrepreneurs need to know which are best for them beforehand.

There are one mistake startups make when pitching to potential investors. They tend to over explain things before the investors actually ask them any questions. Investors only want to know one thing: what does the company have to offer? If a startup can’t quickly answer that question, they risk losing potential investors’ attention.

If someone like their idea, they’ll ask to speak with them again. The first introduction should be short and to the point. Don’t fumble words and drag out explanation and bore someone who may not have the necessary funds or connections to even invest in a company like that.

This advice comes from Chris Burch, a renowned New York entrepreneur. Burch’s started several successful companies and plans on investing in many more before he retires. After decades of successfully building a shining portfolio for himself, he’s now giving back to young entrepreneurs that remind him of himself.

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He remembers what it’s like to struggle to find investors and get ideas off the ground. He writes advice blogs so that anyone can read them and have tips to find success. More on

Chris Burch’s Take On Getting Venture Capital Investors For A Business

Chris Burch is the founder of business incubator Burch Creative Capital and owner of several hotel properties including Nihiwatu Resort, one of the top vacation places in the world. He recently posted on Medium on how new business ideas can get the attention of venture capital investors as the plans are drawn up. Burch had four steps to do this summed up in keep things simple, don’t let rejections discourage you, don’t be afraid of not having all the answers and don’t get caught up in too much fancy jargon.

Chris Burch says the investors you pitch your ideas to usually are either venture capitalists or angel investors, both of which are similar but angel investors usually are more flexible in supplying capital. They still need to be won over, and to do so you shouldn’t get too caught up in all the little details. You have to assume that when you first meet an investor and want to introduce them to your business, you won’t have much time to do it. You want to make sure they understand what the business could do for them while not going into too much of the intricate details.

Chris Burch didn’t have any venture capitalists funding his first business which was a casual apparel brand known as Eagle Eye Apparel first established in 1978. But he did become adept at turning profits at the company and later sold it for $60 million, more on  He became interested in seed funding many other businesses, and brands that came out of his portfolio include his former wife Tory Burch’s company, Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle products found on her e-commerce site, Poppin office space management, Voss Water, Pypestream and Powermat. He also was a former investor in the Internet Capital Group and the Guggenheim Partners private equity firm.

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Chris Burch made real estate a big part of his business holdings around 2004 when he bought some of the shares in Alan Faena’s Hotel + Universe resort. He also started a building supply company in upstate New York known as J. Christopher and bought several homes on Long Island and Nantucket that he flipped for millions. Burch invested $30 million in Nihiwatu Resort to turn it into an elaborate and glamorous property, and he’s also given to several community organizations and healthcare foundations like the Rothman Institute’s orthopedic studies center.

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Can Chris Burch Enter The Hotel Industry?

Chris Burch has proven himself as one of the most successful fashion tycoons out there ( Nobody else seems to have gone as far or to have accumulated the same level of respect. He’s made his creative vision into a business with the potential to produce billions for many years to come. His success in this domain is something rather unique. Most people who try to go this far aren’t able to muster up the acumen and talent needed. Now that he’s proven himself in the world of fashion, he has plans to go into the world of hospitality in order to provide something very different from others out there. The world certainly wants to see what Chris Burch can offer them, but time will tell if his hotel takes off (

Nihiwatu is a rather distinct idea for a hotel. It isn’t what many people have grown to expect but it offers something that is desperately needed in the market but simply can’t be found. His creativity came out with this hotel and he doesn’t hesitate to give it his all. That attention to detail is why Chris Burch is able to get so far ahead of others in pretty much any business he decides to get into. It’s why his ventures into finance and cinema have been just as successful as his fashion endeavors, check That level of success in so many different areas is what separates him from the pack.

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Hospitality is a business with a strong history behind it. In order to truly understand how to win he has taken what he learned from fashion and chooses to apply it in this new domain. The extent that his ideas will lead to success is going to be difficult to determine until the ideas are fully fleshed out for us all. Nihiwatu has so much going for it and it’s only going to get better over time. Chris Burch wants to use this as a test of his next investments. If he can get to the goal he is aiming for, he’ll use this to create an entire branch of his empire. Creativity and adaption is how every entrepreneur manages to stay relevant for a long time. Those who do not learn will eventually see themselves fall. That lesson has helped Chris Burch realize he has the ability to take his endeavors to an entirely new level on his own terms.


Chris Burch a diverse investor making it big

Chris Burch a diverse investor making it big.

Chris Burch has been the mastermind behind investing and cofounding retail brands that have been recognized internationally. Chris Burch has however directed his energy and attention elsewhere, on hospitality. In 2012, Burch together with a friend, James McBridge who is a hotelier, they bought a hostel on the beach on the island of Sumba in Indonesia. This beach hostel was previously owned by a couple from New Jersey and Burch and James McBridge spent about $30 million to do a makeover and renovations on the hostel.

In 2015, the hostel was reopened under a new name Nihiwatu which is now a five-star resort. Being in operation for only a year it was ranked as the best hotel in the whole wide world by Travel + Leisure. Chris Burch told Business Jet Traveller that he had bought the resort for his children and he was positive that it would be something they preserve and for the purpose of giving back to the community. He also added that it was a place so beautiful and you could do things that cannot be done elsewhere or go to places no one has ever been before. Chris Burch remarks that the resort had turned into something more than he had expected.

Chris Burch spends most of his time either in Miami, the Hamptons or in Nihiwatu. The Indonesian resort consists of 27 private villas which also includes his private home. The section of his private home has a main house with four villas each of which has a private plunge pool.

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and he is also the chief executive officer of the firm. His entrepreneurial values and visions have been manifested through the company. Chris Burch has had a hand in the coming up of over 50 companies in the period he has been an investor and entrepreneur. He combines his understanding of the behavior of consumers and knowledge of international and direct sourcing he has built a name for himself of connecting innovation to impact. The portfolio for Creative Capital’s brand is getting bigger with the addition of newly established brands which consist of Nihiwatu, Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin and TRADEMARK (

Chris Burch has made his investments diverse and his organization is focused on developing a number of brands for consumer and lifestyle products ( These products range from hospitality, home furnishings and retail to technology industries and those industries that deal with organic food.

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Chris Burch: At The Nexus Of Innovation And Implementation

Investor, entrepreneur and fashion mogul Chris Burch and his partners have built a paradise in Indonesia. Called Nihiwatu, the five-star resort has everything vacationers need to relax and enjoy the pleasures of the planet, check With 27 private villas, two two-story treehouses, incredible white sand beaches and spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, Nihiwatu is a sight to behold. Guests can get private surfing lessons, spa treatments under a waterfall, on the beach or in their villa, yoga classes, swim in private plunge pools or the blue lagoon, go horseback riding on the beach, eat exotic dishes and much more.

Burch started off his business career selling sweaters door-to-door while at Ithaca College through a company he founded with his brother Bob called Eagle’s Eye. Almost overnight, his staff and his customer base grew and he was able to increase and diversify the apparel he sold. Before he knew it, Chris Burch had sold the company for $165 million to the Swipe Group. Flush with cash, Burch invested in an emerging company called the Internet Capital Group. The company flourished and Chris Burch continued to invest in start-ups including C. Wonder, Tory Burch, Jawbone, Cocoon9, Poppin, Voss Water and ED by Ellen DeGeneres (

Over the years, Chris Burch has also made wise investments in a variety of industries. They include organic food, prefab housing, technology, home décor, home furnishings, office supplies, women’s apparel and accessories, organic food, as well as consumer products and lifestyle and luxury brands. All those companies have done quite well. Chris Burch seems to have a knack for identifying companies poised for growth. Some say it’s his natural ability to understand consumer behavior and anticipate buying trends. He also help the companies in which he invests get optimum use from their sourcing infrastructure and better leverage their direct-to-consumer channels.

Burch’s ability to spot companies whose infrastructure, staff and technology puts them at the nexus of innovation and implementation is amazing. Chris Burch has also begun investing in the real estate and hospitality industries. He’s been developing luxury properties in Palm Beach, Florida, the Hamptons in New York as well as in Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts. Encouraged by the results of the Nihiwatu resort, Chris Burch and his team plan on building similar resorts in Costa Rica as well as Nicaragua.  These days, many people see Chris Burch as the man with the magic touch.

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