Frans Schoeman: A pioneer in Environmental Law

The environmental law focuses revolves mainly on creating sustainable development of the environment, equal distribution of resources and most importantly reducing pollution. The law acts as a standard and in many ways a guideline for individuals and entities alike to follow so that the environment is safe guarded. There have been a number of revisions and changes to environment law in recent years due to the infamous cry of global warming and misuse of natural resources. The body that acts primarily as a watchdog is the United Nations Environment Programme popularly known as UNEP.

The body has been at the forefront fighting for the world to change and develop habits that are in the best interests of the environment. From solar energy and wind power to recycling and reusing of various materials, UNEP has been instrumental in ensuring that destruction is to some extent slowed if not stopped. Laws that would have been scoffed at or not considered in past years are today been implemented in many countries around the world. Green buildings are coming up everywhere in what will soon be a standard in the construction industry. Even though some have argued that it could be a case of too little too late for some areas, the advancements that have been made have been encouraging. A few lawyers have stood up for the environment for most of their careers and one of them is Frans Schoeman.

Frans Schoeman is an attorney on and a senior partner at Joubert Schoeman. He studied law at the University of Free State, where he was a member of the Student Legal Society of the school and graduated in 1990. He has vast experience in his field as he has been an attorney at Joubert Schoeman since 1990 and in 1999 had a short stint at Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Incorporated. In 2003, he was certified to practice law in South Africa by the Law Society of South Africa.

He has had relative success at Joubert Schoeman and in perhaps what can be said as their biggest case yet; they won an R 120 million lawsuit. The law firm based in Bellville works with companies and enterprises which many could consider multinationals and that are in a number of sectors. He started the firm with his present wife, and it mostly deals with cases that evolve around litigation, banking law, insolvency, administrative law, environmental law and competition law.

Around five years ago, he took up the position of legal director for TG Minister consulting and his work has been described as conducting negotiations, drafting contracts for the company and general legal advice.

Aside from the law, he has been involved in other areas as well such as the position he currently holds at Phatsima Diamand Corporation. He is the Managing Director of the company that operates a mining site in Angola. Frans has proved that he is human throughout his career by at times taking up clients for free and has been involved in charity programmes that seek to help children and promote human rights and environmental protection.