Incorporate Olympic Valley Backers Silenced! Andy Wirth Community Development Plans Forecast Promising Economic Growth

The deliberating Incorporate Olympic Valley battle finally reached its end. Andy Wirth who has invested heavily into deterring efforts of an incorporation can now focus on other community development projects. In addition, he was particularly circumspect in silencing incorporation backers who attempted to demerit his success with questionable remarks. The cited Reno-Gazette Journal reads that; Olympic Valley Incorporation crusaders strongly believes Andy Wirth’s Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the proposal for other personal motives besides environmental and economic responsibilities. Certainly, Wirth stands to gain from developing Lake Tahoe communities, but his plans won’t solely benefit him or his company.

The recent disasters have significantly impacted the once-booming resort landscape. Small businesses and winter resort bungalows have equally suffered substantial losses. Wirth isn’t resting until he’s revived these communities. As Squaw Valley Ski Holdings chief executive and president, Wirth plan on expanding real estate to propel economic statistics. The dissolution of the time-consuming political challenge has freed up Wirth to mastermind meaningful community innovations. With an incorporation, Worth fears spontaneous tax increases for locals and small resort businesses. Today, Olympic Valley resources fuel the entire north shore circle of communities. Without its support, these communities are likely to face economic struggles beyond imagination. Wirth also addressed rumors about a gondola which has been a trending news lately. He’s confirmed that such a project exist, with plans to link iconic resort communities, Alpine Meadows, and Squaw Valley.

While Wirth is bringing this vision to fruition, he admits, that Wayne Poulsen, Squaw Valley’s original founder conceived this idea decades ago. Furthermore, skiers who have sampled both verticals have long awaited this alliance. The online media conglomerate, Powder, further merits the story with Andy Wirth views from a well-documented interview. Interestingly, Wirth isn’t singularly passionate about community development and real estate. Having cheated death, he’s motivated to helping society by endorsing meaningful charities through Crowdrise. A survivor of a life-altering ski accident which left him hopeless some years ago actually became his inspiration to forming the “Ironman Team.” Wirth recovered within record time, which involved intense training and therapy courtesy of the rigorous Ironman triathlon. Contributions received through the Crowdrise campaign goes to the NSF (Navy Seal Foundation).

The group Wirth arranged functions to aid the NAVSPECWARCOM (Naval Special Warfare Community). Additionally, these heroes extend their service to the families of the community. Since the accident in 2013, Wirth, who has somewhat regained mobility, still face physical limitations. With regards to the ongoing Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley restoration effort, Wirth released a CBS documentary to record every aspect of the endeavor. It’s been 3yrs since the RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority) appointed Wirth as chairman, Sierra Sun reported. His presence among the RAAB (Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board) members has influenced meaningful changes to the environmental landscape. In fact, he spearheaded numerous real estate development, including upgrades to gaming, economic environments, air service and the ski resort landscape.

Incorporation Battle of Olympic Valley in Seize Fire

One of the North Tahoe community members, and current CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth has been in the press recently for his involvement of the incorporation battle in the Olympic Valley. He is a strong opponent of incorporation as he believes it will result in both a drop in services rendered, like road maintenance and snow plowing as well as higher tax rates. Both of which would be detrimental for the community and its business’s. The Olympic Valley community has seen business plummet over recent years. The incorporation and lack of decent snow fall have been the cause. The group that was for the incorporation believe that Andy Wirth had his own motive to appose the incorporation. He was planning to improve real estate by developing both commercial and residential properties as well as building a gondola service which connected two resorts which are separated by a mountain ridge. This has been the dream of visitors for years and may soon become a reality. The incorporation has been halted and but progress can only be made with cohesive community work as well as problem solving according to Andy Wirth. Wounds are healing but the future will bring better fortune for the North Tahoe community and its resorts. It will return to former glory thanks to business men and active community members like Andy Wirth. If you would like to read the full article you will find it here.

Andy Wirth is not only involved in the Olympic Valley community he also heads up a group known as the Wounded Warrior support. The a life changing journey he has pledged his efforts to raise awareness for the Navy Seals Foundation. Andy Wirth put together a team for the Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2015 to raise awareness for a cause close to his heart.

A year and a half ago Andy sustained serious injuries during a ski diving accident. The return to health was made possible through Andy Wirth’s accidental meeting with a group of Navy Seals. They shared their stories and spirit with him and allowed him to find the courage to come back from this debilitating accident. The money raised for the Navy Seal members and their family goes to both immediate and long term support. Their stories and challenges gave Andy new life during his recovery.

Source: the Reno Gazette Journal

Olympic Valley incorporation deemed unfeasible… again.


The community of Olympic Valley looks set for a drawn out battle to commence over whether the former site of Winter Olympics should incorporate into a town in its own right. The Sierra Sun explains a fiscal study that reported the town could not sustain itself following incorporation is now being challenged by the Incorporate Olympic Valley group. Opponents of incorporation have recently made their thoughts clear by backing the report with the assistance of financial experts from the locally operated Squaw Valley Ski Holdings headed by CEO Andy Wirth.The experience of Andy Wirth is thought to be vital in making the decision over incorporating Olympic Valley. Born in Germany, Wirth brings with him a huge amount of tourism and law experience to the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which is credited with being the first US based European style ski resort. A trained lawyer, Wirth is well known for his philanthropic work within the Lake Tahoe region that includes his work for the local humane society and groups engaged in cultural and environmental activities.

Olympic Valley looks set for more battles over the future of the region and its incorporation as a town after the Incorporate Olympic Valley group backed the continuation of their fight in the face of the details of the economic study. A major stumbling block for those supporting the battle to incorporate the area is the charging of a transient occupancy tax on visitors to local resorts and hotels. The ability of this tax to support the proposed town and the services required for its success are not backed up by the economic study, which favors the area remaining reliant on services provided by Placer County.