EOS Lip Balms Ignite The Senses

EOS lip balm has become a household name for consumers. Evolution of Smooth has not only reinvented the lip balm market but has also become the leader of the lip balm industry. The startup according to Fast Company was established seven years ago by Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra. The business partners knew that lip balm was an everyday staple to a woman’s beauty regime and that the current lip balms on the market were outdated and unappealing.

Mehra and Teller sought out to convert lip balm into more than a product to prevent and treat chapped lips. The duo transformed lip balm into a sensory experience. The product’s packaging, presentation, smell, and taste all contribute to the user’s experience. EOS is fun for consumers. Instead of applying lip gloss as a chore or task, it has become a treat!

EOS is especially popular among millennials. Mehra and Teller decided to direct their product specifically towards millennials, because most are carrying lip balms in their purses daily. Millennials have veered farther away from the lipstick wearing of the generation that proceeded them and become the lip balm ushers of the world. Today, celebrities and popular beauty magazines rep the product, giving it even more exposure.

The success of EOS is backed by research, hard work, and the need of the lip balm industry to be reinvented. Mehra and Teller saw an opportunity to make the product better an acted upon it. Every step of the way they’ve chosen to build a business on the pillars of success, from marketing research to having machinery designed specifically to create EOS lip balms, the duo has been thoughtful in their products and actions all along the way. Their unique backgrounds coupled with an amazing product have made evolutionofsmooth.com a true success to keep watching!