Modern Science: Stem Cells & The Lung Institute

The rapid advancement of stem cell research has saved countless lives. One particular field that incredible work is being done in is the stem cell therapy for lungs by the Lung Institute. The Lung Institute is an organization dedicated to aiding people with chronic lung disease. Headed by senior medical director Jack Coleman, the Lung Institute uses the application of stem cells to change lives in some of the most incredible of ways. One need only hear the testimonials to hear the relief and gratitude spoken by those who have undergone stem cell therapy for their lungs.

Many of the issues that people have with stem cell research are actually unfounded and really come from a lack of understanding of the science. To truly understand the miraculous properties of stem cell research, first we have to understand what stem cells are. Stem cells are what are known as undifferentiated cells which have the ability to change their functions for different types of tissue. For example, an undifferentiated cell can change its functions to fit either muscle tissue or skin tissue. This function of an undifferentiated cell is known as plasticity. The word plasticity is defined as something easily shaped or molded. This is a perfect way to describe stem cells as they are capable of changing to fit different tissue.

According to Cedars-Sinai, having access to stem cells allows for the doctors at the Lung Institute to apply therapy to patients with a lowered chance of the body rejecting foreign bodies. The body, which identifies entities it doesn’t produce as foreign, sends white bloods cells to attack and destroy what it considers to be an intruder. There is a chance a patient’s body will literally attack transplants or certain therapies causing what is known as a transplant rejection. Treatment once was various immuno-suppressive therapies that utilize steroids and antibody based treatments.

The Lung Institute uses autologous stem cells from the patient’s own body to work with the body’s natural healing system. The Lung Institute also provides information on their website at about stem cells and the procedures they use.

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